New PvE and PvP Time-Locked Expansion Servers Coming Soon!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. hwy101 Active Member

    I'm very bad at math among other things. But..........Server A 100 players Server B 50 players Server D 33 players. Merge B and D. So more players to interact with. I get that. But open new servers to take some more away from the ones just merged. Please stop trying to kill this game. Stop the madness.
  2. Lovidicus Member

    Wait, you're not actually asking them to go back and make the classic drops more powerful are you? I ****ing hope not. This game is already so terribly easy. Nobody dies unless you're running with idiots. It's extremely simple. Which is why so many players have left.

    Bring back the original experience. When the game was actually challenging. When you couldn't kill heroic mobs on your own. Stop catering to pansies.
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  3. Ajjantis Well-Known Member

    Do not upgrade old items. Theres a reason why the old items are the way they are.
  4. Gankednshanked Active Member

    Either upgrade items like these or downgrade the items that were once changed. Items like that dagger will never be used because t2 treasured crap is better than that. All the instanced raid loot was kept the same, so 98% of it isn't worth using over contested raid loot or random treasured/legendary loot. A lot of the fabled drops from zones like RE were also abandoned and those items wont be worth using either.
  5. Baish New Member

    The new itemization and stats are my main concern for these servers. I really hope they end up doing something about it, because I don't want to be level 30 with 50% crit and all these other blue stats making me overpowered as all hell.
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  6. Ajjantis Well-Known Member

    You are right of course. I want the items to be like back in the day. If the upgraded items remain ingame, all of the other loot will be worthless.
  7. Gankednshanked Active Member

    It would be 50x simpler to just upgrade the loot though tbh. There are a lot less pieces that are more common drops that haven't been upgraded. I would say 75-80% of the loot from t1-5 has been upgraded. You do that, scale the difficulty of the end-game mobs up by 50% or so and you'll be fine.
  8. Gankednshanked Active Member

    There is almost no crit chance on items pre 50. There is a lot of crit bonus/potency though. CB will be irrelevant cause no one will have CC. My concern is some items have anywhere from +80 to 200 ability mod on them. Its crazy.
  9. Gankednshanked Active Member

    In a way, as a PvPer i'm kind of okay with the stats the way they are as long as they upgrade the loot across the table. I don't want class XYZ to be able to outperform class ABC because there is no ability mod on certain gear whil others have +150 dps mod.
  10. Baish New Member

    That's basically what I meant, even though I didn't know specifically which stats were available. Hopefully what they come up with will work out. But I figured basically disabling the blue stats would make it more like the original game.
  11. Gankednshanked Active Member

    Maybe, maybe not. It really depends. If you have +1 or 2% potency on every item in your slots, you will end up with like +40 potency or so, right? Somewhere around there. That's pretty big for some classes. I really think if they buff up mob hp by 25% - 50% or so to test it out they should be okay. Also increase mob dps by a bit as well to make up for the increase in HP since Stamina revamped.
  12. Baish New Member

    I'm more worried about the Pvp aspect haha. I'm sure beefing hp and dps of a mob is a bit easier to do based on items.
  13. Gankednshanked Active Member

    Well it all applies the same way. However, potency and CB are automatically nerfed in PvP. I think its fair to include it in PvP. It's very simple to test and will be tested rigorously on Beta. We'll see how it goes!

    Part of the reason I'm so "for" blue stats is because it provides some of the only gear diversity in the game now. If they take it out, every scout will go for the same cookie cutter items w/ the highest AGI on it. It will be boring all over again. But if you have some scouts opt for DPS mod over Potency, it adds a little dynamic and makes you have to adapt. Once again, we will see.
  14. Siren Well-Known Member

    Er, while a cache of Isle of Refuge may exist somewhere that is still accessible on the player end (if you have an old character still there), the code that can be manipulated on their end is apparently long gone.

    I suspect they may be planning on rebuilding it from scratch; that's just my own guess though. It'd probably be easier than trying to bring every single little starting village that existed on both factions back in their full former glory, quests, items, NPCs and all, anyway.
  15. Wildpaw New Member

    I would like a Day 1 server. Isle of Refuge > Qeynos or Freeport > Level to 10 to choose sub class then 20 for main class. No mounts apart from horses which you can buy from NPC. No Marketplace, no Guild Halls. And bring back Fossil Temper and crafting that wasn't just 'create item' where you had to talk to people to get stuff made.
    If we are all rolling anew it should be similar to what it was in 2004 when I got hooked, no empty cities or crafting areas, and all the suburbs of the main cities populated with accomodation.

