New PvE and PvP Time-Locked Expansion Servers Coming Soon!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. Papablaze Member

    Taking out the original starter zones (not even Isle, but the city suburbs), not reimplementing old quests, and beefing up the current npc values because you can't revert back to the old stats, no thanks.. ill wait for someone to make a project 2005 and do it right.
  2. Blum New Member

    Yea because emulated servers with the word "Project" In them are awesome right? LOL

  3. Diemond New Member

    Is the beta for this still currently going if so how do you log into it? Been trying to search for it on the forums.
  4. Rhodris Well-Known Member

    It hasn't started yet - beta begins July 7th.
  5. Diemond New Member

    Thanks and how do you log into them?
  6. Rhodris Well-Known Member

    I presume (educated guess only) that that servers will appear on the list when you make a new character. I'm also presuming that they will be in the US region as well, so EU folk will have to change regions to access them (another educated guess).
  7. Diemond New Member

    That would be the easy way, with the EQ beta though had to download a seperate launcher for the beta server so guess we'll have to wait and see.
  8. Finora Well-Known Member

    EQ2 beta you typically just select "beta server" from the drop down list in the regions and patch it on up. Then you log on, make your character etc. Since there are going to be multiple TLE beta servers, I'm going to guess it will be handled like US region where you pick your server at character creation.
  9. Almost Member

    I may have missed this, but do we know if we will need to wipe a character slot, (or purchase another one), for the Beta? Heck do we know that for the live version even?

    I'd like to start moving my bazzillion bags of stuff off a mule if need be. Which reminds me, life will be so much fun without those thick bearhide bags...
  10. PSDuckie New Member

    Will free players (like I am right now) in the Beta be restricted to free features? I assume yes, and I plan on resubscribing when Stormhold goes live.
  11. Finora Well-Known Member

    Assuming this beta is like every other EQ2 beta they've ever had, it will be a different region (like the regular beta server always is and test). You have a full compliment of character slots for each different region. For instance, say I have 10 slots on my account, all full. If I log on to test server, I have 10 more slots. If I log to Beta, I have 10 more. If I go to Splitpaw, 10 more, etc.

    It'd be pretty wrong of them to make you buy another character slot to do beta so I'm fairly certain they will keep beta how it has been in the past.

    For when the servers go live, it will depend on how they have them set up and which server region you currently play in.
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  12. Hyiero Active Member

    In the EQ beta it wasn't this way, don't know about the EQ2 beta though, guess we will have to wait til Tuesday to find out
  13. GrunEQ Well-Known Member

    It's in another thread, you will have to be a subscriber for Beta.
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  14. BulletCatcher66 Active Member

    pay to play. Need serious people on the TLP. no free loaders... that's classic.
  15. Glenorian Well-Known Member

    Not sure I'm going to have time to try beta, been so busy, but looking forward to these coming out.
  16. Perijn New Member

    Its tuesday ... its 2pm.
    I am not the most patient player lol do we have a time the servers go up ?
  17. Perijn New Member

    haha new member cooool :)
  18. G.Black Active Member

    No. Everyone is hitting f5 every 5 min with hope to see new info :)
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  19. Cykonecro New Member

    Wait till I get my horse again....moving at 35 will be memories renewed
  20. Perijn New Member

    armor quests :)

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