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    The best of help the 'Internet Wayback Machine' can do is this link.

    You may have to Refresh it or click on it a few times. Hope this helps.
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    I actually saved all of the pages of the old thread on my hard drive. :) I'm hoping to keep a permanent archive of it somewhere, for reference purposes.
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    With the loss of the old RM4DF thread does anyone have the post EoF fix compilation for version 5.1.4? I have a running 5.1.4 site and would be happy to share my config.inc and parser.inc files until 6.0.0 launches. Just PM me if you need them as, I can't seem to figure out how to make a
     post in these new boards. /wink
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    [p]I've added a link to the Graphics download section on my guild site in the OP. I have a lot of PNG icons available (converted from DDS format) that I've used in various avatars I made for my RM4DF installation . Anyone who might find them useful is welcome to download them. :)[/p][p]Please keep in mind that I'm not claiming ownership of these graphics in any way. SOE made them; I just converted them from their DDS icon format using freely available tools so they could be used for other projects. Most of the icons are self-explanatory, but I had to do some digging to find what I felt were appropriate tradeskill icons.[/p][p]If you need anything offered there edited in any way for your particular needs (colorized, resized, etc), please let me know. :) I'll try to accomodate you as best I can.[/p]
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    Sorry for the delay Seagoat, but I needed to update the files before I could post a link.

    Be forewarned that this is a testing release. All bugs to date have been squashed and if no more crop up then I'll call it good within a week.

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    Got your email, Rokit / Topiatic. :)
    The OP has been updated to include the PostNuke version!
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    Hi i was wondering if there are plan to make EQ2 Heritage Tracker for Roster Master Standalone will love to see that addon :)
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    BornAgainst wrote:
    I currently have no plans to work on such a tool. I think these tools are best designed as their own module rather than built into a roster viewer.

    However if someone wants to make one that would interface with RMSA I'd be happy to help by providing some interface for it.
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    [p] If you can hold out for another day or two, the 6.0.0 release of RM4DF should be released shortly. :) It fixes all the parsing issues caused by the EQ2Players site changes, as well as implements some cool new features.[/p][p]Hang in there!![/p]
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    Vladimir: That passed the time.
    Estragon: It would have passed in any case.
    Vladimir: Yes, but not so rapidly.