    That's probably just me but I would love to go back to what first got me hooked in the first place.

    Oh, and the Down Below, it's still there but I ain't been there in years.

    And if it is properly accurate technically we should need all access, as we all paid monthly subs back then!
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  16. Albertine Member

    I've been playing on and off for 8 years. The current servers are imbalanced - no wonder they're going through so much trouble for time-lock; the low-level content is still a cash cow. They have allowed everyone to milk the endgame content and the agnostics, now it's time to create a new situation.

    But some new elements of the game detract from the lure for new players - not help. The new servers will be affected by the same issues as the old: for one thing, the "agnostics" are a marketing maneuver that destroys the depth and difficulty of the group experience, and tear people away from the original (better written) game content. Offering instant-90-level gimmicks of all sorts, platinum on the marketplace, and whatever else draws people away from the things that made EQ2 so addicting (and remunerative) in favor of instant spurts of cash - I can't imagine this is going away in the new servers, rather it will take a few months' hiatus until the low-level content has guaranteed continued subscriptions and material dedication to the servers.

    These are problems that will affect the time-lock servers too - a trick to make players think everything is being "refreshed" when central sources of imbalance remain. It will eventually hurt marketing - new players are not a reliable source of income; the steady cash in a game of this age comes from the player base. We don't want to start over in the same situation - we want new servers that restore what made the game fun in the first place, before there was a desperate drive for bringing in new players by offering them sparkly capes and gimmicky heroic levels and instant AA fulfillment for money.

    It's a bad marketing plan, which suggests the developers are in the process of looking for new jobs. All of this amounts to making players like me look for other MMO's - bad news for their marketing department, since we are the ones with steady subscriptions rather than the flaky one-time purchases of pretty capes.
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  17. Csipi Active Member

    I don't like this idea at all. There is so much that needs to be worked on to improve this game and wasting limited manpower on new servers locked in an old expansion is just a big mistake.

    How about working on a new full expansion instead of making us pay for small content patches or if you are really into old school about remaking the old content and updating make all the old dungeons available for LAD's. What ever happened to the public quests that you wanted to give us after last year's heros festival?

    Honestly any project other than new servers would be far more beneficial to this game.
  18. Grey Lightning New Member

    As a player who was not on at the beginning, I often wonder if I am the only player who is not level 100, and who enjoys the adventures in spite of the games flaws. I personally can't wait for the time locked servers. this will give me a chance to interact with other players as equals instead of bring constantly ignored. I intend to be one of the first players there and start a guild as soon as I can find enough other players to do so. then finally I will be on an equal footing with other players. I have never been involved in a beta test before. how can I sign up for the beta on the TLE servers?
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  19. Grey Lightning New Member

    I keep seeing comments about how the game is too easy, It is no challenge and ......

    Try doing nek castle solo with a level 25 char. Or do the Artisan epic with a char who is lvl 85 crafting but only lvl 21 adventuring..I have done both and found them infinitely challenging, and a totally enjoyable experience. I Agree that if you sit there in your tier 4 hall with your level 100 character with all the top gear.... there isn't much of a challenge. The challenges and the fun are what you make of them. Personally I love starting a low level char and try to find different paths or ways of advancing (without just buying them and then complaining about it being too easy.)

    The one thing that really is bad about being low level is that almost everyone is high level and they can't be bothered with low levels.

    I have grouped with higher level players before and while they mentor down, they go ahead and kill everything and clear the way for you so you can get the credit and level up. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. that totally ruins the experience. I cannot imagine why anybody would want to power level. I look forward to this because I will finally get the change to go through the process with others who are in the same boat. THAT is what the game is all about!!!!!!!

    When I play chess I start with the whole board set to the starting positions. I don't set up a famous 2-move-mate endgame and play the same 2 moves every time and say I played.

    To my mind these TLE servers are the best thing that ever happened to EQ2.
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  20. Dixee New Member

    I have read and read Forum and I have seen the question asked but not an answer. I as well as a bunch of other would like to know about the Character slots. For the TLE are we going to get a slot or do have to buy a slot in order to be able to play if we decide we want? My account slots have been full for a long time and the answer to this is going to effect my answers to the polls!
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