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    I was reading the GU43 crafting preview, and it got me thinking about some of the things I would like to see as a weaponsmith. Before I start, I do like pretty much everything craftingwise overall. Wonderful work and ideas it seems. Having said that, I do have some things I'd like to see. Some directly related to GU43, some not at all:
    1) Okay, it is very nice that we got six more of the smoldering temporary adorns for weapons. But, I see the other outfitters got armor they can make from the new Kunark faction recipes. Why not some new weapons also? Yes, I know so many will have their epics. But not everyone will, and some may want a new weapon to use on their way to getting their epic too.
    2) Weapons that "make sense" and be consistant in every tier. What I mean is let's say one has a tier 6 "doohickey". Said doohickey is a one hander at tier 6, and has three stats, str, sta and wis. It has a delay of 2.5 sec. At tier 7 and 8, it should still be a one hander, have the same stats, just upgraded the right amount for each tier, and have the same delay. I get too many situations where let's say a new customer has an ebon "whatever" made...a tier 5 item. Tier 6 it might follow the same pattern. Tier 7 is iffy, and tier 8 also is on if it's the same pattern, or completly different. The stats may change, or it may go from one hander to two hander. In short...why would a weapon made from Ebon be so vastly different in wield style or anything else then one made from cobalt, Xegonite or incarnadine?
    3) Having the full list of weapons one can make a tier 8 avaliable at lower tiers. This is another frustration I get. Let's say "Joeplayer" has his main character. He first hired me when he was 52nd, had a Cobalt "Wazzat" made. Okay, 62nd & even 72nd, he kept having "Wazzats" made for his main. JoePlayer makes an alt...he wants said alt to use a weapon like his main. His alt is he asks for a Steel "Wazzat". I look..and see that I can't make "Wazzats" until tier 5 or 6. This never made much sense to me. If nothing else, as an 80th weaponsmith who has done the artisan epic quest and thus has his "Master Weaponsmith" title, you'd think I'd be able to take the tier 8 designs not found in my lower tier books and figure out how to do a steel "Wazzat".
    3a) As an aside, to a degree I can see from a pure game mechanics standpoint why some items are omitted from tier 1 and 2..tier 1 is the "recipe from every class" tier, tier 2 the "recipe from every subclass" one can only "hold" so many so to speak I suppose. But at 20th, one is a full fledged member of one's artisan class. I guess to me, tier 3 and up at least should have the full line of recipes for at least the basics. (Weaponsmiths the weapons, armorers, the armor, etc). Can understand if let's say the temporary adorns stay tier 8 only. But...still makes no sense that I can do an Ebon "Wazzat" but not a Steel "Wazzat" IMO. And again with item 2, that items sometimes change drastically with regards to stats, wield style and/or delay with every tier.
    4) Weapons from specific cultures/races in game. main has seen a good chunk of Kunark. He's looked at some of the fairly oddball looking Iksar and Sarnaks swords and so forth. Why can't I reverse engineer the designs, and make one that looks like that? I never got it, but plenty of weaponsmiths have the folded scale blade recipe from Emerald Halls..that's a katana. Why can't we then make a normal katana also? There's other Middle Eastern weapons other then Scimitars...for someone who's been on the Isle of Ro a lot, why can't they find a way to learn how to make those? And so forth.
    I may add to this later, and of course feel free to add more if you're also a weaponsmith.

    Yes, I'm being lazy and using generic names for weapons. Hopefully my point is still clear.
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    UPDATED 2008-03-03
    1. FIXING

    - add tier 5 luminous occult clasp recipe (level 45)

    - fix t8 voulge stats (has mixed 1h and 2h stats)

    - add throwing weapons to tiers below 8
    - add whetstones/oilstones/waterstones to tiers below 8


    - add either consumable or non-consumable items that would give a weapon
    -- a glowing effect (could be flaming for fire-based, blue and steaming for water-based, etc.)
    -- a temporary or permanent stats enhancement that I or the "client" can decide on (point based per tier, i.e. 5 points at tier 5 and these can be used for stats such as improving STR/AGI/etc. or bonus on skills or some such, point/value system would have to be designed)

