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    Hi Dark,
    Just want to thank you and everyone else for all your hard work on Roster Master, it is appreciated. I ran into a little snag when upgrading from 5.1.4 to 6.0.0 and even 6.0.1. I received the following error, funny thing is it says it has notified me, but I never get the email. i have tried turning up debug in DragonFly, and it still produces the same error with no additional info. What's odd is that the roster seems to work fine w/ no issues other than it will not create a signature. Any ideas?
    A database error has occurred

    The webmaster has been notified of the error

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    [theme] => default
    [session_time] => 1172577633
    [session_start] => 1172576747
    [comments] => Array
    [mode] =>
    [order] => 0
    [thold] => 0

    [admin] => Array
    [page] => modules

    [user] => Array
    [page] => modules
    [file] =>
    [uri] => /admin.php?op=modules&edit=30

    [update_monitor] => Array
    [current] => 9.1.1
    %20=%3E%201%3C/p%3E%3Cp%3E &nb...re"]=> http://dragonflycms.org/Downloads/d...ails/id=28.html
    [num] => 1
    [msg] => Array
    [0] => Array
    [vers] => 9.1.1
    [title] => 9.1.1 Released
    [desc] => More details can be found here
    [date] => 1168249822



    Server info:
    Setting Value
    CMS Version 9.1.1
    PHP Version 4.3.11
    MySQL Version 4.0.27-max-log (client: 5.0.18 )

    Thanks again
  2. ARCHIVED-Seagoat Guest

    [p] (I almost never get error emails either. :) I get a DB error email every once in a while, but it's not consistent by any means.)[/p][p]What are you doing that produces that error? Is it when you view the "edit claim" page, or when you try to view a sig directly, or...?[/p][p]If it's just the sigs you're having problems with, have you used the DEBUG function that's built into sigmaster.inc? (Open up sigmaster.inc and look below the header comments for $DEBUG = FALSE. Set it to TRUE, save, and reupload sigmaster.inc. Try viewing a sig directly, and instead of a broken image, you should get a fairly detailed error message.)[/p][p]If you've already tried that, are you using a "pristine" version of RM4DF (only changing config.inc and uploading everything else as-is)? I like to tweak, and 99% of the time, if something's broken, I'm the one that broke it, LOL.[/p][p]Obvious question: Have you configured config.inc with a default sig file name, and does that file (and its identically-named layout file) exist on the server where the module expects to find it? (It should be looking in /modules/Roster_Master/images/sigblocks.)[/p][p]Details make us happy! ;) If I'm way off base here with what I venture your problem to be, please provide as much info as you can regarding the actual problem, what you're trying to do / view, what works vs. what doesn't work, etc.[/p]
  3. ARCHIVED-Dark_Grue Guest

    [p]I'm afraid the error details you've provided give me very little to go on. The error message doesn't actually show the DB command that caused the error, so I can't diagnose the problem.[/p][p]Question, did you upgrade successfully (using the module administration panel in DF) to 6.0.1? Or is this error during the upgrade process? If the control panel isn't reporting that verstion 6.0.1 is installed, your RM DB tables are in an indeterminate state, and the module won't work properly, since the DB isn't the way it expects it to be. If the upgrade went through with an error (and there was a bug in 6.0.0 that caused the upgrade to choke), it's still possible the tables could have gotten into an interminate state. If I had the SQL statement, I could be a lot more specific about what's wrong.[/p][p]First, I'd concur with Seagoat and check your config.inc. You can't use a previous version with 6.0.0, there were significant changes in the file that are required. If you didn't do it before, start with a fresh 6.0.1 config.inc, and edit it for your settings.[/p][p]What I'd check next is that all the Roster Master files were updated successfully. It's possible that the new sigmaster.inc file didn't get uploaded, and it's dying because of that. Double-check the version number on the file, then try reuploading everything to see if the file transfer got corrupted.[/p][p]If you can't get the actual SQL statement that's causing the error, try backing up your Roster Master tables form the module control panel and uninstall Roster Master. Reinstall it, configure it for your guild, and see if the problem persists. If it's working again, try importing the data from your backup, and see if it fails again. That would point to a corrupted database schema. Alternatively, you can install a second instance of Roster Master from scratch, and test with that.[/p][p]Let us know how things go...[/p][p]Mailing out the SQL error messages is handled by the Dragonfly core, through PHP's mail() functions. If your PHP installation isn't configured to send mail, or it isn't configured properly, there's nothing Dragonfly can do to send mail. Unfortunately, it also generally means that aspect will fail more or less silently, since I don't think there's any opportunity to see if the mail() function actually fails. Of course, if you haven't configured the mail section in Dragonfly, even if PHP's working fine, you still won't get mail. Troubleshooting the whole mess can get rather esoteric if you're not familiar with mailer configuration. Especially if your mailer is using SMTP AUTH...[/p]
  4. ARCHIVED-Hawnted Guest

