New PvE and PvP Time-Locked Expansion Servers Coming Soon!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. Bernouli Member

    Just some thoughts...
    Spirit shards and high experience debt. This adds a flavor of hardness to the game. We need hard.

    Make all primary stats (str, sta, agi, etc.) Useful for all classes again like it used to be.

    No blue stats. They flood the game unnecessarily. Let them in later when they appeared in the game naturally.

    The lockout zones are a bit buggy when trying to zone a whole raid in. There are circumstances when some raid members end up in a different zone. They really should be made persistent but that may be a tall order.

    Bring back the plague! That was fun when split paw saga came out and you got infected by random npcs until a guild completes that raid.

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  2. BulletCatcher New Member

    Yes for spirit shards. Yes for EXP debt. Lets add the group EXP debt back in too.
    Allow the blue stats to come with the appropriate expansion. (i don't even know what they are, I stopped playing at end of EoF)
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  3. AltEfFour New Member

    I gotta start by saying that I could care less about the PVE server so all my comments are focused towards the PVP server.

    My first concern is the population is not going to be very high on the pvp server. There should be some incentive to pick PvP over PvE.

    That being said here is a list of things that, in my opinion, should not be in the TLE servers, specifically the PvP one.
    -No mercs
    -No cash shop
    -No xp potions
    -No fast travel (limited bells are ok)
    -No guild halls
    -No dungeon finder
    -No multi-attack
    -No blue stats

    Keep the damage numbers manageable. I would rather see 1,000dps on a mob with much higher AC than see 1,000,000,000 dps on a mob with inflated HP.

    Make tradeskills relevant again.

    The PVP server should have the original PvP tokens with the vendor that sold the PvP gear for tokens.
    Their should be PvP titles using Fame and Infamy, but do not make the title persistent, if you run from a fight or do not participate in PvP your Fame/Infamy should slowly go away causing you to lose your titles.

    Encourage open world and city PvP, Back in the day Rat Pack used to invade Qeynos and Ratonica on a daily basis.
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  4. Sydnye Member

    It would be awesome if you guys could bring back our original starting Isle of Refuge, this area is what got me hooked on the game in 2004. So how come this isn't possible? Darklight and Frostfang just do not have that starting over original game thing feel.

    Thanks Syd:)
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  5. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    I agreed with everything u said except for the pvp gear/token part. All upgrades and gear should come from pve.
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  6. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    Frostfang is the worst eq2 area by far, this means i will not make a qeynos character until kelethin is unlocked.
  7. Almost Member

    There will be a way (Bell likely) to get to Qeynos right away. Just head there, and do the newbie zones. I have a new character on AB that just did the Peat Bog ---> Crypt of Betrayal leveling path, and it was a ton of fun.

    And Darklight people can just hit Freeport and do the same thing. Only things missing will be the old housing neighborhoods.

    I can't see DBG making you hit an arbitrary level before allowing you to leave Frostfang/Darklight.
  8. BulletCatcher New Member

    This is a PvP server. Gear needs to come from the PvP part of the game via tokens or what ever. It is the way things were, why not bring that back? Not just the PvE gear grind part. Are you interested in a PvE server with the lock downs that the PvP server will have?

    Also, TITLE DEGRADATION... no one wants loser players to get a high title then camp in cities to protect it. Titles need to erode over time. Maintain that PvP accomplishment if it is that important to you.
  9. BulletCatcher New Member

    Ratonica...Where the streets are paved with CHEESE!!!
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  10. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    There was no tokens or gear separation when i played on naggy and it was perfect. I quit the game shortly after Kunark launched and came back at early ToV and found nagafen destroyed by all the changes made and gear seperation and token grinding as ive understood it was a major factor to the death of nagafen server, this is what ppl do in BGs.
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  11. Moonpanther Well-Known Member

    I think we can safely state that the devs need to definitely rethink the starting areas they put out. Especially since they were not even around back in the beginning. If you can't do the original starting zone then make it as close as you can to what starting areas were available back at launch. There is no denying that the majority of the posters here do not want the starting areas the devs have chosen.
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  12. AltEfFour New Member

    When PvP first launched, there was PvP gear. Limited gear, not whole sets. It was from day 1. I quit playing just after EoF and the PvP gear was not a problem then. You should be encouraged to PvP and ear special rewards on a PvP server don't you think?
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  13. Mergle New Member

    When KOS was releasing, they added PVP. Nagafen was the server we played on. there was NO PVP gear then. it came out later, during RoK I believe. You had to do PVE content to get gear, as it should be. There was great gear to get back then, from heritage quests and side quests in different dungeons. Thats the way it was, and there's the way it outta be.

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  14. Blum New Member

    A lot of you guys are really stupid, server is going to be a cut and paste of whats in game now, We should be happy we are even getting a new server and enjoy what they give us.

    I hope they put some life in vanguard also, and I hope this server is time locked because hordes of unemployeds will be wiping to raid content nonstop till its dead.
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  15. Bernouli Member

    The point of this thread is to give them ideas to give us polls about, not just to tell us they are doing it.
  16. Gabaron Member

    No PvP gear! If you want to dominate, go raid !
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  17. BulletCatcher New Member

    I guess I don't understand the problems that PvP gear caused. From up until EoF PvP gear was available. In my time it encouraged PvP. the sole reason anyone wanted to play on those serves. I don't care either way what happens with PvP gear. I just want TLP. if it stays (because it was available at launch) or it goes, no matter.Maybe this was the difference between Naggy and Venekor (as far as how players acted and functioned on that PvP server.)
  18. Jaden Well-Known Member

    (*As an aside...) uhm this is to touch base with what players think, but I guarantee you they will be doing what is in their initial basic plan. >>>>>>Go check out any of the polls and voted player results on EQ's two retro servers. A simple total numerical or total percentage was not used for instance in the final tally. In the most recent poll, the highest number of votes among the three choices was NOT instituted. In addition, the literal, exact vote numbers or percentages are not even publicly released.

    DBG took the lesser amount of numbers voted on the other two questions, and COMBINED THOSE, then said that was MORE than the majority and used plurality instead of singular results. They did exactly that --- "just tell us they are doing it." (**what they are doing despite the polls or votes.)

    Not much precedent for them to handle EQ II polls/voting any differently. So, its important to them to get info from their player base; but, like any business, its relevance is more or less defined by financial constrictions, staff experience, staffing production, and timeline goals.
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  19. Naypoo Member

    yes it is the absolute most boring starting zone I ever did. I made one toon there, and never again.
  20. Naypoo Member

    Correct, you could never have a full set of the same level of pvp gear initially, and it wasn't tokens it was sold for status points if I remember correctly, thus you did have to complete pve and questing to get that status. I would not mind that it did push the masses out to gather that status. And it was off set if memory serves so that it was not the same level as master crafted gear. That way it did not affect the crafters market on the server either. At the time that was a pretty decent balance.

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