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  1. ARCHIVED-Rashaak Guest

    Orba wrote:
    I'm not saying AGI INT isn't a good thing for the Karabela, but the INT stat really doesn't provide much use to the Gaurdian and Berserker since the majority of their skills are Combat Arts and are based off STR. Personally, it should be changed to allow Paladins and Shadowknights rather than Gaurdians and Berskers....

    Oh, and I'll be posting more weapons within the coming days....the scourge will be one of 'em. As well as Crushing weapons!
  2. ARCHIVED-Lasai Guest

    Rashaak makes a good point re inconsistancies per tier, but to me, also points out the superiority of T8 itemization particularly regards the Karebela.
    I love the new delay choices at t8. Frankly, I was heartily sick of the cookie cutter speed choices given us in all other tiers.
    Str/Agi, please, we have far too many of that type. This is a nice choice for Warden, Fury, BARDs, and I recently started using one on my SK for trash mobs, writ mobs etc, the Int boost is very nice for spell damage, and the agi is something I am a bit lacking in on that char. I like options like this, and I am using it in spite of having Star of Morning Glory. 65 int is not minor, nor is having an 800 damage proc on the weapon because of my Int. Sure, Ill use the Star or my power proc axe when the situation demands, but, MC should be and is a viable alternative choice in T8.
    In responce to earlier comments made re T-7 legendary vs T-8, I just don't see the general superiority. I gave up all mine on both my high level adventure chars, as the new itemization had superior benefits to my chars. Sorry, but something like Dark Linger wasn't cutting it with a minor single stat boost no matter how good the heal proc was. Also, the common drop legendaries were all fast weapons, something I don't want or need with my hasted characters.
    I am comparing to common legendaries, the broker types. I do feel that these are the legendary types MC should be compared to, compare brokerables to brokerables. No trade weapons of equal or higher tier from quests or hard instances SHOULD be superior to MC. Again, for my assassin this is what I am seeing in T8, the brokerable pierces are, frankly, junk compared to MC. I'm not trading out a 4 sec slasher with superior stats for something as lame as the Sebilis Croaking Dirk or whatever that glass bladed thing is. Anaphalaxis and Carotid cutter are superior to MC, and they should be, given they aren't dropping like water off trash mobs.
    I want to see this type of itemization carried back. T7 was a wasteland of poor itemization vs a plethora of easily acquired tradable legendaries, to the point that Dark Lingers sold on my server at one time for 30g. That was the real issue.
    Also, regarding another previous comment.. I really don't see people doing Prismatic, Claymore, SoD, at this time. The simple act of pursuing the questlines will level you out of the weapons... they made sense at Level Cap, at this time, they don't. Properly itemize our lower tier weapons to give viable choices vs. common drop tradables and they will be purchased and used. I see assumptions being made that EVERYONE playing the game is going to end up with Prismatics, Claymore, SoD so why bother with MC.. I seriously doubt that new chars leveling up are going to bother, and certainly not a majority.
    And again I will repeat my position. Whether it be speed, better stats, less restrictions on class, MC needs to be tweaked to be a VIABLE choice, and t8, I feel, does that. Prior tiers do not. MC does not have to have unique effects, Legendaries do... but that is the choice... do I choose 3 stats and an Imbue... or go with a single moderate stat boost and the unique effect/proc.
    Choice. Do I want the Apple or the Orange. Simply making MC "choosable" across all tiers would revitalize the profession more than a few shiny gimmicks ever would.
  3. ARCHIVED-Rashaak Guest

    Well, as I pointed out, I think the Karabela in T8 is a bit over powered in the sense its base damage for the weapon shot WAY up, and is more on par with something that is a two hander. However, if this is the damage it is suppose to be, then the damage rating is far underpowered. Also, I do feel the delay is too slow for this weapon, and should atleast be on a 3.0 delay.
    One of my bigger issues I'll address later, is that all Armor and Jewelry items have a set of 3 stats on them. Weapons do not. I haven't been able to figure that part out yet. I'll delve into more detail later on that though...