    - Samuel Beckett (1906 - 1989), Waiting for Godot (1955)
    Roster Master for Dragonfly 6.0.0
    Download from the RM4DF project page at http://www.theclenchedfist.com/projects/rm4df/
    This is the one everyone's been waiting for since the release of Echoes of Faydwer!
    Changes for Version 6.0.0:
    * Added error message to indicate that the rank insignia feature failed as a result of a misconfiguration in the $config['lookup_rank'] array.
    * XML parser has been removed. A hybrid HTML/CSV parser is now the default. As a result, and for the moment, Roster Master no longer requires a PHP binary compiled with XML support. Last of the legacy code removed from the parser.inc file.
    * Fixed a long-standing logic error in *_sync_active_claims() functions.
    * Fixed logic error in rostermaster.inc that would cause the "Display Primary" link to continue to display all characters. Bug reported by Excalibre3377.
    * DATABASE SCHEMA CHANGE: Fixed guildRank field size bug for new installs (was VARCHAR 20 instead of VARCHAR 40). Bug reported by Caela.
    * DATABASE SCHEMA CHANGE: Major changes to the schema, especially the roster_master table. Some changes should improve compatability with PostgreSQL. Fields have been renamed or dropped! See the cpg_inst.php file for the new DB schema.
    * DATABASE SCHEMA CHANGE: Changes the "content" field in the core Dragonfly CMS table "blocks" from type "TEXT" to "MEDIUMTEXT". This is to address a problem where the block size would overflow the field and get truncated, causing sever rendering issues when the block would attempt to read from its cache.
    * Added ability to sort rows by Adventurer Level in Key Master and Heritage Master. Code contributed by Seagoat20.
    * Added fix for alpha-channel transparency in signature overlays. Code contributed by Seagoat20.
    * Live Update #29: November 14, 2006 (Echoes of Faydwer)
    • As a result of changes in EQ2Players.com, serverside-calculated guild leaderboard data is no longer available.
    • New Guild Achievement data added to schema.
    • Added five new heritage quests: In Honor and Service, War and Wardrobe, The Staff of the Observers, Casualties of the War of the Fae, The Symbol in the Flesh, and Cloak of Flames. Thank you to Kitra for submitting code changes and images for the new heritage quests.
    • Changed heritage quest preferred quest provider to EQ2i.
    * New avatar graphics for archetype and alpha-channel blended guild rank icons have been added. Many thanks to Seagoat20 for providing them.
    * Added extended templating support for avatars in Signature Master based on an implementation suggested by Seagoat. New directives (DEFAULT|ARCH|EQ2|RANK) have been added to the AVATAR templating command.
    * CONFIG CHANGE: Added additional configuration commands to the Roster Master avatar display options in the roster. See the $config['show_avatars'] setting in the config.inc file. Based on an implementation suggested by Seagoat20.
    * CONFIG CHANGE: New configuration setting, $config['sigblock_type'], has been added to support extended sigblock selections based on an implementation suggested by Seagoat.
    * CONFIG CHANGE: New configuration setting, $config['officers'], along with additional constants and functions have been added to the config.inc file to support the extended avatar templating in both Roster and Signature Master.
    * CONFIG CHANGE: $config['sigblock_basename'] setting replaces the $config['sigblock_file'] setting, and has a new semantic.
    * CONFIG CHANGE: $config['show_PvP'] setting added to control the display of PvP statistics (which are really only relevant to PvP servers). Feature suggested by Dyse.
    * Updated HQ icons in Heritage Master to indicate quests from expansions by adding a colored stripe (the color is *very* roughly derived from the predominant color in the expansion's title logo, with some fidging to make it more visible, or in some cases where the color choices collided, unique).
    * Significant updates/clarifications to the documentation.
    Special thanks to the users of Roster Master who contributed to this major release and provided user support, enhancements, bug reports, and bug fixes. Especially Belin, Caela, Excalibre3377, Kevlin, and VulcanDarksoul. Extra-special special thanks goes to Seagoat20 for exceptional support of the user base, innovative features, and donating her time and talents to the project. Super job, folks! It's truly a privilege to work with you.
    Also, thanks to the folks that participated in the Beta Test!
    [Return of the] Roster Master for Dragonfly Logo Contest
    The Roster Master for Dragonfly (RM4DF) Project is in the process of looking for a new logo [see the linked RM4DF project page for the current "reference implementation" logo] and is holding a contest to find a new visual identity for the project.
    Suggested themes might include (but are not limited to): rm4df integration into the Dragonfly CMS framework, The values of Open Source software, the EQ2Players.com community. This information is not meant to limit creativity in any way. We look forward to, and are open to a wide range of creative solutions.
    Contest Rules:
    The logo should meet the following criteria:
    • it must be easily recognizable as the rm4df logo
    • if abstract, the logo must be simple and clear in concept
    • it must be scalable
    • it should not be too detailed, so it works in low resolution
    • it must be distinctive in the quality and originality of its visual image and not offend any national, cultural or religious sensitivity.
    and also:
    • all entries must demonstrate that any artwork and images used are the original work of the entrant, and are unencumbered by any third-party copyrights or trademarks.
    • by submitting an entry, you agree to grant the rm4df project a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use your logo entry for purposes of the contest, and if chosen as the winner, the rm4df author acquires ownership of the winning logo by assignment of copyright, and the winning designer will disclaim any trademarks and without limitation all other rights related to the design.
    • Grand Prize: 90-day SOE Game card; the Grand Prize winner will be credited by name in the rm4df documentation as the logo artist.
    • Community Choice Award: 30-day SOE Game card
    Entries: Each participant is entitled to submit a maximum of three designs. Designs shall be submitted in their final form, in other words as finished works (no sketches). All entries should be submitted before Friday, April 6, 2007. Entries should be sent to darkgrue (at) iname.com. In order to reduce the impact of e-mail delivery problems (which are especially pertinent when dealing with attachments), a confirmation e-mail will be sent confirming that the entry was received in good condition. Entries should be sent via e-mail to the above submission address as ZIP-format attachments with the subject "rm4df Contest Entry". Include in the body of the e-mail your name and return e-mail address (if different from the sending e-mail address) where you would like confirmation of receipt to go to. Contest winners will also be notified via this e-mail address.
    Judging: Judging for the Grand Prize will be performed by the rm4df author based upon the stated design criteria. Selection for the Community Choice Award will be performed by poll of the EQ2Players.com community. In the case where the Community Choice leader selects the same winner as the Grand Prize, the Community Choice Award will be granted to the next place selected by the community.
    Return of designs: Participants are advised to retain personal records of their designs, as neither the designs submitted nor the electronic media will be returned to them.
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    Whee!! :thumbup: Updated the OP with RM4DF 6.0.0 info. :)
    I've been pretty proud of the graphics I've been turning out lately, so I'm looking forward to giving this logo contest a go. The creative juices are really flowing these days!
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    [p]Grue, this isn't exactly a bug, but with the forum sig dimensions no longer constrained to 400x100 (they're now 500x150), folks are using all kinds of sizes between the old and new dimensions (and some never covered, LOL). I, for one, am using 500x100, and the current rostermaster.inc code is hard-coded for 400x100.[/p][p]In the rm_edit_claim() function code, there are three instances of width=\"400\" height=\"100\". I recommend ditching them in favor of the PHP list() function. :)[/p][p]Look for this line in rostermaster.inc:[/p][p]if ($config['dynamic_sigs'] && !in_array($char_info['guildRank'], $config['exclude_ranks'])) {[/p][p]...and add this just BELOW it:[/p][p]list($width, $height, $type, $attr) = getimagesize("{$baselink}&rm=sm_sig&preview=1&characterId={$char_info['characterId']}";);[/p][p]...then replace the instances of width=\"400\" height=\"100\" with $attr. :)[/p][hr][p]While attempting to upgrade, I got this error:[/p][p]On /admin.php?op=modules&upgrade=30 While executing query "UPDATE cpg_roster_master_heritage SET active='0' WHERE Name=''"[/p][p]the following error occured: Unknown column 'Name' in 'where clause'[/p][p]In: /xxx/xxx/xxx/modules/Roster_Master/functions/heritagemaster.inc on line: 378[/p][p]This is my line 378:[/p][p]$db->sql_query("UPDATE {$prefix}_roster_master_heritage{$suffix} SET active='{$active}' WHERE Name='".$char_info['Name']."'", FALSE);[/p][p]I changed the case from "Name" to "name," and that error went away.[/p][hr][p]I was then, however, greeted with a new error:[/p][p]On /admin.php?op=modules&upgrade=30 While executing query "ALTER TABLE cpg_roster_master_users CHANGE Char_ID characterId INT NOT NULL"[/p][p]the following error occured: Unknown column 'Char_ID' in 'cpg_roster_master_users'[/p][p]In: /xxx/xxx/xxx/modules/Roster_Master/cpg_inst.php(343) : eval()'d code on line: 247[/p][p]Apparently, the upgrader got past the "change Char_ID to characterId" part, but didn't finish after it hung up on an error. When I went back to try to run the upgrader again, it stalled because "Char_ID" no longer existed. I had to manually go into my database and change the column name back to "Char_ID" in an attempt to get the upgrader to properly do its thing.[/p][p]Even now, it keeps hanging up on that step, and I get the same error, even after changing the column name manually.[/p][p]Any thoughts?[/p][hr][p] [/p][p]EDIT: Also sending this to you via email, since the dumb forum notifications are still borked...[/p]
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    [p]I was a bit off in my assumptions...looks like the problem line is 378 in heritagemaster.inc:[/p][p]$db->sql_query("UPDATE {$prefix}_roster_master_heritage{$suffix} SET active='{$active}' WHERE Name='".$char_info['Name']."'", FALSE);[/p][p]It's not the case of "Name" that's the problem...it's that it's "Name" at all! It should be "characterId" :[/p][p]$db->sql_query("UPDATE {$prefix}_roster_master_heritage{$suffix} SET active='{$active}' WHERE characterId='".$char_info['characterId']."'", FALSE);[/p][p]My upgrade went swimmingly once I changed that bit. :) Now I've just got to pretty my table headers up...[/p]
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    There was several errors in the sync_active_claims functions in both heritagemaster.inc and keymaster.inc that would cause DB errors on upgrade (I'm at a loss as to how that bug made it though beta testing). They both have to be changed to WHERE $char_info['characterID'] in order to run correctly. I'd caught them actually this morning when I went in to review the code for another DB error I'd seen in my logs (turns out the error was just some jerk attempting a SQL injection attack).
    The getimagesize() idea is clever, but unfortunately, isn't portable. I tried implementing it, and PHP will pitch a "could not make seekable" error when trying to read the image from the URL (reads static images fine though). It's probably a PHP configuration or platform quirk, but one that will make using that function miserable to troubleshoot. I compromized and just removed the hight and width attributes.
    I've uploaded 6.0.1 to make the above two changes. Thanks!
  16. ARCHIVED-Seagoat Guest

