PvP Time-Locked Server Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Fleshdecay, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. MasterCrafter New Member

    Fair enough, maybe I do not have the understanding for the reasons why you and others are level locking. Please enlighten me. Also, since I haven't played on a PVP server since the beginning, why does the Nagafen server not meet your needs?

    Here is my past experience.

    When I originally played on a PVP server, the random one on one conflicts were fun. I had killed some and others had killed me. In some cases, my nemesis had slightly more mana than me, and I just ran out of juice. However, the Guilds I were part of would hunt down single(s) while we roamed on groups of 5. Really not fair competition, but my guildmates wanted their titles. I can understand that, I have Duchess (not a pvp title) on most of my characters.

    I did run against a Twink of 2 levels below me. He killed me with a single spell even when I had all my defensive spells on.

    Tell me what is the primary reason for level locking. If it is not to wipe out lowbies and those that don't have equivalent armor then I am missing your point. Please exemplify. Tell me why you can't kill someone of your equivalent status.
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  2. Trivursar Active Member

    For the simple fact alone, that people want to be able to play the way that they want to, without interference. They pay their sub, be it in kronos or cash. They should be able to play it how they want. Level locking doesn't pose any sort of threat to you. Its really the only reason anyone needs. Unless you pay for his sub, I don't quite think that you have much of any say in what he does, or enjoys. It'd be the same for you if the roles were reversed.
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  3. MasterCrafter New Member

    Actually, you are wrong. It is up to DayBreakGames on how their game works. Someone had suggested that level locking should be removed and I agree with them. That is all that my original post was for, to agree with that suggestion and state my reasons.

    DayBreakGames has an opportunity to gather new subscribers. I have explained my standpoint on why I am paying them for a subscription again. The TLE server gives me a world where we are "All of Us" are basically starting from scratch. And that they have been asking feedback. Where I believe, but I may be wrong, that people are interesting in playing EQ2; even on a PVP server, as long as they have a chance of actually playing. However, if I know longer feel that this game can provide entertainment then that stops. I do want them to make money so that they can continue to develop EQ2 Next.

    This is my last post on the this subject.
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  4. GBlack Active Member

    If you are unable to play in party - there is ghost servers with mercs and ez stuff. Why even bother with TLE? Or just go PvE and there will be no lvl locked monsters from below your bed. Do not dictate us how to play just because you want smelling flowers on the pvp server. Those whiners like you got EQII pvp killed back in the day.
  5. Trivursar Active Member

    To a degree, yes. You forget that without customers/players/members, they have nothing. By a majority, it is up to the players on how the TLE comes out, which was the biggest catch of it all when the idea was posted to the forums. Majority voting on what direction the server goes in, what gets put in, what doesn't, etc. So, as I said before, unless you pay for everyone's sub, then it isn't up to you on how they play. If you don't like it, there are plenty of other servers, filled with content, for you to choose from.
  6. Xeos Well-Known Member

    So you joined a PVP server for some spice, VOLUNTARILY mind you... and now you are complaining about being engaged in PVP by another player??? Kind of boggles the mind.

    I personally don't level lock unless it is to grind AAs so my character will remain strong. However, there are power gamers that enjoy locking and maximizing their characters potential at that tier. Do not try to dictate playstyles. Adapt to the fact that you will get killed... it is PVP.
  7. Eggfu Member

    sweet infant baby jeebus, please put a respawn point a little closer to the haven zone spot in thundering steppes. nek forest is fine, but if i killed trying to get back to haven in TS, chances are pretty good i'm going to get killed again while trying to get back to haven from the closest respawn point, which is over 600m away.