    Oh, and I have not gone to t8 Mastercrafted, my Bloodspiller and Modonlith provide better overall damage and crit % than any T8 mastercrafted I've seen so far.
  4. ARCHIVED-DMIstar Guest

    The issue with armor and jewlry haveing 3 stats and not two is simple.. The change the 3 stats was done dureing the KoS Armor/jewlry Itemization Revamp and the introduction to different sets of gear of the same type ... devout, Vanguard, Melodic and so forth...

    This was due to when DoF came out shortly before. there was the uproar about cobalt vs. DoF raid gear and the comparison to the prev set Ebon... Cobalt Introduced three stats, and Higher Mit, Ebon still had 2 stats but higher in resists ...

    The thing is, and SoE still does with the Set gear is. They itemize the gear as a whole unit. Thats why you see Set gears with helms have 2 stats and BPs Haveing 4stats.. They Itemize by a unit, make a few pieces more harder to obtain.. They did the same with Crafted back in the day. When there was one Ebon suit, One Feyiron Suit and so forth..

    Luckily after the revamp it introduced the three stat focues gear for the different classes.. I am still happy with that decision. This gives players to focus on thier stats more.. Either by the full suit or mix and matching the suits for balanced stats instead of a forced itemization.

    What about crafted weapons? They where never looked into or re itemized at the time.. Sorta put on hold indefinetly ... Thats why the weapons are still as they are. and unlike armor, Which SoE has been doing a good job overall between all tiers keeping track of since revamp, The weapons have gotten out of hand on stats and abilities.
  5. ARCHIVED-Sapphirius Guest

    Actually, Rashaak, with the combat changes, I would prefer these weapons got the slower speed delay of 2.0 rather than a shorter speed of 1.4. Otherwise, yes, you pointed out exactly what I was mentioning with inconsistencies across the tiers for each weapon. There is even a flail in T8 that has a 4 second delay but only has a 2 second delay in the lower tiers.
    This is perhaps the number 1 thing with weapons that I want fixed and should be top priority on Domino's to-do list. Note that I did not say it should be her only priority. I said it should be her top priority to find the dev that itemizes and light a fire under his buns.
    Number 2 would be weapon appearances. Hey, I'm a girl. I go for looks, too. Using the same cut & paste argument that was used to justify all the new furniture, it couldn't be that hard to change weapon graphics from tier to tier. Just use the graphics on dropped, legendary, and old fabled weapons... cut & paste. Give each tier its own individual look.
    If we could get one weapon type for each main combination of stats (i.e. str/agi, str/wis, str/sta, wis/int, etc.) and have that consistent throughout the tiers, then it would be eaiser for people to decide upon the weapons that they want. Another poster suggested customizing weapons in the old weaponsmith thread that was started not long after Domino took the helm. This poster suggested allowing WS to craft weapons with a set of 2 or 3 stats picked out by the client, so if someone wanted a certain combination of stats on their favorite weapon, they could get it. It would be a system similar to the randomized T8 treasured drops (i.e. Skyfire Robe of the Tree).
  6. ARCHIVED-Terron Guest

    Lasai wrote:
    Some of us are more interested in the quests than the rewards.
    We are in the minority and it can be hard to fill the raids needed, but we do exist.
    Of course the quality of the weapon does not really matter.
    Though I have one toon at level 65 still using his prismatic weapon, for the skill bonuses.
  7. ARCHIVED-Rashaak Guest

    Below is a screen shot of the Mace. A one-handed crushing weapon that used to be a dual wield weapon. The mace used to actually be a fairly common weapon for Bruisers/Monks back in the day before Woodworkers were able to make Cudgels. After that, the Mace kind of fell to the waist side...