    [p]I can only get tradeskill images working with firefox. IE 6 and IE 7 wont render the images. Any ideas on what to change for that?[/p][p] Using RMSA 1.1.0[/p]
  5. ARCHIVED-Seagoat Guest

    Hawnted, what's the URL to your roster, so I can try to duplicate the behavior?
    In the meantime, you can try this:
    View the page in FireFox; right-click on a tradeskill image and choose "Properties." Under "Image Properties," next to "Location," highlight that entire line (the right end is probably hidden; you'll have to left-click and drag to highlight the whole thing). C&P it into a blank text document so you can reference it quickly.
    Now open up IE and do the same thing; compare the two lines. If they're identical, there is likely a browser setting somewhere that's blocking the images in IE (although off the top of my head, I can't imagine what it is). If they're different, go back to IE and do a hard refresh (Ctrl + F5) to fetch a fresh version of the page from the server.
  6. ARCHIVED-Caela Guest

    Is there a "Sigmaster for Dummies" guide anywhere?I just enabled the feature for the first time. It's working - but how do I go about customizing the sigs - I've seen some beautiful ones...
  7. ARCHIVED-Seagoat Guest

    Caela wrote:
    There was a tutorial of sorts in the old thread, but there have been changes to the sigmaster since then. I'd be more than happy to write an updated guide later today. :) I'm sure others would find it useful too.
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    Greetings, I would like to know if the images that have been created for the Dragonfly version would work with the PostNuke version? Also would anyone have any ideas as to what is causing the HQ's and Access quest from deleting or not showing up when they are put in by the users? Peace,
  10. ARCHIVED-Seagoat Guest

    [p] No problem. :)[/p][p]Looking at the source code of your page, I believe I see what the issue is.[/p][p]Your class and rank icons have a width and height attribute assigned (18x19 for the ranks and 50x50 for the classes). Your tradeskill icons, however, only have "width= height=" in the image tag. IE translates this as the image having no width or height (0x0 or 1x1 pixels), while FireFox translates it as having a null value (the same as having no width or height attributes in your img tag).[/p][p]You can do one of two things:[/p][ol][li]Fix the code so that the width and height for the tradeskill images is properly calculated and displayed.[/li][li]Remove the width and height attributes from the tradeskill images altogether. (Not necessarily standards compliant, but it should at least make the images display with their native width and height.)[/li][/ol][p]Hope this helps! ;)[/p][p] [/p]
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    [p] The images should work for anyone, whether they're using Roster Master or not. :) They're not dynamically generated, so as long as your paths and image names are right, you should be able to use them wherever you want. If the code doesn't currently incorporate them, you can tweak it yourself or request that the feature be added in a future release.[/p][p]Are you getting any sort of error message when these errors occur? Do the changes people try to make ever "stick," or are those tables in some sort of statis with no changes happening at all? Do other changes (such as adding / changing / deleting claims) work ok, or are they affected too? When did you first notice the problem? Which CMS are you using? Are your error / debugging messages turned on for your CMS?[/p][p]Details, my friend...details! ;)[/p]
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    [p]Hi Dark / Seagoat,[/p][p]Thank you again for your assistance.[/p][ul][li]Yes I failed the upgrade with 6.0.0 and 6.0.1 -> That's the error that is thrown when I go to do the upgrade.[/li][li]Yes I deleted all files on the web host that had to do with Rostermaster and then uploaded the 6.0.1 files[/li][li]Dragonfly is set correctly to email all errors, and it does for other things when I get them, just seems that with Rostermaster it didn't.[/li][li]I ended up uninstalling the module and reinstalling, that went off with no problem. So it looks like here I had a DB problem. I am working on now getting all the claims back, not a big deal I made printouts.[/li][li]The sigs still don't work, I will dbl check the files for that again later tonight and will get back to you. -> They do now, I had a brain fart.. I forgot to edit the CFLogo_sigblock.txt file so it was calling for fonts I don't have in the fonts dir[/li][/ul][p]So chalk this up to DB problem (on my end) and brain fart... Go Dark and Seagoat! hehe[/p][p]Thanks,[/p][p]Kap[/p]
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    [p]You da man! Lol seriously thank you. I had to change this...[/p][p] [/p][p]img [I cannot control my vocabulary]\"float:left\" width= {$config['tradeskill_size']['width']} height= {$config['tradeskill_size']['height']}[/p][p] to this..[/p][p] img [I cannot control my vocabulary]\"float:left\" width= 40 height= 40[/p][p] [/p][p]In case anyone else has this problem[/p]
  15. ARCHIVED-Lantis Guest

