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Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Afista, Mar 24, 2014.

  1. Pauly Well-Known Member

    so what if, in order to zone into HKC you HAVE to be a 95 crafter and you have to craft a key to enter? Otherwise you have to buy a 100p key from a crafter. Considering you can do a quest inside the zone for multiple heartstones I think this would be fine, don't you?
  2. Talathionwins Active Member

    Sounds good to me, there should be content that is hard to get. Reminds me of "Wurmslayer" back in the day, which required a high level crafter to complete the quest. I didn't come crying on the forums. I actually grinded out crafting so I could get that cool weapon.

    Not many people had Wurmslayer.

    There should be no harvesting nodes in open zones though, only in hard high end zones so crafters much buy them from adventurers or have a party escort them down.

    Imagine a zone which you can craft special amazing armor, but your group has to defend the crafter (level 1) while he crafts things from adds and other things.
  3. Sylistra New Member

    Hang on while I strip my 95 and hang out for a day in HKC and then I will post how many groups I got. I call BS on this.
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  4. eana Member

    I am a raider and have an alt guild with crafters in it. Of course my main char is in a raid guild. There are quite a few of us like this in the raid guild I am in. The raid guild is benefiting from us running the contested zones and they could care less about the guild hall. In all honesty I would say it is mostly the crafters that care about it and being logical, it is out-of-reach for the majority of these players. I have many level 95 adventure chars that are really trade-skillers. If I would even attempt to try to get one of them into a group in the HKC zone, I would be thrown out of the group within 10 minutes. So whoever said is all you need is a level 95 char is totally out of touch with reality.

    IMO this new guild hall was not thought out very well at all. It will be interesting to see just how many players that are able to actually do the HKC is even interested in it. I do not feel that this guild hall is assessable to everyone's play style at all. If you mainly enjoy crafting in the game, may as well shuck getting the new hall unless you are rolling in pp and willing to collect 7500 of those tokens. I know I am not. I was excited when I heard a new hall was going to be available, but not any more. I am more on the angry side at how it is obtained. This is just pushing me one step closer to going free to play on my two accounts.

    So I just say shrug.......This guild hall is for adventures not crafters. In fact, I got disco on the recipe on my server. Not the recipe but the first repaired heartstone. Lot of good it will do me.
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  5. Errrorr An Actual EQ2 Player

    Why are people so hung up on the prices of the tradeable hearthstones within 5 days of the release?

    Of course they are going to be sky high, as EVERY guild who wants them will be saving/using them. Wait till the largest 3+ social guilds on your server get the hall, then every hearthstone they ever loot will end up brokered. Supply goes up, price falls.

    Yes crafters should have some form of way of getting them, but it should be very limited. Otherwise those people with 30 crafters, would be getting them quicker solo, than guilds with 30+ active members hunting them.

    Weekly TS Instance like I suggested earlier in the thread, even if it just reuses the old quests/coding (just make 9 new recipes and update rewards). Gives 20 Hearthstones per completion per person.
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  6. Maqea Member

    I have a shadowknight lvl 95 with high gear but not raid gear. I have 676% in critchanse. My guildmates have toons about the same lvl and we dont get very far in HKC. This is defenetly a zone for raiders. Not to mention its contested. That makes those who need time to work their way through the zone outrun by better groups stealing named and so on. Its not a nice place to be.

    Its like SOE made this GH and after a while they will say "Se, you asked for it and we gave you a new GH but since so few guilds actualy bought it why would we go through the trouble to give you new GH?"
    Well, maybe not really but it feels like that.
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  7. Mermut Well-Known Member

    I've been in with a whole group that's just in mostly potent with a few arcane pieces and gotten down near the bottom of the zone... everybody just needs to be careful not to pull extra encounters. 2 incriments of the det isn't hard to manage, 3 can be done.. 4.. one of the encounters better die fast... 5 or 6 and we're a greasy smear on the floor.
  8. Rotherian Well-Known Member


    The above is a house item reward for smashing orcs - the stealing from their homes part is optional.

