New PvE and PvP Time-Locked Expansion Servers Coming Soon!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. Koren Member

    That is exactly what I want to do too, the old raid zones. During that time, I didn't have a max lvl toon to do the original raids with. I so want to do the prismatic questline where I can actually use the weapon instead of just get it for the appearance. Be nice to actually start again and to show my nephew how it use to be (or close to it) back then. I miss grouping at those lower lvls.
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  2. Lodrelhai Well-Known Member

    Devs better make sure the Loyalty Vendors aren't on those servers then. Otherwise a lot of people are going to log in and buy bags of plat, and inflation starts immediately. Though with TLE servers being all-access only, at least everyone will have access to the bag of plat, so I guess that might still be an even playing field?
  3. oakmiser Active Member

    That is already on the feature list as tied to a distantly unlocked expansion.
  4. oakmiser Active Member

    I utterly disagree with you. TLE servers will hype up the game.

    Look at these four reasons why:
    1. New servers are very easy to start now with new technology(new to DBG atleast) behind the scenes.
    2. 90% of the work is just writing a code that switches off content and features. To unlock them they can either code it to react to the poll or read poll results and then toggle a few switches with each expansion release that allows features and zones to be accessed.
    3. This does more than just create a new server, it's a learning experience too from a data standpoint that allows the devs to see where they may or may not have gone wrong with things in the past and how to create future content that adheres to previous visions that data gathered from TLE has proven is most popular play experiences.
    4. HYPE. Hitting a reset button on the game allows for massive hype and tons of subscriptions to flood in and help fund future content without nearly as much design time spent.

    Proof: They can are experiencing massive play spikes on Ragefire and Lockjaw in the Everquest1 progression servers.

    This >IS< a smart idea. Holly is a very intelligent person for moving forward with this after seeing Ragefire explode with players and even still expanding into a second server Lockjaw.

    EverQuest 2 may be 10 years old, but is still a contender for bringing in new blood and definitely can excite old players with moves like this.
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  5. Ajjantis Well-Known Member

    I don't think you have any idea what you are talking about. I created a character on the new 1 month old EQ1 progression server "Ragefire". Just in the starter zone greater faydark were 97 players in ONE instance, there were more greater faydark instances open.

    Going from zone to zone, the /who command showed 30-60 people MINIMUM in every zone that ive passed.

    Its crazy but I think this Eq1 server has more people than 80% of EQ2s sever population together.

    Don't underestimate a classic or vanilla type server. People aren't happy with the current development of EQ2, they'd like to go back in time and enjoy the game at its highest point. I for one will be trying the new time locked pvp server for EQ2 and guess what, I will also keep playing on the new EQ1 progression server ragefire cause I am having a BLAST there. Its awesome.
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  6. Elrohir New Member

    I for one hope they downgrade all the gear to near launch specs.
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  7. Melodica Member

    This is ONLY good for people who WANT to play on the TLE servers. People like me who are fine where they are get absolutely no benefit from this. In fact, all we get is a server that's even more of a ghost town than ever.

    I respect that people want different things and that many people will enjoy these servers, but I would also like those people to respect that not everyone wants to start over. I have played this game since launch and while there's a nostalgia factor, I don't particularly want to go back in time.
  8. Litlbigman New Member

    What about now? Half the attributes serving no purpose at all, stats so high they don't mean anything any more.
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  9. oakmiser Active Member

    Could you give specific examples?
    Reforging allows you to take most stats and move them into another stat you need more of.
    Overcap transfer stats allow you to gain the more favored and rare stats in exchange for having top end stats enough to overcap them.
  10. Mahho New Member

    I think he/she ment that reuse speed/ae aa/recovery/multi attack etc... are soft/hard capped without any real gear on EVERY char so they are "useless" stats in reality if u think about it. Remember when u were actually choosing between good two items with diffirent stats? Now everything is same on everyone and everything is "maxed out"... And chars only use main stat + stamina... Developers might aswell remove all stats and just replace them with 2 (Stamina + whatever stat...) So yeah half stats serve no purpose at all in the game.
  11. Tetrol Well-Known Member