    - add more drop recipes and associated components (such as the Tunare recipes/Wuoshi Scale/Folded Scale Blade) for a limited number of Legendary and Fabled weapons throughout the tier, so we could have some additional options for a player who hits level 75 etc. If a player reaches a new tier, s/he might (!) buy a weapon at level 72 but that's about it, nothing after that I can offer. If I had a few recipes i.e. for a special level 75 and 78 weapon that would help the tradeskill craft tremendously. And I still would not compete against the epic weapons, so no one should really have a reason to whine about this. (EDIT: too bad this was not considered in the next GU with the faction recipes like for all the other tradeskill classes)

    - offer the weaponsmith some better adornments for weapons (frankly spoken I never understood why I as a weaponsmith would have one fabled item recipe - and that for a neck (!), not to mention that a recipe of this is still missing in one tier, see above)

    - let us decide on the stats distribution on a weapon and not have the same stats for each weapon you craft (I know this could be a database nightmare, but it would be the best you could do for us). If a customer wants for example to use up a total amount o available points for a weapon and distribute as preferred among STR AGI STA etc I am sure this would revitalize the craft.
    -- Example: Currently the pristine imbued cobalt long sword gives +13 on STR/AGI/STA and +30 on health and power. The "client" could decide on the distribution of those points and order a long sword with +20 STR and +19 AGI (or WIS for what I care) and 40 on health and 20 on power. This could be maxed, such as max 50% or 75% of available points to one stat, so +39 STR would not work. This gives players a lot of customization flexibility and I am sure this would boost the weaponsmith business.
    - If we can't have that, at least give us back different stat distribution for similar weapons (i.e. some diversification between for example a long and a short sword in terms of assigned stats) so customers have some more choices
    - Make crafted weapons mountable to walls or let us craft an item that, attached to a weapon, makes it mountable so old weapons could be put on walls too
    - Give us back crude, shaped, etc at lower levels like it was before umm LU24? A crude cobalt weapon could be used at level 44, the shaped at 46 and so on. These weapons actually were good sellers (I know it won't happen but mentioning it won't hurt)

    - Review/revamp the stats of all mastercrafted weapons throughout all tiers. Make sure that the mastercrafted weapons of a tier are indeed better than treasured and not totally inferior to legendary (somewhere in between treasured and legendary). Something like the following is what I understood is what should not be. I am willing to come up with more examples if this is helpful.
    - UPDATED Add 2 inventory slots for weapon scabbards/holsters. This would give us more items to sell. They could have similar stats as jewelry. Now, how that would work for crushing weapons no idea, perhaps some "holster" from the tailor?
    Thanks for your attention