    1) The first thing you should notice is that the Mace gets its name changed in tier 8. Its no longer just a Mace, it's a "Battle Mace". I talked with several other Weaponsmiths who verified this was the only 'actual' Mace available in Tier 8.
    2) Whats interesting is the Mace being a crushing weapon, you would think emphasis would be placed more on stats like WIS or INT. Nope! In fact is not until the name was changed to Battle Mace in Tier 8 the Mace got a WIS boost. With a limited supply of quality Priest type weapons that actually boost their primary stats, it's interesting a Mace is not better spec'd to encourage Priests to pick this up.
    3) Over all stats again! It's become apparant by now the stats on crafted weapons are severaly skewed, but I'll highlight some obvious differences yet again.
    • Tier 2 Health is exactly the same as Tier 1, but no Power boost.
    • Tier 2 Health gives 1 point less STA than the STR boost
    • Tier 3 STR goes up by 2, STA by 3, and AGI is added, however health is removed and still no power?
    • Tier 4 STR/STA/AGI go up, but are uneven, giving 1 more point of STA than STR and AGI, gain Health back, but at only 10 health (which is generally a tier 3 norm), and finally gain power, but is at +5, which is on par with Tier 2 power bonus.
    • Tier 5 STR/STA/AGI go up, but still uneven, health goes up by 5, but power goes up by 10.
    • Tier 6 STR/STA/AGI go up, and are now even, however overall, the sta increase in teir 6 is not on par with tier 6 and is more on par with the normal stat increase for tier 4.
    • Teir 7 STR/STA/AGI get a nice boost, a total of + 7 to each stat, however still lower than other tier 7 MC. This could probably be argued since it has 3 stats, it had to be more spread out, however Tier 8 disproves this arguement. Power and Health looses 7 points each tier 7, giving out less than tier 6
    • Tier 8 STR is removed, and STA/AGI/WIS become the stat bonuses to be more on par with what I feel the Mace should of been in the first place. The emphasis on WIS show's this is now defined to be geared more towards Priests and SK's/Paladins.
    4) Delay goes from 1.6 through tier 1 to tier 6, go up to 1.9 in teir 7, and jump up to 4.0 in Tier 8. We all know delay's were adjusted in tier 8 to allow for more actual damage even though it is now slower.
    5) Damage from tier 6 to tier 7 gets a nice boost, however prior to, it averaged just 3-9 boost each tier. In tier 8 though, i think the high end damage is way to high and needs to be adjusted. It should be more like 68-145, because anything over 200 should at least minimuly have a damage rating of 70.1 or higher.
    6) Tier 1-6 this Mace is listed as a Hammer, tier 7 a Mace, tier 8 a hammer. Um??? Which is it??? *boggle*

    Tier 8 weapons did a fairly decent job defining the Weapon and defining which class's it would benefit. Previous tier's needs this same defining and consistant approach. Not only to the Crafter, but also the Buyer as well.
  8. ARCHIVED-Rashaak Guest

    Ah yes, the Voulge! A weapon added I believe when KoS was introduced or soon after. The Voulge is an interesting weapon to say the least, and has a pretty decent graphic to it as well. These were mainly used by Bards and Shamans, especially Shamans.

