New PvE and PvP Time-Locked Expansion Servers Coming Soon!

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  1. Roshen Well-Known Member

    There’s nothing like starting on a fresh server! A time when EVERYONE is rolling new characters and starting adventures in Norrath together is a unique EverQuest II experience that YOU will be able to join soon!


    We’re launching two Time-Locked Expansion Servers (TLE) in the coming weeks! One will be PvE. One will be PvP. Because your opinion is so important to us, we want to get you in game and giving us your feedback ASAP. We’ve got in-game polls starting this week and then on Tuesday, July 7 we’ll begin public beta tests for both of our TLE servers!

    What IS a Time-Locked Expansion Server?

    These are special servers for All Access members that are locked to a period in EverQuest II’s history. As time passes additional expansion content unlocks on these servers. You can vote on unlocking preferences in our polls starting today. We will also be polling each server community after launch so those players can determine their server’s future.

    You Control the Destiny of These Servers

    Your choices will impact how the TLE servers thrive! We’ll be looking to the player community for feedback and running in-game polls to see what YOU want on these servers.

    The first TLE Server polls start TODAY – one for PvP and one for PvE -- and will run until June 23. We’ll have another poll next week so you can decide the names for these servers.

    I Want to Know More!!

    Kyle “Kander” Vallee, your lead designer, has you covered! Learn more about what our current plan is, ask questions, and provide feedback to our team.

    We’re excited about the TLE Servers, and based on the feedback we’ve seen on the forums we know you are too. The team is working hard to get these new servers ready for you and we’re excited to start our adventures in Norrath (again) with you!
  2. Ceyarrecks Wunnfirr Well-Known Member

    As an unemployed disabled vet with a fixed income, I can not afford to pay for one, let alone four, accounts' membership.
    Unless this "feature" is set for Silver/Free accounts, I personally, will not be participating.
  3. Mystfit Well-Known Member

    There seems to be a big call for no Beastlords. You gottttaaaa have beastlords, I must have my baby Meatbeast! Or add an illusion and I'll be a conjy but...!!!

    Ooops. I think I got confused bouncing from thread to thread. I meant for this to be in Kander's FAQ. Sowwwwy!
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  4. Burly New Member

    Well let me start off by saying I like the idea of the Time locked Progression servers.

    We all know that the stats on the original release of EveryQuest 2 was horrible. Anyway we can revisit all the old items and update them AND PLEASE update our original live servers (ex. Antonia Bayle) with the fixes...

    Where does this drop?

  5. Siren Well-Known Member

    A couple of the poll questions can't be answered because the font and sentences overrun the Yes or No buttons, at least on my screen. I've never had this difficulty in-game before and haven't changed any settings lately; I don't run mods, either. Just an FYI there.
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  6. Iadien Active Member

    Siren, that happened to me as well. There's a "fix", while on the question, press alt + enter. That should fix it so you can vote.
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  7. Siren Well-Known Member


    Now if only 80% of the poll addressed more than cash shop
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  8. Daddums Member

    Would only allow me to take the PvE poll so not sure what the other is.

    Not clear as to the benefits of this TLE model. Perhaps explaining what is different than the current game? To me it looks like a revenue grab and functions somewhat like chrono-mentoring, or starting over, except you have to pay green $ to participate. Took the poll but not sure what I was comparing too and why all the discussion of what we could buy in a marketplace? Can't you earn progression? Or do you have to buy it all of the time?

    Hope the TLE are not in lieu of the current servers. If so, probably will exit the game and Gold Accounts (2).

    If this expansion thing turns out to be like the Landmark resetting of claims and similar, frequently to keep up with others, then definitely out. I work and have a real life. Can't spend 40 hours per week on playing this game. Wife would be happy if I quit.

    If this becomes a recurring subscription type service where I have to buy an expansion upgrade every 30-60-90 days, also out. I already spend a lot of green dollars annually on EQ2 accounts, marketplace items x 2 accounts.

    Hopefully a developer explains a little more about the TLE concept.
  9. Cloudrat Well-Known Member

    [IMG]I can't mail in the polls, not that I am interested. lol Because the text covers over answers on one question, the poll cannot be submitted without that answer. Also, every question should have a none of the above choice.
  10. GrunEQ Well-Known Member

    I have a few answers to the poll which did not have my answer as a choice.

