Restored Highkeep Guild Hall

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Afista, Mar 24, 2014.

  1. Rajiaa New Member

    All I can say is that I was looking forward for the new GH, but not gonna waste my time going there every day for the next 6 months with a full grp of guilde to collect that many tokens when I dont need any gear outta there.
  2. Mae- Well-Known Member

    That's a silly logic. I would be shocked if there was more than 5% of guilds that do not have a single level 30 crafter... and honestly, it takes such a short time to level to 30, anyone can get there and make use of the broken heartstones. They're HARDLY useless to pure adventurers.
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  3. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    I have a solution that is minimal effort on the development team and would perhaps satisfy the crafters:
    1. Since the recipe is researched and you must have AoD or purchased the ability to hire a tradeskill research assistant via the marketplace, why not just add "Shattered High Keep Heartstone" as part of the reward from the daily crafting for the research assistant?
    2. Currently we receive A Mysterious Blue Coin in quantities of 1-5 when we turn in the crafted item to our apprentices.
    3. I think adding the heartstones would satisfy all parties but I leave the quantity to receive a slight reduction of 1-3 possible? Even one, would be better than none.
    4. Perhaps make those received via the apprentice(s) heirloom if you're worried about the crafters taking over the broker with them.
    5. This could also increase SOE income by selling more feature pack or just the tradeskill apprentice portion of the pack since the recipe is level 30 for research and crafting.
    In any case, there does need to be a way for pure crafters to attain these other than the broker from adventurers.
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  4. Mermut Well-Known Member

    That sounds good, until you take into account the adventurers know it's a limited commodity. The cheapest ones on Butcherblock is 270p
  5. Avahlynn Well-Known Member

    I think I love you. And this needs to happen.
  6. Pauly Well-Known Member

    Let adventurers buy a crafted key that allows access to HKC. That way the flow of plat in the 'interaction' between crafter/adventurer flows both directions in relation to this 'its for everyone' guildhall.
  7. Pauly Well-Known Member

    faster, yes. Pure crafters CANNOT get the hall. Don't you get that?
  8. Talathionwins Active Member

    Pure Adventurer's can't make house items.
  9. Avahlynn Well-Known Member

    Right. Because there are so many 750,000 plat house items on the market. Totally.
  10. Talathionwins Active Member

    Well, its obviously rare. Crafters make money as well as Adventurers. In fact most crafter's can make it easier.

    However, the 1% is the one percent. If the developers want to make cool stuff for the 1% that is their choice.

    There are several house items (rare) worth 900-2000p each. However you must realize that the average player adventurer or less has less then 500p.

    I want Plane of War armor, I wish I could get the appearance other ways but its currently trapped in hard content nobody wants to run less they bot it. However I know I probably won't get it because not only is it a rare drop from an old raid nobody wants to do, you need people who are good at the game to even run it.

    Crying on the forums to get something that is meant to be rare and hard to get won't get you anywhere. You have to earn your gear and your houses, if you want cool looking stuff you should have to earn it and not have it pretty much be given to you.
  11. Pauly Well-Known Member

    They said it was for everyone, of all play styles. It was never touted as 'for hardcore players only'. Yet that's exactly what it is.
  12. Mae- Well-Known Member

    Not one person is asking for it to be handed to us. We just want to be able to work for it like adventurers get to. Instead, our "job" is to wait for people to put something on the broker for a ridiculous amount of plat, 7,500 to 10,000 times.
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  13. Pauly Well-Known Member

    159p cheapest on broker. One player on Freeport has 25 of them at 238p each. Tell me again how this is doable by a crafter.

    Why should one player be able to get 25 of them already and price them like that while AT THE SAME TIME people say crafters should NOT be allowed a means to get them via crafting? It would take me weeks of crafting just to buy those 25 that ONE player obtained in a few short days.