    1) First thing you should note, and should be obvious is, there is no previous tier for this weapon. Tier 5 and up. No recipes available from tier 1 to tier 4. I looked, double checked and asked other Weaponsmiths who all said they don't have it.
    2) Second thing you should note, is that through tier 5 to tier 7, this is a one handed weapon, but it becomes too difficult to wield in tier 8 it HAS to become a two handed weapon?? um...huh?
    3) Ah yes...stats!! w00t! Bet you all are tired of hearing my take on stats...but lets see!
    • Tier 5, this weapon gives STA/WIS/INT there are not many of these types of Weapons out there, since it seems most cater to Fighters more so than other class's. So, for Shamans this weapon is ideal. Gives a WIS boost, gives a INT boost while raising STA. However INT gets 1 more point than STA and WIS. Not to mention, +11/+12 stat increase is more on par with tier 3 or tier 4 weapons, not tier 5. Not to mention health and power are severely low
    • Tier 6, everything goes even, at +13 to STA/WIS/iNT, and health gets doubled
    • Tier 7 we again get a +7 point boost to stats, but loose 7 points to health and power. If you haven't figured out by now...Tier 7 weapons are more borked than all other tiers.
    • Tier 8 Stats get a nice boost, with focus placed on STA. However Health and Power are an even boost. IMHO, the health and power are way too low, especially for a two handed weapon. Especially since other Tier 8 weapons that are 1 handers sport +90 health, +90 power.
    4) Damage. While not SO much of an issue in tier 5 through tier 7 although lower than what it should be, when it gets to tier 8, the damage is WAY off for a two handed weapon. Especially with the damage rating given. And since the mace from my previous post ACTUALLY does more damage than as a 1 hander than this Voulge that is now a 2 hander, why would I as a Shaman want this anymore? I can get my WIS boost from the MACE at the sacrifice of INT, but atleast I can still use a buckler! Also, there is MUCH better two handers damage wise that can be used in Tier 8.

    *ponders if Domino is even looking or has asked Aerelik to look*

    So far the weapons I've seen, seem to be one tier back in stats, health, power, and damage w/damage rating than when they can be actually made. And why was the Voulge moved to a Two-Handed anyways?
  9. ARCHIVED-Rashaak Guest

    Okay, so I couldn't help but post this one, because to me...this is one of those weapons that feel like a red-headed step child twice removed that married its sisters cousins uncle...
    Why? Well, just look at the screen and you'll see, cause someone must of been smoking some really good reefer!

    1) I can't help but start with stats on this one, because they are way out of whack going through the tiers.
    • Tier 1 in general not much can be done, but it gives the base for what this weapon is being made for. It gives + to INT, which is good and makes this weapon good for a caster type. It gives power but no health theres an issue.
    • tier 2 well, it's lost its definition entirely at this point, because look! + to INT is GONE!! In fact no stats at all!!! Just health and Power? HUH?
    • Tier 3 we get INT back! w00t! and STA too! YAH! However, it is the exact same as in tier 1? This shows no progression what so ever stat wise, however health and power go up evenly 10 points a piece...not bad.
    • Tier 4, holy jumpin mother of! All 5 stats!! w00t! Excellent! Negative there ghostrider, cause that +2 to INT just got cut in half and provide only a +1, but give a +5 to STA. All other stats, STR/AGI/WIS/INT are at +1??? *scratches his head completely dumbfounded*
    • Tier 5, Well! Now we are progressing right? Nope! We now have exactly 2 points given to STR/AGI/WIS/INT, but LOOSE 3 points in STA? *pounds head against his desk* However, over all, power and health go up fairly nicely
    • Tier 6, All stats go up 1 point!? Now, I know that because this weapon gives all 5 stat bonus's they will be lower overall than a weapon that has two or three stats, but come on now! The stats are lower! LOWER! than common treasured/dropped items in TIER 3!!! Which by the way is 30 levels BELOW when this weapon can be used.
    • Tier 7 still the same, tier 3 type stats on a tier 7 weapon, however some progression is finally being made in health and power! w00t! AT least it didn't drop below teir 6 there. That was getting frustrating!! lol
    • Tier 8 sees a bit of improvement stat wise, and helps define the weapon a bit more, however I feel it should of receive +30 in INT rather than STR. These stats are a bit more on par with how the dirk should be though, its stats are lower than tier 7, however your receiving 5 stats so it evens out. This is an ideal weapon for Casters if it has the primary stat increase moved to INT.

    2) Damage!Okay, this weapon...since it 'should' be more focused towards Mage types its damage from Tier 7 to Tier 8 go up by 1 point each! Tier 7 is 22-65, and Tier 8 is 22-66. erm...looks at the developers... puff puff pass devs!!! /sigh
    3) Delay, yet again...we are confused on what the delay should be. first its 1.6, then its 1.5, now its 1.3.

