PvP Time-Locked Server Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Fleshdecay, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. Fleshdecay Well-Known Member

    Lets cover what we would like to see re-implemented or removed to bring the server back to it's glory days. (I know a lot of this may have been covered already but I don't think it hurts any to be safe)
    - Remove AA slider
    - Keep original fame system
    - Remove city restricted zones
    - PvP enable all zones
    - Remove instances
    - Reduce mount speed to 40-45%
    - Remove flying, leaping, gliding mounts
    - Reduce the immunity timer to 15 seconds
    - Remove all forms of fast travel
    - Revert stats back to their original state (ex: Wisdom increased resists for all classes, Intelligence increased spell damage for all classes, Agility increased avoidance for all classes. Each class could use any and all stats to a degree and it allowed for a unique and personal build/play style.
    - Return the original pvp level range
    - Remove separation of pvp/pve gear
    - Pve gear should be the one and only set of gear
    - Return the function of procs on pve gear

    My mind is all over the place from excitement. If you would please add anything else that comes to mind that I may have missed, as will I, when I pull it together.
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  2. Fetish Well-Known Member

    There isn't much to add to your post...I did X out a few things though as the stat thing would require the old code which no longer exists, and the removal of instances, while such would be amazing for PvP action, would also severely limit the gear you could get, as well as make it seem too much like a big Battleground and not a real EQ2 world like we all played on before when PvP didn't suck.

    Devs...please, make the PvP Prog server only be unlocked via time AND vote. Being able to be unlocked by raiding, when the new stats, gear, and mechanics, allow for easy making the content obsolete, would end with a couple of groups trolling the whole server by unlocking it in a week...

    ...and thank you. Seriously...thank you.
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  3. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    This is fantastic news, it's beyond words how exciting this is!

    You must advertise this, a lot! Players gone will come back!
    Oobobu will once again shoot fireballs on the unaware players! :p

    However, no AAs? There were AAa in pvp release. They were just MUCH harder to get, and there was no slider.
    That was amazingly fun because it gave you reason to lock your lvl and explore quests and nameds in each tier!

    Will the difficulty of the game be tuned back to its original as well? Will it be adventurous and dangerous to travel in overland zones once again? I certainly hope so!

    Will you bring back the isle of refugee? Oh please do!

    Will the XP gain/lvling be tuned back to its original state?

    Please do not bring back body retrieval, encumbrance and massive debt penalty! :p

    How much is going to be as it was during release?
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  4. Fleshdecay Well-Known Member

    That's my fault, I wasn't clear enough. When I said remove instances I basically meant what i stated above, enable pvp in all zones, including instances, which would therefor not make them an instance.
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  5. Trasor Active Member

    Holy crap Flesh I fricken love it. I hope this server never goes past TSO.
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  6. Marschstiefel Active Member

    I heard this new server is going to be one zone not a whole world of norrath,and that is going to be commonlands. The rules in pvp will be the only players participating in PVP are the ones that grab the tome of discord, but to grab the tome you need to do an epic quest first. You will be timed 15 minutes to kill the other team. Last one standing will get to pick from a variety of furniture from SC that you will purchse with RL money. Luckily you can buy goblin tickets with RL money so there is a better alternative. The pvp goes by ranks when you complete a level you complete a rank and when you complete that rank, you will recieve a piece of furniture that goes cheap to expensive. It starts from pine,to cherry to mahogony,to ebony to a golden rug ! Once you get the "golden rug rank" you can start fighting for the grand master prize....the king sized bed !!!! Yes once you put that king sized bed in your house you beat eq2 PVP !
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  7. resonate Active Member

  8. Drew575 Active Member

    No warfields/no Bg's
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  9. Creasote Well-Known Member

    Disable raid zones.
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  10. Drew575 Active Member

    That's a no. people should have to PVE to PVP with no pvp gear the best gear comes from instances/raid zones.

    If the server is set like it used to be.... the old nagafen way ( which was good characters can only group with good characters and evil characters with evil characters) then raiding will be 4x harder. Which is why raids should be left as is.
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  11. Drew575 Active Member

    Also I want PVE items to once again work in PVP...maybe not as strong but they need to work again in order for the PVE for PVP gear aspect to work...
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  12. Mowse Well-Known Member

    Is it a zone or a server cause all this sounds like is BG.
  13. Exur Well-Known Member

    could be a reverse troll... I need more coffee to detect. If it's not, well played.... you got one!
  14. Fleshdecay Well-Known Member

    It's Swedishgirl/Reinkaos, if that says enough...
  15. Exur Well-Known Member

    oh yes.. I recognized the original troll.. I was acknowledging "he" got someone on it.
  16. Ardur Duradan Well-Known Member

    here are some other suggestions

    -Change weapon damage ratio
    -Make leveling classic (aka it should take a while to hit 50 like it used to)
    - No constant evacing (maybe remove evac from rallos zek diety?)
    - Make Evac un affected by jesters cap

    will add some more when I think of them.
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  17. Fleshdecay Well-Known Member

    Bring back class specific gear with class specific set bonuses.
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  18. Ardur Duradan Well-Known Member

    one thing i was wondering, since this was before gear and stat revamp.

    Will there be artifacts on raid mobs for the first server kill?

    also will there be avatars with unique avatar loot?
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  19. Fetish Well-Known Member

    The PvP Prog server needs to have all the instances and raids available...other than instances like prestige housing or things that can be used for ghetto evacs. If there could be some coding done to make them better for a PvP server (such as making instances to where they will allow not only 6 players of one faction, but 6 players of two (three? Exile gets tricky) factions, then that would be awesome. But they need to be available for gaining gear. That was an integral part of the success of the red servers when they were young. Players wanted gear. Gear was gained by going to get it. This caused people to travel through the game world, and in so doing, bringing PvP to overland zones. You can say that gaining gear through PvP is what you want...but that has been shown to cause people to PvP only when they want gear, and only in the place where they can get it quickest (BGs, farming alts or each other for tokens, duping tokens). There needs to be reason to go into the game world, and if that is where you get the gear...like it was for so long...then that is where you will find the players.

    Ideally, PvP gear shouldn't exist...or if it does, it should be in the form of items that can help with PvP, but are not PvP defining. The magic of the old red servers was, first and foremost, from them being the EQ2 world...the PvP was the best added bonus that could be given to an EQ2 server, but that thing is that was just an added bonus. The EQ2 world...its lore, stories, mobs, places, and events...are what made the game something more than BGs could ever be; Killing people trying to gain Griffin Tower access in Nek, Killing people who are camping Bloodtalon, killing people who were lingering around the Baubleshire, killing a harvester and taking their node, harrying another raid guild trying to get to their zone.

    Travel hubs...it would do a lot for PvP if they were nerfed a little bit. Like back when there was no permanent immunity, and you had to travel to Nek or The Stepps docks to get somewhere. If there is a bell in Q Harbor...and it will take you anywhere without the need for traveling, then PvP won't happen. They just need to be nerfed a bit...
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  20. Raff Well-Known Member

    There is a lot boredom out in MMOPvP land right now. Something like this has the potential to bring in a lot of people.
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