New PvE and PvP Time-Locked Expansion Servers Coming Soon!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. Rhodris Well-Known Member

    You do know that this is not going to happen, don't you? They have said that starting areas will be Frostfang Sea and Darklight Wood, and that the priest-druid-warden type class choice system won't be there.
  2. Kirito Mikari New Member

    i, personally would only play if it is nearly identical to the initial game launch.....minus the bugs and complications(although the lag-jump was pretty neat). having the old towns and subclass system back would be my reasons for doing it. i really dont see the point for this if they do it any other way than that.
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  3. Rhodris Well-Known Member

  4. Kirito Mikari New Member

    oh well, would have been nice.
  5. Albertine Member

    So, how long's the beta, and what's the ETA?
  6. GrunEQ Well-Known Member

    About the appearance items on the poll....I would love it if Tailors and Armorers could make those.
    But I had to answer No on the poll to make it progress...but I wanted to put YES.
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  7. GrunEQ Well-Known Member

    I'm on the fence about trying out the servers. It really depends on what they finalize as rule sets and if we will have free character slots to be able to play them. <one of each server> I think I might even check out PvP and see if it's still a murderfest or not.
  8. Jubileet New Member

    I would like to see something in place to encourage grouping, either increased XP, Loot, Coin, or whatever. Something that doesn't necessarily completely discourage soloing but enables more player interaction.
  9. Tierisch Well-Known Member

    I have to say if they don't bring back the Isle of Refuge, I doubt I'll play on those servers. Maybe I'll play around a little bit, but the Isle of Refuge is a deal breaker for me :( .
  10. Minxy Member

    they should have revamped the isle of refuge instead of taking it out
  11. Almee Well-Known Member

    I tried to vote but there was no way to submit the form if you clicked on "I'm happy where I am" or whatever that selection said. I have no interest in yet another server as I'm already on two and they take up all my time.

    I hope the servers work out well for DB and its customers. I'm all for whatever it takes to keep people coming back to the game.
  12. Ardis New Member

    While I am totally sympathetic towards those who cannot afford the 15 dollars a month for an all access pass, at the end of the day this is a business not a charitable service organization. These new servers represent a great deal of time and additional expense to Daybreak, something that is paid for through people buying the all access passes to cover the overhead. Because the DB cash will be largely disabled on these servers, there is no income coming in from that source on those servers to help offset those expenses.

    Gaming is a privilege, not a right, and it's a privilege that is made possible for those with Silver accounts by those paying for the all access accounts and those who purchase the DB cash. These new servers are a premium service that have a cost associated with them. Gaming is also a luxury, not a necessity. Choices will have to be made by those wanting to play on the new servers. Give up a couple packs of cigarettes a month, or a couple 6 packs of beer or soda, or a pizza, or a movie. or a drink with the guys/girls after work and your month of all access is paid for.
  13. splatterpunk28 Well-Known Member

    I still wish we could get a response about Isle of Refuge. You guys do realize that holding out until the last minute to tell us that they've included it will be hurting our personal efforts to recruit potential returning players, right? It's always the first question.

    It still exists in game, one person actually logged in and shared a video of playing in it just this past week. So drop us off in Qeynos & Freeport and ditch the whole Frostfang & Darklight Wood nonsense, there are plenty of areas to level after IoR in our home cities, without the old 'hoods.
  14. Borke New Member

    I don't understand why this is needed. I can roll a level one character and go play the low level quests now, what is the point of a time locked server? I did this a few months ago on Splitpaw and am slowly working through the low level content.
    Could somebody please explain the point of TLE servers.
  15. mtndewvoltage New Member

    Borke i believe park of it is so people can't buy a level 90 char right off the bat they have to earn it also doing away with the potions so you have to earn your xp also. they're trying to make it like how it was when it first came out where you couldn't buy bags they were drops or you made them yourself. also you can't get 30+ levels in a week it's a slow job getting them up. you proably do anywhere from 1/2 to 3/4 the damage you do now and the gear is proably the same and xp is proably the same so it'll take longer to kill things and longer to level like it was before. people complained so much before how hard the game was they made it easy and honestly made it to easy and still peole complained it was to hard to the point it's not a challenge. ask some of the people that played when it first came out.
  16. Borke New Member

    But you can do that now on the servers we have. You just need to want to play that way. I think it will just cause even lower server populations, which means that my nice quiet server will be merged with other servers and my nice quiet existence in EQ2 will be destroyed.
    I think this is going to be another nail in the coffin of EQ2, They have effectively doubled the price of annual expansions by doing quarterly DLC mini expansions at half the price of a full expansion. Server mergers will probably hurt more people than it helps. Folk are getting upset about names and having random Xs added to their beloved characters. This game is more than just raids and dungeon XP farming to a lot of players. I have a feeling that the game is being squeezed for it's last few $ before being shelved for that awful zombie mess they call game.
    I really hope I'm wrong...
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  17. Foretold Well-Known Member

    It levels out the playing field. Everyone starts with 0 copper. No ages and ages of amassed plat and none of the inflation that we have on the current live servers (although that will come eventually, of course). There will also be plenty of opportunities to group at low levels - lots of people to be seen everywhere.

    Personally, I want to experience all the group and raid content that I missed from that time, as I was a dedicated solo player back then. Sure, I've gone back and solo'd all that stuff just to see it, but the experience wasn't the same. It will also be nice to see the cities populated again. I'm also excited about the lack of fast travel, as it will make the world seem larger again.
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  18. Goregutts Active Member

    What happend to the servers ..there was no messege for downtime??? whats up???
  19. chrystophyr New Member

    Ditto, i have 2 accounts i pay for and that is a stretch. EQ 2 is already very expensive as is.
  20. Goregutts Active Member

    ok sorry i found the right thread>

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