    Good catch Seagoat :) Edit rostermaster.php. Replace line 562 with this one: $artisanimagename = "<img width= {$config['artisanicon']['width']} height= {$config['artisanicon']['height']} [I cannot control my vocabulary]\"float:left\" src=\"images/tradeskill/$artisanimagenametmp\">"; (Hmm, no preview button... Just in case the forum messed up the code: n essence, replace $config['artisanicon_size'] with $config['artisanicon'] in both instances found in this line.) The bug escaped me because it works fine in both Fx2 and IE7 :( Since a public beta of 1.2.0 won't be ready for another week or two, I will release a 1.1.1 update on my website in the next couple of minutes to correct this. EDIT: 1.1.1 is now available on my website.
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    [p]Caela wrote: [/p]
    [p]You'll probably want to look at the sample template first (images/sigblocks/CFLogo_sigblock.txt), as well as what I documented in INSTALL.TXT. Signature Master is pretty much an advanced user feature, but I did do my best to try and add comment everywhere - both in the source and in the template (I specifically wrote the template parser to allow for comments).[/p][p]The truth of the matter is that what really makes the sigblocks look best is when you start off with good images for your base sigblock and avatars. As an obvious example, Seagoat's put a ton of effort into her graphics, and it shows (she is in fact responsible for the nifty new signature that I have now). In addition, she's also using all the crazy-advanced conditional formatting stuff I put in there at her request. Putting in the data text is really the easiest part, and just requires a little trial-and-error to get size and placement right.[/p][p]SandKap wrote: [/p]
    [p]Sorry the upgrade was such a hassle for you. I tried my best to chase down all potential problems with the beta test program, but even so, some got through. The changes required by Echoes of Faydwer have been pretty traumatic for us all. =/[/p][p]I'm not sure why the error handler would fail in the installer. That's all in the Dragonfly core, and may either just be a limitation in PHP's error-handling, or a de-factor bug in Dragonfly's exception handling. Not sure how, or if, this would be to track down and reproduce. I'll keep it in the back of my mind in case I encounter it so that I can submit it back to the Dragonfly dev team for resolution. In the meantime, it sounds like what you've already done was pretty much the optimal route.[/p][p]Hawnted wrote: [/p]
    [p]Psst... Seagoat's a lady! :roll:[/p][p]And, yes, she's got it. [IMG][/p]
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    [p] Dark_Grue wrote: [/p]
    [p]Looking through what Grue's done in INSTALL.TXT, there really is a lot of information there (some of which sounds vaguely familiar!). 8) I could try to break it down further for you, if you need it, Caela. Just let me know what you're having trouble with. :)[/p][p]And thanks for the compliments, Grue! I'm tweaking them as we speak...I decided having colorized class icons was just a bit too much of one color, so I'm putting in faded versions of the original-color ones. I think they'll be a bit more interesting and bit less overpowering to look at -- at least, I'm hoping so![/p][p]I had fun making your sig, and I'm overjoyed that you like it. :)[/p][p] [/p][p][/p][p][/p][p]Dark_Grue wrote:[/p]
    [p]LOL Thanks! :)[/p][p]See? Grue's got my back. :p[/p]
  18. ARCHIVED-Seagoat Guest

    [p]Grue, I have a question about the way Sigmaster handles the class names...[/p][p]More specifically, how will it handle the "Shadow Knight" class, since it has a space in it? Do the sig block / layout filenames need a space, or will the space be replaced with an underscore, or...?[/p]
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    [size="small; color: #cc0000"][face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif"]This may be a silly question, and maybe even answered somewhere in here, but is there a PHP-Nuke compatible version currently in the works or released?[/face][/size]
  20. ARCHIVED-Seagoat Guest

    [p]BossCreed, Hawnted actually asked that a few posts ago, but I haven't had any developers for a PHPNuke version of the project contact me. That could be because no one's maintaining a PHPNuke port, or it may be because whoever's maintaining it hasn't caught up with us in our shiny new thread yet.[/p][p]Looking back through the old thread (which I saved locally before it got zapped in the transition), SaintPeter used to cover it (up to v1.2.2 on 21 September 2005), then Goldynn updated it (v1.3.0 on 16 January 2006), but both versions will be horribly out of date and extremely broken because of the latest EQ2 Players changes, even if they were still available for download somewhere.[/p][p]I think the best thing to do at this point would be for someone who's familiar with PHPNuke to port the current RM4DF version over, since it's up to date and has all the bells and whistles. If nothing else, it might be even easier to port over the Stand Alone version, but you won't have all the extra features us Dragonfly CMS users wallow in. ;)[/p][p](Edited to squelch the spelling demons.)[/p]