    NO experience and tradeskill potions.
    NO bags on the market, they should be player made.

    Potions should be made by alchemists.
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  11. Smallcorners Well-Known Member

    Cannot answer the poll, see above post that had pictures!!
  12. Naypoo Member

    Hello Ceyarrecks, these are a roll back in time, paid subscription only servers (unless I missed an update over the last two days), it should in no way affect your current free to play game as I understand it. Many of us that have been playing EQ2 since launch, wanted our Old Style PVP game content back, before all the broken improvements that killed open world PVP, and we have been asking for the old code for a very long time. Daybreak did what SOE would not do, and that was listen to the players asking for time travel back to the original PVP content (or as close as possible). If you search the forums, there has been a long, and some times heated, discussion of wants and don't wants, likes and dislikes, etc. As these servers are for that purpose, we are willing to pay a subscription to get those back and maintained. We did not want item malls, War Fronts, and Battle Grounds, that now exist in game, and we wanted the hard core play we had several years ago, That is what the survey is about more than anything, and by paying the subscription fee, we in part, control by vote of the members of the subscription, the progression of the server as to expansion updates. If you go review the threads over the last month or so, for it may explain it better than I can.
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  13. Baphmistra Active Member

    I agree 100 % with that post! Sadly I'm not a vet, but I too have problems paying for the gold account level {Never liked 'all access', sounds like a bus ticket}. I suspect that these new options are just for those people who want to pay that much for a free to play game. I hope this means that EQ2 Devs will leave the rest of us where we are. Sadly, I've been wrong before.:oops:
  14. Haloek Member

    There is no extra charges to play on those servers and won't affect chars that are already made in any way they have been doing this in EQ for years now it is just a server released with only the base game released as it was when launched and as the players play through it after a certain amount of time they vote wether or not to unlock the next xpac majority vote wins
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  15. Haloek Member

    only thing required to make a char on them is an active sub
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  16. Rhodris EQ2Wire Ninja

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  17. Kirito Mikari New Member

    first, are characters on the time locked servers going to count against our max number of characters allowed for our account? or will we be allowed a few extra character slots specifically for those servers?

    second, would the different expansions affect the rest of the server? what i mean is for example, after 2 months, desert of flames is unlocked. does that reset the shattered lands completely? or will all items/quests/etc be identical for shattered lands to what they were before the expansion unlock. basically i want to know if these servers would progress in the same manner the current ones did with expansion releases, or would we be able to thoroughly enjoy level 50 raids at level 50 without our level 50 gear being too overpowered in order to make them streamlined with higher level gear?

    third, after the latest expansion is released unlocked, what would make the time locked server different from the other servers?
  18. Cloudrat Well-Known Member

    [IMG]Sorry to put this here, but it seems to be the only place in forums that will let me post lol what's going on? I see this everywhere I want to post, like tradeskills and homeshow:(
  19. Jryder New Member

    This is awesome. I would so love to see it how it was on launch you choose your race and how your toon looks then you get dumped in the water and taken to the island. You get your archtype then class and starting city/faction by doing quests, results were determined by your choices during the quests. it was the greatest start to any rpg game ive ever played. i love just about every aspect of this game i keep coming back, i pretty much play solo atm but ive done it all and i am humble for it, to complain is common but to praise something we have devoted so much our lives to and keeps brings us back every time thats another. this an opportunity for others to experience what we did years ago. CHEERS! TO DAYBREAK TYVM FOR THIS AWESOME WORLD AND FOR KEEPING IT GOING WHEN SONY WOULD HAVE SHUT US DOWN A SMALL FACT A LOT OF PEOPLE DON'T SEEM TO GET. YOU GUYS ROCK AND I HOPE WE HAVE MANY MORE we just need to work on making it one big sandbox server to unite our great society.
  20. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    As Cloudrat pointed out, text covered a choice in PVP. The only one I was unable to complete was re: Appearance items in marketplace. I love appearance pieces, they don't have an impact on game play and they allow the game an option to generate income. Life's too short for an ugly toon!! ;)
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