Restored Highkeep Guild Hall

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Afista, Mar 24, 2014.

  1. Afista Well-Known Member

    First of all, THANK YOU! It will definitely be nice to have another choice for a Guild Hall and I hope this is just the start of even more options. That being said, there’s a few things that could be improved upon :)

    [BUG] Battle zone music being to play on the first floor in the dead end room around -33, -110, -30.

    Remove Floor Braziers
    We can craft this item in game (High Keep Tall Brazier) and the location of some of the braziers could interfere with some decorating designs. Brazier locations that seemed intrusive:
    -143, -110, 45 taking up space in first little side room on first floor
    -118, -56.56, -45
    -121, -56.56, -26.63
    -72.66, -56.56, -32.92 Three braziers on the 3rd floor (4th corner is empty) all spaced differently from walls
    -72, -83.1, -30
    -118, -83.1, -31 Two braziers in the small stairwell going up to second level

    Possibly Remove Chandeliers
    There’s a lot of them and they are craftable (High Keep Chandelier). Personally, I like them… so I’m not going to fight for removal :p But, I can see where they would be in the way with various designs in each room and it should probably be left up to the decorator to add them.

    Add Mystery Rooms
    There’s quite a few locked doors throughout the hall, which is a bit frustrating. Is it possibly to add on some little boxy rooms to some of them? Nothing fancy, just something that makes sense. There is a door in each corner of the 4th floor just begging for attached rooms. Size wise, the Guild hall right now is comparable to the Medium sized GH (with the number of rooms). Adding rooms behind some of the locked doors would make it a bit more substantial and worth the investment.
  2. Afista Well-Known Member

    Also, I'd like to mention pricing.

    Right now, it's listed at a price comparable to a T4 Guild Hall (In addition to a Deed, which I'm guessing will be a SC Deed?) The hall is smaller than a T3 Guild Hall and if it's also requiring a SC purchase, I'd hope the upkeep/cost would be reduced some.
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  3. Smallcorners Well-Known Member

    Also, this morning the door is not operative, nor is /house. I had to call out.

    It is a tad dark, and apparently comes with some very restless ghosts!
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  4. Jexi Well-Known Member

    I like the hall a lot but not its upkeep. I noticed the hall has a deed so my first thought was SC. If its SC, then charging upkeep is not something I would like, especially after spending real money. All our SC homes so far are no upkeep.
  5. Ansom Active Member

    Too bad this hall don't have one outside space. I hope will be possible to use a teleportation pad for going in the isle. :rolleyes:
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  6. Dawnya@AB Active Member

    I second Afista when I say THANK YOU! I don't have anything to add really, Afista mentioned it all. I'd just like the drill in the part of the upkeep cost/guild level required for the hall. IF its going to be an SC purchase I don't feel that the upkeep and cost should be as much as the Tier 4 Hall if we are shelling out real cash for it, not that I don't think there should be SOME upkeep required. And the level 95 guild requirement is kind of out there being as its smaller than the T4, shouldn't the requirement be more like the T3 or something? Just my two cents but I do love it, just not the price/level required hehe :)
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  7. Anaogi Well-Known Member

    Adding my voice to the chorus--SC may not be the way to go with this one. Now, a reward for guild achievements...that would be COOL! :cool:
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  8. Bunji Developer

    The exit door will be fixed next update.
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  9. Jazabelle Well-Known Member

    I disagree with the guild achievements plan.

    Homes and Tomes is a guild about housing. We don't do combat (which is what the guild achievements are all about). You'd be penalizing those guilds who gather together for reasons other than combat, and likely keeping those who are most interested in using the hall (decorators) from obtaining it.

    That's not to say decorators don't do combat. There are a lot of decorators who do. But there are more who don't.

    Now if there were guild achievements for each time a member's home reached Hall of Fame status, Homes and Tomes would be set! But there isn't.

    Afista hit on all of the salient points, in my opinion. Getting rid of some of the bits of zone geometry that might interfere with decorating, and adding a few more boxy rooms (preferably with only one entrance) would greatly enhance the desirability of the zone.
  10. Jazabelle Well-Known Member

    Oh, let's not forget the giant red curtains.

    They sort of lock the front room to a red theme, and for those of us with migraines, the red curtains can either trigger more headaches, or make the headaches we have worse...
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  11. Juraviel Active Member

    Thank you so much for branching out from the ugly old guild halls!

    I have to agree that when I first heard of this and zipped on over to Test to check it out I was shocked at the upkeep costs especially with it requiring a deed, which I assume will be purchased for SC from the marketplace. It's a steep upkeep, and not one our guild would be willing to upgrade to, no matter how nice the hall itself is. Smaller, more casual guilds would have a tough time paying that kind of status weekly too which would limit the number of guilds that might be interested in buying this when it goes live.

    Other than that, I love it!
  12. Anaogi Well-Known Member

    I should also mention...I am a strong believer that there should be non-combat guild achievements! (Full disclosure: Spellbound crafted its way to levels 50, 60, 70, 80, and 90...) But that's straying from topic, so I'll pontificate on that another time and place...
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  13. Avahlynn Well-Known Member

    Yeah I was super excited to hear about a new guild building!... And then rather disenchanted to find that it's really only obtainable by a small sub set of the population. For something so many have asked for, (a new guild hall design! Any new design!) making it so out of reach seems ill thought out.
  14. Kaito Member

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  15. Vailene Member

    Any word from SOE on when this will go Live and how much the deed is, or where it's obtained? I'd be quite sad if it's something silly like a raid drop. :(

    I do love the hall. I don't think I'd classify it as just a medium Guild Hall. I would personally compare it to a T3 at least... There's tons of room..
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  16. Jazabelle Well-Known Member

    Word is that it'll be the end of April.

    And for those who are upset about "how it's obtained"--they still haven't decided how it'll be obtained yet. So don't fear. But post your opinions and ideas here, where they can see them!

    I'm still pulling for "Not via achievement or raid drop," myself. Although I don't have any ideas on how it should be obtained. Perhaps just purchase once you hit guild 95?
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  17. Dyeana Active Member

    I saw the deed listed the other day on the Loyality Merchant in Qeynos with an initial cost of 0c. So who knows what the cost will be in the end and what will go with the guildhall.

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  18. Beyoncia Well-Known Member

    Talking about guild halls, can we please have a posibility to have them as a personal house? Making an alt guild just for the personal castle is a bit weird:p
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  19. Lartria Member

    Having the Restored High Keep guild hall on the City Merchant seems to mean that guilds can't work together to obtain it. Part of being in a guild is working together for goals for the guild. Having it be a deed from the City Merchant will mean that one person owns the hall and the feeling of camaraderie goes out the window.
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  20. Hirofortis Active Member

    I am waiting for info on how this will be obtained as well. Hopefully we get an answer soon as we are half way through the month already. :/
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