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  1. ARCHIVED-Prrasha Guest

    Rashaak wrote:
    The proc is instantaneous; nothing else can happen "while it procs". So if you're in front of the mob when it goes off, it's +900 whether you're standing there rooted or running in circles.

    If you move to the flank/back and it procs again on the same mob, then that proc will be a deaggro.
  2. ARCHIVED-Terron Guest

    evilgamer wrote:
    Once you have trust with the Splitpaw gnolls you can buy a spell from one of them.
    The fighter one can be used by any fighter including bruisers and is a single target taunt.
    It is on the same timer as our class single target taunts, so it is a replacement not an additional taunt.
    It scales and has only 1 quality.
    It can be worth using if your class taunt has not been mastered.
    It is call Goading Gesture.
  3. ARCHIVED-Terron Guest

    evilgamer wrote:
    How could the value of the weapons get much lower?
    Very few players buy MC weapons beyond T4 currently.
    The improvement to stats and DR of the base weapons and the establishment of a steady progressions is likely to increase demand.
  4. ARCHIVED-Terron Guest

    evilgamer wrote:
    When it procced it did some damage as well as the -900 hate.
    Since damage = hate (as devs have told us) the net effect is only about -600 hate.
    But you turned it to do extra damage, which out to be much greater than 600 (at T8).
    Yes it is a reduction in hate, which is not good, but less than half an app II T8 single target taunt.
    You'd loose more by having a taunt resisted.
  5. ARCHIVED-Terron Guest

    evilgamer wrote:
    The current proc is better for warriors and brawlers, but not because of the +/- hate.
    The current proc rate is 1.8/min the new one is 1.6/min.
    For a crusader the new proc is much better because it can proc off spells as well as mellee attacks.

    It is not a nerf though as the base weapon damage is being increased.
  6. ARCHIVED-Terron Guest

    evilgamer wrote:
    The only one of my toons that currently has a mastercrafted weapon is my fury.

    My guard and swashie will be sticking with their level 70 fabled weapons.

    My 66 illusionist will continue to use his prismatic rod when soloing for the +2 to subjugation.
    He will probabaly get a wand or a staff for grouping.
    In the long term he gleaming strike would be better, but currently he does not have much +spell damage gear so may get the blessing.

    My 63 fury will probbaly get a shamshir with gaming for soloing and a wand or whip with blessing for grouping.
    Why is there no 2 handed wis/int weapon?
    My 56 SK has a level 40 fabled 1H and a level 42 legendary 2H. I will need to look at the numbers for T6 mastercrafted to decide whether to get T6 MC for him.

    My 52 dirge has 2 legendary weapons - 50 and 42 - so will also have to look at the T6 numbers.

    My 43 conjie has a level 33 legendary wand, so I would have to look at the T5 numbers for her.
  7. ARCHIVED-Domino Guest

    Well, our GU45 internal cut off date has passed, all the changes are checked in, and the weapons and recipes are now just being bug checked and fixed up. Since the last 5 pages of this thread have been almost entirely speculation and opinions, I think I'm going to un-sticky and lock this thread. It's been an extremely useful and helpful discussion and thank you to everybody who took the time to contribute.

    Now I suggest we wait till the changes hit Test server and see how they really play out, and we can start some new discussions then based on actual play experience. If appropriate, things can be adjusted. And the weapons and effects can still be tweaked even after the changes go live if necessary, though obviously we try to avoid this when possible.

    Thanks once again! :D

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