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    Admit this is somewhat of a bump too, but since this thread didn't get many replies, I'll cut and paste this into the sticky above the other poster mentioned. Hopefully in that stickied thread these issues will be at least glanced at by Domino and others.
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    Troubor wrote:
    We have to see that regarding the low population of weaponsmiths we just don't end up high on the priority list, and it is kind of a vicious circle. Less changes mean less weaponsmiths means less changes means less weaponsmiths means ...
    I don't mind helping you bump this thread, but I can see that Domino has to set priorities when haggling for tradeskill changes so she has to make sure that changes affect the broader player base, not the exotic nearly extinct small weaponsmith group. Can't really blame her for that.
    With weapons it is a psychological thing. They are the most cherished drops compared to other items (across the entire player population) and offer the fewest slots. So, essentially, we compete against one of the best assets the devs have when it comes to making players happy. It's a dilemma that cannot be solved, because solving it means that SOE would have to create a balance act between weapons and other items.
    Left alone you cannot justify that we as weaponsmiths get weapons that are close to legendary, because then armorers and tailors and so on would feel disadvantaged. No one really cares that the drop rate per slot is beyond good and bad for weaponsmiths compared to other crafts. And no one cares whether amongst all crafts weaponsmiths are by far the rarest. If anyone cared things would have changed to our favour in the last few years but ever since I started weaponsmithing in the initial beta it has been getting worse and worse, would be worth an entire thread of itself what changes were done to weaponsmithing.
    Anyway, let's not turn this into a lamenting thread but let's stay creative. I think we put up a few good suggestions to revitalize the tradeskill, with some luck Domino might pick up a suggestion or two, who knows.
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    Right now, this is copied and pasted from another thread without much elaboration, but a lot of it Troubor already hit upon. (This is weapons in general, not just relevant to the weaponsmith.)
    Right now, weapons need:
    1. reitemization. (not Domino's area, but I'm thinking nothing will be done unless she pushes for it.)
    2. to be better than previous tier weapons and at least on par with current tier weapons .
    3. to have different graphics for different tiers. There are actually some people who will pick a sub-par weapon based soley on the "coolness factor."
    4. to have special effects and/or procs such as +damage, +healing, +power once every 1.8 minutes, etc.
    5. to have shurikens added! I have woodworkers insisting that they can't make them anymore until T7. If this recipe is indeed missing from their books now, where is it? My tailor can still make the pouches to hold shurikens for lower tiers, so they must be somewhere.
    6. to use less ore. Either that or increase the ore rates from nodes. Loams are selling for a copper each and ores are selling between 25 and 50 silver a piece, and that's not even in the end tiers. The beginning tiers have prices even worse than these.
    7. to have damage rating, speed, and range looked at and reevaluated. Not every brawler wants a weapon delay of 1.6 seconds. Some of us would like good brawler weapons with a long delay on them and a better damage range (just one example off the top of my head).
    8. to have a wider array of stats to make up for playing styles. OK, so where are the melee priest weapons?
    9. CONSISTENCY! Wow, this is a big one here. Katar from tier to tier jump around in the stats department. One tier will have strength and agility and another will have stamina and agility (another example off the top of my head). What's more is their delay changes from tier to tier as well with a 2.5 in T7 and a 2.0 in T8.
    Another thought that occured to me is weapons specialization. Perhaps tie it in with faction where a WS/WW can choose to specialize in one area and make special "fabled" weapons for that one area (similar to the yew and rubicite of T5). You can give the area fancy names, but it would basically be melee priest preferred, casting priest preferred, mage preferred, warrior preferred, etc. Each would focus on a special combination of stats to make these special weapons when the WS/WW has gain enough faction with a certain area.
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    The obvious thing that weaponsmiths need is a look at weapons stats. I had T7 legendary weapons (around level 67, I think) that were on the market in large quantities and that I bought for like 10-20g each back when the level cap was 70. When RoK came out and I started working to the new cap, I was planning to make some incarnadine weapons and found that the weapons I could make didn't even come close to the ones I'd had from the prior tier. Hopefully, this will get looked at soon.

    I think it's a given that weaponsmiths would like consumable items. First, I think we need ones made from the common materials, not from uncommon ones like the imbues. I'd love to see our ammo come back on all tiers again. I never understood giving woodworkers our all metal throwing weapons. I was thinking and I'm not sure how well these would work out, but maybe we could add things to enhance combat. Stuff like

    - Flash Bomb - decreases enemy accuracy for a period
    - Bear Trap - roots mob crossing it (like the ranger traps)
    - Smoke Bomb - slows mobs

    Stuff like this could add some extra strategy to battle and bring some life back to the weaponsmith profession.
  7. ARCHIVED-Lasai Guest