    While I commend DBG on getting our opinion, I wish they could somehow get a once per account survey method. It is getting annoying to log another alt on to find now 4 spam surveys in each one's mailbox.(and as I really don't care about the issue, it is not some form of advantage)
  12. Ucala Well-Known Member

    the stats system should be what it once was. (bards/crusaders needing every stat, other stats mattering to classes other than just 1 stat and sta).

    also the stats on gear of course need to be fixed
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  13. Naypoo Member

    Well, not to be mean or a ******, but those servers are mostly ghost towns because of all the massive changes to the game that was well loved and enjoyed. It became a far worse game for those changes, and was no longer challenging or enjoyable. Thus the mass exodus for many players who started with the game in 2004 and finally lost all hope.
  14. Pinino New Member

    you cant add beastlords or channelers without adding velius for thier epics, you cant do this on a progression server th at would be like added zerkers on EQ1 progression server.

    Also please if any Dev is reading this please put in Infamy Titles where you can lose fame from dieing in pvp and gain fame from killing people that was half the fun of old school pvp days!
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  15. Finora Well-Known Member

    Epics won't be in for anyone at all until Kunark and level 80 come around.
  16. Charlice Well-Known Member

    It was fun until players with high titles didn't leave home in anything less than a raid, for fear of losing them.
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  17. Moldylocks Member

    So, if you have no interest in the new server, and have no desire to jump in, why are you taking part in the conversation? You say people need to respect those that choose not to be a part of it. Why is that, exactly? I don't understand why you are taking an anti-TLE position in a thread devoted to it, when you will never be a part of it. Why not just stick to the General Forum, or your guild forum? It just seems like a waste of your time, and a drain on other people with your negative attitude.
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  18. Melodica Member

    Did I ever say I was taking an ANTI-TLE position? No, I said that I respect those who are going to be playing on those servers, but that there are people out there who aren't and that it WILL affect us. If you don't like my post, you can stop reading at any time. These forums are public and I have just as much right to post here as you do. Thanks and have a wonderful day!
  19. Moldylocks Member

    It sounds like you are bitter that you are on a dead server and trying to gain traction that the TLE is going to make it even more of a ghost town. If it's low population anyway, and you choose to be there when you could have left for a more populated server a long, long time ago..I see this as a matter of crying over spilled milk. The TLE isn't going to have any significant impact on you. If the zones on your server are desolate, and the chat is quiet, and you have difficulties getting groups together, or whatever, then you already have a problem and you've made the decision to suffer rather than move on. Trying to finger point at this progression server, which many people are looking forward to, and which will undoubtedly be a financial boon to Daybreak (as Ragefire has shown), is a passive aggressive way of you not taking charge of your own happiness to move to a larger population.
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  20. Minibang New Member

    My thing make your main stats useful again like INT STR AGI for multy class and not just like WIS for Healers only. I pvped alot on my lvl 35 pally with INT based gear focused more on healing and spell damage witch forced me to grind for gear that has mana regen/proc`s and gave me a lot incentive to go out and face alot of pvp during that grind. PLEASE NO GUILD HALLS /MERC'S /WAR FIELDS/BG`s. And i do understand DBC shops for cosmetics items as long as they do not effect combat/xp gains, they have employees and expenses just like any other business if it dose not effect your game play why should you care if company that provides your serves want to grow and be not understaffed? 15 bucks a month W/E what we used to pay and if they gonna give us what we want i would not mind paying for it. For me 1mil + hp and 900 crit chance is just stupid almost every one has same craps on and people botting easy+ raids with 2 groups. And 30-60-90 days will be way to fast for updates don't give us crazy xp rates, make those unique drops 5% drop rate easy gear= easy game.and no beastlords all you fan boys need to stop with that broken *** class in pvp.
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