    Over all this weapon, it's stats need big time work, cause they are just whacky! Idealy this weapon's defining nature should be it gives + to INT. Great for scouts, but superb for Mages!
  10. ARCHIVED-Sapphirius Guest

    Oops? Yep, it wasn't a flail with the 4 second delay, but a mace. Hehe. That was one of the weapons with a huge inconsistency in delay speed.
    I think it's important to have some weapons with much slower delays though. By the time you reach higher tiers, you wind up with a lot of classes who have haste buffs out the wazoo, and the slower delays are good for them. Too short of a delay, and it becomes a waste. The problem is having delays that are so inconsistent, that's it's hard to tell what you'll need from tier to tier. I can understand delays getting longer as you go up tiers, but they are just jumping all over the board. Some get longer. Some get shorter. Some get longer and then shorter, and some get shorter and then longer. If delays for weapons are going to change across tiers, then it need to be done in a way that makes sense, a progression.
    Oh, and YAY! We got a sticky.
  11. ARCHIVED-Antipaladin Guest

    Let me just quickly point out that no matter how many stat points you shove on a mastercrafted weapon, it will be non-desirable due to low damage rating. Add effects, add damage rating, dump the stats down a bit if neccessary. As a level 80 weaponsmith, I still had some ebon weapons on the broker from my t5 grind at less than half the price of an ebon cluster while I was doing my final writ grind to 80. Giving us ammo back for lower tiers will not solve anything, what we need is desirable weapons and desirable consumables. Come on, throw us a bone here.
  12. ARCHIVED-Terron Guest

    Antipaladin wrote:
    Ammo is a desirable consumable.
    There is nothing better in the game that I know off that does the same job.
    I have a toon that uses thown ammo.
    She is also my woodworker and so makes her own, but originally she did not.
    When she puts some up for sale it sells.
    There are other things she can make that are more profitable so she does not do that often.

    Ammo for lower tiers will not solve everything, but it would help a bit.

    P.S. I bought a MC cobalt scimitar for one of my toons yesterday, my fury. The stats were good (WIS and INT) and the DR slightly higher than the level 59 treasured weapon was using and the imbue effect is not useless.
    She is the only toon of mine to use a T6 or higher MC weapon.
  13. ARCHIVED-DMIstar Guest

    Antipaladin wrote:

    I mean we are discussing delays here on weapons... But not pointing out why the RoK weapon base is so high on them.

    Firstly Delay and Dmg go hand to hand, You cant Talk Delay changes without the damage end. And this even changes per Class.. But one thing that is shared by all fighters/scouts is, .. they all look at the damage ratio first as a primary factor on weapons..

    Priests/Mages dont have to do that.. All they want to see is stats and compare it thier symbols they have ... Weapon smith just does not cater to half the classes in game...

    So unless the damage ratio is there, Its going to be useless right off the bat. No Real Melee class can afford DPS hit just to up stats.

    So lets talk.. Why the Delay jump in RoK ? Simple, The average Haste of the players is up more then it was back 2 expansions ago. I am Constantly over 100 Haste at minumum.. Haveing a Weapon at 1.5delay is just going to get capped off right away.

    this means the Devs probably took an average of haste the player base has, tuned the weapons to the delay of that. Haste Lowers the delay of each weapon, till a cap. You find yours by typeing /weaponstats in game. Example is Im Useing a 5.0 delay weapon in raid this weapon is now at 3.5delay. Hence toned to be in line with past weapons..

    Furthermore .. Not all classes Want Fast Delay weapons to begin with. A monk is going to want a good low delay weapon, but will take into effect the haste that he has .. I mean if you are going to Cap out your haste so soon, you might as well find a slightly higher dmg/delay weapon since your haste will compensate innately to fit your need. Essentially haveing weapons out now, with to little delay are going to over looked for just more dmg and slightly higher, each will prove the same result in delay but not in damage.