    Consistancy through the tiers, as others have mentioned.
    Swing times. Right up to t8 we have a cookie cutter 1.6 swing time for everything. Ludicrous. Big two handers should be swinging towards 5-6 seconds, and traditional 1H swords and hammers around 3. The one hand change basically made a large number of 1H and Duel Wields redundant, there needs to be differenciation, and swing times could do it. T8 did a better job with this, but it is silly that there are a number of 4 second slash one handers, and only one piercer that unfortunately is Mage statted.
    Too many one hand spears, and not enough spears statted to the Mystic/Defiler. As they stand now, Voulge, Trident, greatspear, WW Pike et al are too poorly done and poorly itemized to be much more than junk. Back to the consistancy issues, Voulges somehow manage to be one hand some tiers and 2-H in others.
    (off topic, but decide if a Pike is rare metal or rare wood, and stick with it)
    Itemization aimed at our AA choices. Why give AA builds without providing the tools to make them work? Mainly Battle/melee Priests. A good job was done on the new bow choices at T8 for example, but this needs to be done across the board, and across tiers.
    Recipes to imbue items at every tier that replace the damage proc we have now with a power tap proc.
    Graphics. As with armors, greater definition between MC and commons. Clean up some of the hidious old art like the Kris, bring Sais in. Give a few choices for Elven sized races that have handles we can't even get a hand around. I would love to see PM Katana and the old Wavy blade falchion brought back, as well as the small hand axe that was removed.
    Thowing ammo for all tiers. This should have never been removed from WS.
    Adorns, well, I don't see this as salvageable. Transmuters have the adorns we should have recieved. I don't forsee a way of fixing this without taking away something they got. Right now, Adorns are a non-event for WS, and this is just dreadful.
    As I stated in my other post, perhaps a fluff cloak slot item, a back scabbard or perhaps two versions, one short and one for Large two hander. This would be just visual, not actually sheathing equipped weapons, just a sheathed sword graphic. This would give us something to utilize in an existing appearance slot. As an aside, I would LOVE to have woodworkers given a cloak slot Slung bow and quiver graphic.
    Down the road I would love to see weapons appearance slots. Speaking for myself, the visual appearance of this game is important to me, and I really dislike using neon colored, over exaggerated cartoon weapons, particularly on my mid sized elf chars.
    Also, though not a bit important to end game, drop some Blood Ore recipe drops into DFC. I still cannot believe that the armor making classes got the only recipes using ORE when that was brought in, but, I am used to that treatment for my WS.
    A lot of this stuff isn't even new, just begging to redress the hidious mess Beghn left behind in his slapdash and haphazard "revamp".
  8. ARCHIVED-Qandor Guest

    Listen, harping on lower level inconsistencies or re-itemization doesn't do a blessed thing for weaponsmiths going forward. Adding blood iron weapons, for example, does what exactly for weaponsmiths going forward? You add them and weaponsmiths still have the same problem we always had. Likewise, consummables bring nothing to the table. If you want to focus on consummables rename the trade to Consumablesmith.
    I'll make it simple, since we have no idea what is in the realm of possibilities. Weaponsmiths need something that cannot be found elsewhere. We need weapons with unique effects that can only be found on crafted weapons. We also need some art thrown our way. We obviously can't make the best weapons in the game but at least maybe we could have weapons that are situationally better or perhaps better for certain builds/AA's. Just as players carry resist jewelry, perhaps a way could be found to require a variety of weapons for a player to have at their disposal. From what I see and have experienced having 3 level 80 adventurers myself, the whole idea of specific types of weapon damage have gone out the window. Players just equip the best weapon they can get their hands on regardless of damage type and live with that in all situations. That means, for many classes one weapon and that one weapon can be easily attainable through intance drops, quests etc. They never have to look for another. That leaves weaponsmith with nothing to provide.
    If you cannot solve the dilemna weaponsmiths have regarding weapons both now and going forward, any other tweaks or added fluff does nothing to help the class.
  9. ARCHIVED-sliderhouserules Guest

    I've been a weaponsmith since very close to game launch and made these suggestions before. But since you say you're paying attention to this thread, here goes:

    - Gleaming Strike needs to proc off *all* attacks.

    - Transmuting should be a *harvesting* (equivalent) skill available to all players, and have *nothing* to do with actually crafting anything. All weapon adorns assigned to TM'ers now should be given to Weaponsmiths (I would gladly give up non-weapon adorns). This would leave Tinkering as the sole "secondary tradeskill" and leave room to add new secondary tradeskills in the future. [Not making Transmuting purely a harvesting skill was by far the worst decision Beghn made out of all the bad decisions he made. (Getting rid of subs is a close second, but I know he had some pressure put on him regarding that.)]

