Lich proc nerfed on test

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Lodor, Nov 3, 2005.

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    I call it as I see it. If you're old school or if you're new school and have a valid argument, then please by all means state it... Yeah, I happen to like EQ2... not just the necro class, albeit it is the most fun I've played in EQ2. I absolutely want whats best for the game 1st, then all the classes. I try not to pick favorites and I really try not to step on anyones toes. But whats that saying about breaking a few eggs to make an omlette?

    I don't take your post personal, I take it as irrelivent. I think you really think you're making a point... Oh well. I hope your in game status makes you feel really special.

    My only words of advice... go outside. If you ... and I quote "live breath, eat, die necros", I hope someone that cares about you calls an intervention, becasue that's not healthy.

    Power to the people!... or whatever the latest rebel yell is...
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    New lockdown root? You mean the mez that stuns the caster at the same time it locks the mob? Yeah, that'll bump the old soloing ability. AFAIK only coercers get an unbreakable root.
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    Well as the resident curmudgeon you know where I stand... I support all necro nerfs! Actually, all game nerfs in general.
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    ****** :)
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    Trouble maker :smileytongue:

    LOL - I confused my Toxx guildmates with what was (i'd like to think) an impressive array of truly 'british' descriptions like that. Good effort matey. Attempting to reign the post back on topic, looking forward to the server coming back live so as I can see for myself the effect of our spell changes on our short encounter dps. Also persuaded some guildies to take me to CoD for easy raiding - be fun to see just what I can peel off of who with our 50 Pally doing her hate transfer thing...
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    I think this is the Iriani that used to be on Vallon Zek. He/she does really love her classes. In EQ1 she leveled 2 enchanters but only the first was Iriani. Who knows though. Not sure why we both picked necros. At least we arent on the same server and there are no Ancient Cyclops around. lol.

    I understand what shes saying though. If you really are gung-ho about the class, you will stick with it nomatter what. I hear all the complaints but they dont apply to me. My guild picked up the slack for me pre-combat changes. I realize I was doing about 150dps but didnt care. I like being a necro. I had to think about my char class well before I spent time developing it. I don't have time to level multiple toons and I'm pretty sure I'll still be able to be a great necro. Whatever that entails.