    Shadowknights on the other hand are going to look for higher delay weapons, due to spells needed to be casted in a gap between hits .. I primarily Look between 3.5 - 4.0 After Self haste. So do I want a weapon that visually shows 3.5 delay .. No .. I want one that shows 5.0 or even 6.0 and adjust from there. the more damage the weapon does = More DPS = More Aggro Control

    This is why 4.0 1handers are going to be around..
  14. ARCHIVED-Sapphirius Guest

    Except, Istar, that not all the melee weapons useable by classes with self-haste jumped up. Some of them jumped down. Like I said, the delay, if it does get higher, should be a progression and not a jump where it gets shorter in one tier and higher in another. I didn't address DR because it's a given that this would change with delay.
  15. ARCHIVED-DMIstar Guest

    They Never Jump Up with self haste.. Always down...

    Average player back in the day, had no Self Haste... Unless had a class buff.. which was rare.. and thats not average..

    So A 1.5 delay weapon would remain 1.5. unless in raid..

    AA's Came in, then another set of AA's Came in.. Plus a slew of gear came in, Even Mastercrafted has Haste on them.

    So now the Average is people have X amount of haste..

    So that same 1.5 delay weapon is now 1.0 or your class cap.

    If i have 120 haste. Lets say im takeing off 3.0 delay with that haste..

    That 1.5 weapon is going to get to 1.0 .. Cap, So Ok so i go " hey lets get some more damage out.

    3.0 - .5 = 2.5 + 1.0 = 3.5 .. I'll Go and get a weapon that has 3.5delay and will now have another 1.0 weapon that does more damage..
  16. ARCHIVED-Sapphirius Guest

    I meant the actual listed delay on the weapon examination window, not the delay for the player with haste. -_- I already know all the other stuff you posted. That's why I'm telling Rashaak that the weapons should have a longer delay, not shorter.
  17. ARCHIVED-Qandor Guest

    However, many players today are looking for long delay (4.0) high damge weapons. You even see it in threads on epic weapons where many are unhappy that their epics have delays lower than 4.0. The delay on T8 crafted is not really the issue although it might be nice to offer a selection of weapons with a range of delays to satisfy everyone.
    I will say again what I had said earlier. Continuing to pick apart the anomalies of past tiers does nothing to help weaponsmiths going forward. I do not think it is likely that they are going to go back and re-itemize 8 tiers of weaponsmith recipes. What we need is a way to put us back in the game of having saleable weapons now (T8) and in the future. Saleable WEAPONS, not ammo or whetstones or doilies. Add those extras after we have a solid base going for us.
    We need new graphics instead of the same old, same old. We need weapons that at least have some situational use or use at least early in a tier. No one is dropping their epics or nice raid or instance weapons to equip crafted so in a sense the train has already left the station for T8. Maybe we have a shot in the next expansion if something can be done. Forget about T3, T4. T5, T6 already. It's done. Only one looking for those are new players which is a rare breed in this game and twinks. I would like a viable craft now and in the future.
    The fact that they added not a single weapon to the Kunark faction recipes speaks volumes. Apparently they are at a loss as to how to make a crafted weapon that would be at least attractive to someone. So am I at this point, frankly. There are just too many other sources for nice weapons and they are not going to trump any of those since the adventurers will howl. Maybe some of you do have some good ideas but let's focus on that at least for the time being. What would you do to add a T8 faction weapon that might be saleable? If we could solve that perhaps it would give us a lead going forward.
  18. ARCHIVED-Lodrelhai Guest

    Qandor wrote:
    Why not? They did it for eight tiers of Armorer and Tailor MC recipes. And for people bringing up characters, whether new players or alts of old-timers or just old timers who take their own sweet time levelling, what looked good in a previous tier is often an indicator of what they want to look for in the next tier. I see it all the time with guildmates - the first 2-3 tiers, they'll ask what the stats are on the stuff I (or the guild tailor or guild armorer) make. After that, it's "Can you make me a (insert latest tier achieved) (insert name of item I made them for the previous tier)?" And when they make a new character in a different class, the whole thing starts all over again.