    - Our consumable adorns need some rethinking. They cost too much to make (in both time and money), and their desirability is just not there. They need to be cheaper to make, or have their stats adjusted. An easy fix would be to increase the yield: give 2, 4, 6, and 8 at each finished level of quality while keeping the required components the same (though fuel required needs adjusted, 8 would be good). They could then be sold for cheaper, increasing their demand. As it is, 6 of us on my server are under-cutting to 5g10s (they cost 5g each to make) and still no one is buying. I have one raider that places personal orders with me to make him a huge quantity of oilstones, but he has only done this twice since RoK release.

    - I'm of the mind of the last poster that said fluff and adding new stuff don't mean jack if the core of the class is gimped (which it is). I would like it if the suggestion were made to the design team to lower the number of weapon rewards they put out (as quest rewards and drops) to give us a little bit more room for desirability. I'm not talking a drastic change, just lower.

    - And then, the stats for the weapons we can make need to be tailored to the few niches that exist. T8 did this fairly well, but there's still a gaping hole for melee priests. The only thing we have for them is the flail. The same thing is true for mages... all we have for them is the ritual dagger. There are tons of the incarnadine weapons that are just not selling. From behind the scenes I'm sure you can see which ones are being used and which ones aren't. Change the stats on the ones that aren't being used to offer something to melee priests, and give us some more stuff that mages will want. Then revamp the lower tiers to be consistent as others have asked in this thread. And finally, take a hard look at 2H'ers. The stats are not even close to where they need to be. Just not even close.

    When I was deciding what TS to go for as my first, everybody said "don't go weaponsmith, you'll never sell a thing". I did it cause I wanted to make weapons, to be somewhat like that guru old man swordsmith who lives in the mountains and the hero journeys to him to have the epic sword built. I enjoyed crafting for its own sake. I loved subs, as Weaponsmiths had the perfect number of subs required to make weapons (though I could have done without WORTs). I was actually *very* angry when subs were taken out. But I've kept at it. You've made tons and tons of new furniture, given nearly every other TS some loving, and had enough time to fully settle in to your job. It is now time to address the large, serious problems that crafting in this game has. Weaponsmiths are at the bottom of the list and have been nearly all along. It's time to do something about that.
  10. ARCHIVED-Lasai Guest

    Qandor wrote:
    Use your head. Making items more attractive at the lower levels is EXACTLY what will drive sales, and also give incentive to the new player rolling a WS. My little AS made 90plat selling Blood ore items, tell me again that how that is a waste of time. Nothing that adds recipes that sell and new items that sell to a profession is a waste of time, regardless of the level they are.
    Last tier, or Level Cap, is where people really outgrow MC weapons, armor, everything. It is at that tier that people stabilize thier chars and spend more time Min Maxing. It is the level where it makes sense to spend time, money and effort to achieve the best gear, knowing that it will not be replaced untill the cap moves higher. The best selling place for MC is to the Leveler, NOT the endgamer.
    The profession needs repaired from top to bottom. All levels need to be viable. Items need to be attractive in a manner that is just not stats, and for many people Fluff is also a selling point.
    You are never going to sell the idea of better PM weapons to the Phat Lewts only crowd. We need good, solid, usable weapons. We need itemization that reflects the new game, itemization that makes sense, and the damage Beghn did repaired. Ask any Melee Defiler if they could use a properly itemized spear at each tier, then ask them how many drop. That is where proper itemization could do EXACTLY what you are asking for, providing a niche weapon.
    To be honest, T8 weapons are pretty good. For my assassin, there is nothing tradable dropping that beats the 4 second slashers she is using now. Compare this to t7, when Dark Lingers dropped like water and sold for 30g. I really don't mind better no trade gear dropping, no trade questables, we don't have a broker full of cheap, easily farmed legendaries taking the sales market away. And, the singular thing that makes those mastercrafted slashers viable is 4 second swing time, something that does not exist at any other tier of PM weapons.
    And I disagree with the attitude that people equip any old weapon regardless of damage type. I have more +pierce than I do +slash, and if there were a properly statted 4 sec Player made piercer I would jump on it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately there isnt one. Thats a lost sale right there, and its due to itemization, nothing else. Also I keep all damage types up to skill cap. Right now, to do that for my SK means dropping the board and using some 2-H weapons clearly not designed for an SK. Lack of an equipable 1-H piercer for most levels is another lost sale, and again, itemization is to blame. While people may indeed go for the best dropped weapon, people would buy a decently itemized Player made for situational use IF they existed, and hopefully existed at all tiers.
    Solid, sensible itemization with consistancy at all tiers will drive the profession forward. Attempting to replace high end quested/dropped items will not, the Phat Lewters won't stand for it.
    And while you may not like Fluff.. I would love to be able to create something unique and visually appealing even with no stats. Bottom line is also, nobody ever looks at fluff and screams the "omg risk vs reward" litany.
  11. ARCHIVED-sliderhouserules Guest