    To me, this is the biggest FU I've seen from soe in a long time.
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  14. Talathionwins Active Member

    It is for everyone. Everyone has a chance to get the armor and do the content to do it.
  15. Talathionwins Active Member

    Then I want to be able to get house items by smashing orcs and stealing them from their homes. I shouldn't have to rely on a crafter to make my gear either, an NPC should be able to do it for me.

    Last few expansions you have gotten quests completely dedicated to crafting. From what I understand your wanting pretty much easy mode loot with little to no work.

    If you want items that require raiding as a crafter. You should have to gather 24 crafters and perform feats to get a chance to get it. Which only one of 24 can get.

    All 24 crafters also must provide their own rares (like Rangers have to buy expensive arrows!) and have all the latest quests done before they can perform it.

    If one of the 24 crafters fails a combine, all of you fail. You all die and must start over, each part takes about 30 minutes and they are all important. You need 7 parts to complete the guild hall and you must win rolls on one.

    You also must rush to multiple crafting stations and perform the entire craft in a time limit. If one crafter fails the time limit the raid wipes. Also every minute one of the crafters gets a curse, if he does not to to a certain crafting station, all of you die and you wipe and must start over.

    Now you have exclusive content for crafter's that is on-par hard to raiding.

    1) You must alternate between different crafting tables.

    2) You must do everything within a 30 minute time limit per creation (named).

    3) You must watch for a curse, if you use a crafting ability while cursed it does 40% focus damage to you until you die.

    4) You must complete a number of items working together to complete one item.

    5) At the end, only 1 of 24 of you can recieve the end reward which is one piece of seven pieces you need. That is being generous since adventurers need 22.

    6) Failing a combine during crafting damages the entire raid.
  16. Avahlynn Well-Known Member

    You can. It's called lootable items.

    No one wants items that only raiders can get. We aren't demanding top tier armor. This is a guild hall. Guild halls are available to guilds for status and some plat. Now we have one that's available for a currency many guilds have little to no access to. That's not fair.
  17. Darkon Well-Known Member

    Being level 95 isn't really asking that much, is it? It takes a day or so to level to 95. Another day to get max AA. So two days and you can go farm them as a level 95 adventurer.

    I still think it's set up remarkably well. Supply and demand is a great idea.

    Shattered heartstones are obtained by adventurers. They are useless to the adventurers, so they sell them. Supply.

    They will sell for what the crafter demand will accomodate. If they are selling for 200p, then clearly someone is willing to pay that for them. If they aren't selling for that, then the price will drop until it reaches a pricepoint that someone thinks they are worth buying at.

    It's simply economics. It will be ok in the end. It's like the day after a level cap increase expansion crying about master prices. Yes, they're going to be beyond exorbitant (or were before the 'SC Upgrade' implementation. Perhaps ad3's would be a better comparison.

    You level from 95-100, you want the 20 spells that were upgraded. Rares that normally sell for 4p are selling for 1500 because only 100 have been harvested server wide. Do you go to the forums and make posts about how it's unfair these crafting harvesters get to make 30,000p? No. You wait until prices come down to a more reasonable value. Or you can be the top .1% and just buy them for 30k.

    I could technically buy server xfer tokens repeatedly, move to every server, buy every heartstone, and have the guild hall. Will I? No. It's not worth that much to me.
  18. Darkon Well-Known Member

    You have access. You have to be 95. That's the only requirement. You can be naked and join a group and get carried.
  19. Talathionwins Active Member

    Thats not fair! My heroic character only does heroic zones, I WANT RAID ITEMS AND RAID GEAR!

    Why do I have to do Battlegrounds to get PvP gear? I should be able to craft stuff and get PvP tokens.
  20. Pauly Well-Known Member

    That isn't how SOE described it. If it was, then fine, but they said ALL play styles. Crafters, soloers, heroic groupers, raiders.
    Harrows End mount was for people that run harder content, I get it. This guild hall was never touted as a reward for hard content and I certainly shouldn't have to BUY it from people that do.

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