    So yes, I do believe re-itemization of previous tiers will help the forward-moving weaponsmith, as well as the up-and-coming weaponsmith.

    That said, new graphics and better stats would be fantastic. Though I will also say, for both T6 and T7 my first weapons were Handcrafted swords and daggers. Not saying they didn't get replaced by Treasured quest-obtained items within a few levels, but I did buy, and use, them. Would have been for T8 too, except for a gift of a high T7 Legendary weapon from a raiding friend of mine.

    So yes, changes and improvements to the weaponsmith are needed. And certainly everything should be done with an eye to the future of the class. But the future of the class also relies on a sturdy foundation, and that is something Weaponsmiths absolutely do NOT have at the moment.
  19. ARCHIVED-Lasai Guest

    Couple of comments.
    Blanket statements like Scouts only care about DR is falling into the same trap Fyreflyte did with healer plate. Itemization to a singular playstyle is false and wrong, and fails to give options to all. Stats do matter, one point of DR and 20 agi on a 2 sec dagger isn't going to beat 65 melee str and 4 seconds swing on a t-8 MC, not to mention the significant proc available on ALL MC weapons.
    Asking for improvements only to top tier end-game itemization is also wrong, and at the worst callously self-centered.
    We need a logical progression, variety, and consistant itemization through all tiers. Armorsmiths got it, Tailors need it for druid leather still, and we need it badly.
    The 1-h/Dual Wield change brought in far too much redundancy. One thing that could be done to differentiate traditional Dual Wields would be speed, with those being the fastest, One handers being the 3-4 swing times, and big Two handers moving towards the 5-6 second swing times. There should also be at least one slow bruiser/monk option.
    Spears are particularly redundant. Leafblade and One Hand spear are essentially the same. Tridents fill a niche nobody seems to want. (as with Pikes)
    Finally, some recognition that T8 itemization has improved some weapons and choices would be nice. It HAS made a difference in a lot of items, and blanket statements condemning MC at t8 is the kind of things that make Devs throw up thier hands and say "I give up".
    I am happily and effectively using MC weapons on both my level 80 Chars..they are far from junk, and I haven't dropped them first chance as I did with t-7. I've certainly not seen any treasured nor vendor legendary that would be a significant improvement, if at all. I do use one 2-H quest sword on my SK, again, simply because of 6 sec swing, and it really is more of a trash whacker than a weapon of choice for most of my game.
    We have to ask for what we can get. We aren't going to get the DR of weapons from harder questlines and instances. We aren't going to get the shiny new procs. What we can ask for is consistancy, we could ask for the +pierce/slash/crush given MC armor, or the +Damage. Asking for the moon will get us nada.
    And I will restate this, as I feel strongly about it. The Profession needs revamped, not just one tier. We see far too much end-game only fixing as it is. There is absolutely no reason that Oilstones and throwing weapons could not have been added throughout the profession.
    And finally, just personally, graphics. I play half elves, and I'm also a girl. Nothing fits them save a couple daggers. I would love to see some more median sized weapons available. I equip a pair of Dirks in town simply because I don't like looking like I'm 13 and toting around Daddys sword.
  20. ARCHIVED-Ortog Guest

    There is a strange inconsistency in the mastercrafted xegonite rapier; in its stats the rapier looses its agi buff and gains an int buff, also the delay is lowered from 1.6 to 1.3. In the next tier, however, the stats are consistent with the rest of the mastercrafted rapiers, which makes this an odity.

    I do believe its unintencional and it should be corrected.The same applies to the xegonite javelin, which was used by a fellow guildie to replace his trusted rapier in that tier on his scout; however, in this weapon, its only the delay that is changed from teh normal 1,6 to 1, 9.

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