    To clarify my point about the niches our weapons should be aimed at, I thought I'd give a try at making a list. I don't have/play all adventure classes, and so this list will be incomplete. Feel free to chime in with corrections and/or suggestions. The stats listed for each one aren't meant to say "only these stats should be found on these weapons" just that those stats should be the *focus* of the weapon. Nearly all weapons should have high delay. 1.6 delay = worthless. [edit: and along the lines of what Lasai was trying to clarify, all damage types should be found in each niche. So there should be a good melee DPS 2Her that a Crusader would want to use of all three damage types, for instance.]
    • Melee DPS (str, int) (include 2H here)
    • Melee generic (str, agi)
    • Tank (sta, agi)
    • Melee priest (str, wis)
    • Caster priest (int, wis)
    • Mage DPS (int)
    • Battlemage (sta, int) or (agi, int)
    Some extra effects that you should consider adding in the appropriate niches are +def, +mit, +parry (like you have on some jewelry items), offensive skills like aggresion for the Tank niche, +casting for mage dps, etc. I would think that all the effects we're seeing on trash treasured items in RoK should be fair game for Master Crafted stuff - overloaded heal, crits, lower cast/recast times, etc.
  12. ARCHIVED-sliderhouserules Guest

    Lasai wrote:
    I would suggest that the best way to approach this is to do it fully in the top tier, then scale those decisions down to the lower tiers. Blood Iron weapons are obviously not part of the core tiered lineup, and so should get some attention of their own, but not before the core lineup is revamped.
  13. ARCHIVED-Emlar_from_Halas Guest

    Why not introduce a new set of end tier mastercraft weapons that would be usable at level 77 and would require 2 rares instead of one ?
    You could probably give it the dps of low tier legendary. Since quite a few legendary weapons are available from questing in T8, I don't believe anyone would complain (I'm overly optimistic, there's always someone complaining ).
    At least it would make WS twice appealing as they are to the Leveler (to be compared to the AS I am which is 7 times more appealing than WS).
  14. ARCHIVED-Sapphirius Guest

    And thus the debate begins about which changes weaponsmiths really do need and which changes they don't need. Don't discredit or dismiss any ideas at this point. Consider them all viable until a dev says otherwise. This thread is brainstorming. In the brainstorming session, no idea is thrown out or given more priority over another. It's just listing the ideas that are possible.
  15. ARCHIVED-oveymaddruss Guest

    When Kunark was first released it looked to have potential for us crafters and I made it a point to get up to amiable on my weaponsmith for all 3 factions I could attain workorders...yes back when it was 250 per writ >.<
    Once I was able to view the merchants there I was dissapointed there were no 'fancy' faction recipes and must say the same with this update, more consumables...ok they did not leave us out all together but I was expecting to see something on par with say the other outfitters who get to make some great looking this point stuff the stats its just very nice for showing off around town.
    Upon seeing the proposed rewards for getting the high faction required to make the new consumables ive switched from my weaponsmith to my tailor to grind out faction, its safe to say I wont be in any hurry at all to get shall will corner the market on that stuff on nagafen anyway hehe.
    I like the ideas proposed here so far but yes lets make something racial like the merchant in bathezid watch sells when you have faction - that big 2 handed sword, or im not sure where you get them but the swords like the gaurd in neriak have...just my 2cp.
    Manuell - Master Weaponsmith of Nagafen (fp)
  16. ARCHIVED-Qandor Guest