    Kuulei's idea was pretty good. Just like the azure coins were available from multiple playstyles, it probably wouldn't hurt to have the TAs start handing out the shattered heartstones in small quantities (I'd suggest 1; that way there is another advantage to having an active subscription).
  9. Maqea Member

    Todays update includes a new raid. If it would be equal there would be something new for crafters too.
    "Temple of Veeshan: The Dreadscale’s Maw
    The third wing of the massive citadel to the Awakened Army has been breached! Gather a full raid party and attempt to overthrow Vulak’Aerr the Dreadscale and his generals."

    SOE - We crafters/decorators does not want to get anything for free. We will work hard for achivements like this. The only thing I feel crafters/decorators want is to be somewhat equaly treated as raiders.
  10. Jolemai Active Member

    The other week it was a contested dungeon. Point is, tradeskillers aren't being ignored, things are coming through drip by drip with the weekly updates.

    As an aside, didn't tradeskillers get new content with Frostfell, Elrolisi, Bristlebane, etc, this year? And is Tinkerfest the next one (July?)?
  11. Avahlynn Well-Known Member

    Wait, what? Holidays are only for high level crafters now?! Stop the press!

    And as an aside, Halfling ladders for sale, 150p per!
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  12. Balbasur Active Member

    Just make it so you get 1 or 2 per lvl 90+ writs and 30 for the weekly and 1 or 2 for the daily ts quests. Also, make the apprentices give them some.

    Let's get real. Raids are most likely not going to even care about these items except for the plat they will gain from selling em, that is what Darkon is really defending. There is no reason why adventures should have a monopoly on 1/7500th of a guild hall(which shows market inefficiencies and should be corrected via a subsidy).
  13. Mae- Well-Known Member

    Please don't turn this into a crafter vs raider discussion. While both are viable play styles, just because the raiders got a new zone doesn't mean the crafters should get something awesome as well. Relax. And get back to the topic at hand. The unfair balance of attaining this guild hall that was touted to be made available to ALL play styles, but is clearly not.
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  14. Maqea Member

    You are right Mae. Its not a crafter vs raider thing and I do not mean that. I wrote like I did as a response to a few here who doesent seem to realize there is a difference on how much attention different playstyles gets. Its not that it has to be exactly equal either and if one playstyle recives somthing all others should get something at the same time. Its about the flow of it. That every playstyle in the end get about the same attention. That it is a fair balance in getting a new guildhall and not something one playstyle bennefits greatly from. In this case both the posibility to get the heartstones and the posibility to earn lots of plat on them too.
  15. Mae- Well-Known Member

    With these new weekly/monthly goodies, I wouldn't expect EVERYONE to get something EVERY week/month. Maybe next week or month will be crafter month, and some cool new stuff will come to them. Maybe not, maybe it will be solo'ers turn. or heroics. The updates are much smaller, so giving something to EVERYONE every week is probably not to be expected.
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  16. Balbasur Active Member

    Crafter HQ plz
  17. Balbasur Active Member

    And no there should definitily be a way for crafters to get the runes don't gimme that, ti's just silly.
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  18. Wolfsbaine Active Member

    I would love to be able to do crafting quests to get the Shattered High Keep Heartstone. I think 1-3 on a quest would be fine. I don't want it to be one of those quests where you just craft one or two items. Maybe give that out instead of the Azure stuff for the quests offered up by the research assistants. As of right now I don't see a way for crafters to earn them. I feel they should be able to be able to earn them from crafting.
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  19. High Elf Active Member

    I've read that when you get this new guild hall, it comes complete with some of those undead mobs that are in HKC. So, you have to be able to kill the lvl 103^^^ undead just to use the guild hall once you get it.

    Also, I created a High Keep Heartstone from a shattered one. Probably everyone knows this but I'll post it here anyway.
    When you repair a heartstone this is what you see in your chat box:

    You created [High Keep Heartstone].
    You have increased your guilds affinity with the High Keep Guildhall!

    Nothing in my bags from crafting this. My guild's High Keep Guild Hall achievement counter was incremented by 1.

    This is what I expected to happen since that's what happens when you loot a HK Heartstone.
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  20. Feara Well-Known Member

    Hmmm, that's different. I would like to know more about this.
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