    [p]Yeah, I found that out about the getimagesize() bit as well...it doesn't like pointing to a hypothetical image. :)[/p][p]I used this as a workaround; it assumes that your default sig template and your other templates are all the same size:[/p][p]list($width, $height, $type, $attr) = getimagesize("modules/{$mod_dirname}/images/sigblocks/{$config['sigblock_basename']}.png");[/p][p]I'll update the OP with the new version number shortly. :) Any other changes besides those mentioned?[/p]
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    Is there a way to force update on the standalone?
  18. ARCHIVED-Lantis Guest

    Yes: [face="courier new,courier"] http://www.guildsite.com/rm/index.php?force_update=1 [/face] assuming your Roster is located in http://www.guildsite.com/rm/.
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    Awesome thanks for all your hard work. So any chance of a PHP Nuke version coming out? I have the standalone working nicely but it looks like the CMS versions have a few more tweaks.
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    Rokit@Permafrost wrote:
    Greetings, First thank you all very much for all your hard work... Rokit/Topiatic I posted this question in the PN Forums as well so if you wish to respond here that is cool with me. I have the PostNuke version up and running on my guilds website... Looks good and is working okay so far... But my problem is this. When I go in and add/change my HQ/Access Quests it removes all the settings... I can setup them up once on a Character but once I go in to make changes it deletes all of them...or should I say it does not show them any more. I have checked the MYSQL DB and for one of My alts I see the HQ's in there on my Main the one I made all the changes to I see "NULL"... Very odd. This is happening to all the people that have created/registered. We are looking at having over 900 toon's tracking on this program... Okay just tried adding the HQ's again... I now see a:24:{s:2:"RC";i:0;s:3:"CoF";i:0;s:4:"FBSS";i:3;s:... in my DB but I do not see anything on my page... Still all blank... http://www.grenricksguidance.com/index.php?module=RosterMaster&func=displayHeritageQuests I downloaded the latest version but still seem to have the same issue. Any suggestions? Peace,