    Lasai wrote:
    OK, I'll use my head. Perhaps you are content feeding off low level items. My feelings toward this has always been, leave low level items for low level weaponsmiths to make. According to your theory we might as well level lock our weaponsmiths at level 40. I'll repeat it for you in case you missed, adding blood iron weapons as a fix for the current woes of weaponsmiths is pointless. It does nothing to fix the problem with our class now or going forward. Hate to break it to you but I'm not impressed with your 90 plat and we are not here to compare bankrolls. This isn't solely about making money. Inclusion of one item or some new jazzy consumable that you can make money on does not address the fundamental problem. There is no consistent role for weaponsmiths in this game I believe that is what we signed on to do. Harping on missed itemization from years ago does not give us a leg to stand on going forward. Now if they actually give us a consistent role, then by all means, if it will make even just you happy, I'm not against them going back and fixing or adding whatever. Weaponsmiths were fine up to level 50. It is beyond level 50 that we lost any kind of role.
    I'm a level 80 weaponsmith. I would like to have a role for my level "80" weaponsmith and in the future, if it so happens, my level 90 weaponsmith. I'm not interested in a role that has me bottom feeding on level 40 stuff.
  17. ARCHIVED-Sapphirius Guest

    Qandor and Lasai, STOP IT! Stop the back and forth. Every idea is viable until a dev says it is not. Dismiss or discredit none of them. Your bickering will only cause the thread to not be read... similar to another WS thread started months ago where nothing ever happened with it either.
  18. ARCHIVED-Draknishar Guest

    Im not much of a weaponsmith and I dont know how to make the old weapons sell and what new things need to introduced that would make it profitable but one thing wich I thought about yesterday was the ability to reforge weapons.

    basicly what I mean is take any weapon, using the commission system, and have the weaponsmith reforge it only for the purpose of changing the way it looks. There could be additional recipes, using rares or other materials to add different particle effects to the weapon as well.

    I understand that while many may not see looks as anything important there are people like me who would almost rather die that run around with a big ugly club wich looks like something you found in the forest and just decided to pick up.

    I also think that this could be limited or expanded upon as the devs might see fit, for example this could go beyond looks an such way as to change damage type etc. ofcourse you cant go too far on this as I am talking about droped weapons here and giving the power to almost completely reshape that weapon in both mechanics and looks would be too much.
  19. ARCHIVED-sirmamabear Guest

    What I would love is an appearance slot for weapons, and then some nice looking show weapons. Similar to the tailored stuff. Also some adornments that add sparkly effects.

    I know it is going to be almost impossible to make top tier weapons that will sell well. Most folks have access to legendary/fabled stuff. But this is something that bits for the tailors, jewelers, armorers, and woodworkers too.

    I personally would be happy with more standardizations across the tiers, some just for fun stuff, and more consumables.

    Urushiol Burow - 80 fury/62 weapon smith on AB
  20. ARCHIVED-Obadiah Guest

    I'm not all that discontent right now, but then . . . I do most of my crafting with my Tailor these days.

    I would simply like to see weapons revamped like the Armor was. When the armor revamp took place, I assumed the same thing was going to happen to weapons and was somewhat excited about that prospect. Then . . . . nothin.

    I still never expect to sell many T8 weapons because you blow through 72-80 so fast and then go after your epic. Not to mention T7 weapons that are better than T8 mastercrafted seem to be plentiful. But if they were revamped across the board, might get a few T8 sales for people levelling alts. T1 through T6 MC is already great for leveling, but T7 & T8 could use a boost.

    It also seems to make sense to put the ammunition back in for previous tiers. Maybe let Woodworkers AND Weaponsmiths make them.

    Temporary adornments for prior tiers would be nice, but I doubt they'd sell much. That's the kind of thing that typically does well in top-tier only, IMO. I like the new, longer lasting temp adornments though. Even more variety wouldn't hurt.

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