Lich proc nerfed on test

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Lodor, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-Eriol Guest

    You obviously didn't hear about the ranger that soloed one of the Zeks. Tallon or Vallon, I don't remember, but it WAS done.
  2. ARCHIVED-Romka Guest

    AoW was soloed by too, by bard :p
  3. ARCHIVED-Nosewarts Guest

    I retired EQ1 before it got super *** with all the AA garbage. The problem is, you had to put up with 50 levels of gimped hybrid hell before you enjoyed any of the bandaid fixes they created to appease the broke hybrid classes and bored hardcore players looking for any excuse not to leave an aging game.
    And it's pretty obvious what my point is...just because it can be done doesn't make it right. Just the mere possibility is [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn]. Necros were uber in EQ1 and a powerful solo class from 20+ -- they did not need a single thing added to them, yet still the necros there were never satisfied. They could give necros in EQ2 evac, two pets, xp rez, ability to wear plate, and 150% speed buff and they would still complain they aren't powerful enough. People will never be happy, period.
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    I'm gonna have to fire my parser up when I get home. I find it very hard to believe this is only about 10% nerf of our total damage.
    When you can proc this off of Dooming Dharkness, Deathly Coil and Abominable Mark (no recast timer on Mark line so throw one of those in if you are waiting for any other timer), as well as most of our other DD and DoT's 10% seems a little low, though I will take it as true until I parse otherwise.
    I do agree however, that if this was a extra 150 damage instead of 300 from launch of DoF/CU, we would have been quite happy.
    It is frustrating that it was announced that SOE were happy with where all the classes were, then to be presented with this and so MANY other changes (to all classes) in LU16, but I love playing my Necro too much to give up on the smelly old Troll!
    Lets give it some time guys.

    Runnyeye Troll Necro Sage
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  5. ARCHIVED-Solandri Guest

    Looks like Lich is going back up on the shelf for me, right where it was before the combat revamp.

    Oh well, at least make our master spell at 60 a spectre or something :smileytongue:
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    i hung in threw all the 9months of being one of the most broken classes.. to get fixed and love playing my charcter /// to be nerfed into what we were.. thanx alot...
  7. ARCHIVED-Zald Guest

    And this is the worst thing.

    Apparently LU13 broke the game completely. Becasue apparently Necros were completely useless and broken all but for 1 power that apparently had the effect of turning class that was worse than any other class to one that was in the top 3.

    Thats not balance!

    Maybe some of you should try playing a different class, cuz necros pre 50 were NOT at the bottom of the heap. So how can 1 spell at 50 change that?... and they didn't take the spell away, they lowered the damage it did!

    Why must all EQ2 forumn posters be drama queens! I swear the box says this game is supposed to be 13 years and up only, but most of you sound like 10 year olds! Can you post something that doesn't ooze with hype, and dooms-day drama? Can you recognize that while this will lower our ability to kill stuff in 10 seconds, that we'll still be able to kill it in 15 seconds?
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    think if enough of us canceled our accounts and add to the already low numbers they would reconsider this bull[expletive haxx0red by Raijinn] move? I quit SWG due to the stupid [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn] nerfs, and thinking of doin the same here now. Smoothe move SoE, show us how truely great you are at sucking the ***** of the petty whinners!

    and obv Zald has to be a Conjurer. were you crying that a Necro did more damage then you in a group to?
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  9. ARCHIVED-Zald Guest

    and obviously thats a self portrait by your name.

    No, My current main is a L55 Necro> I just happen to be adult and rational enough not to shove 1 thumb up my ase and one in my mouth everytime SoE makes a change that doesn't add to my class! I actually play Everquest, not Necro Forumn Posters'sQuest.
  10. ARCHIVED-Named88 Guest

    I have to actually agree with Zald. Even though hes going on a flaming rampage, he is correct. This nerf isn't going to break our class. We're sitll going to be wanted in groups for our dps. If you're going to quit the game over something fairly minor like this, then you're never going to be happy anywhere you go.
  11. ARCHIVED-Zald Guest

    I'm really not trying to go on any flaming rampage. Its just that my posts soooo contradict what so many others are saying its hard not to sound that way.

    But they're all so extremely wrong when they say how bad off the class is. I know that devs listen if something is really wrong and you give them an objective argument. IF what goes live is truely broken, the last thing that the class needs is a forumn full of ignorant sounding, whiney posts to completely drive anyone at SoE that might care away.

    If you don't pick your battles you end up loosing them all. This is certainly NOT a battle worth fighting!
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  12. ARCHIVED-Sonic X Guest

    The main problem is that lich let us do damage in shorter fights and fixed the problem before the revamp of not getting any damage in before the mob was killed. That was one of the huge issues, when targeting a single raid mob overall at the end of the fight we do alot of damage to it. Yes we have utility but it's not something other classes with more needed roles already have. There are other classes who can heal and rez who are not priest's.

    I'm not saying we're useless but people are still more likely to say: get a wizard/warlock And if they want crowd control and great buffs they'll get a Coecer/Illusionist. We can do damage or less burst, and minor crowd control so we don't professionalize in anything but using pet's. If they don't want us to do good damage give us unique and usefull utility that makes us as a class wanted more.
  13. ARCHIVED-Zald Guest

    We have a niche! You're right, if a group wasn't pure burst damage, get a ranger or wizard. Thats what they do. Necros are steady damage. We're not supposed to out nuke a wizard... As part of day to day groups, Summoners in general are there to add pet damage and combat utililty. I hate that the pet class forumn is completely dissing its pets! What ignorance! With Lich and everything else I can through at a mob, I'll never out damage my DPS pet in offensive stance, that's where my bread and butter should be. The Necro niche is that we add top notch damage and also bring top notch utility. Even more ignorant is the notion that all groups are so max/min oriented that they only take Master + capable wizards becasue they're the only ones that do enough damage. Who you pick up in a group REALLY depends on what you need. If you need DPS, I've yet to be in a group that turned down a Summoner to look for a wizard, that's [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn]!

    If you're in a group fighting down arrow mobs and killing things so fast that you feel that you aren't useful leave the freakin group becasue you aren't getting exp from a group that's running around killing trivial content anyway.
  14. ARCHIVED-Sonic X Guest

    Trust me there are people who will purposely pick out certain classes all though they can all do damage. That doesn't mean all people do this, but some do this on purpose with this knoweledge. And it's not asking and being turned down, people like the so-called Tier 1 DPS classes are more likely to get asked to join a group then a Necromancer/Conjuror. No one is going to go we could use decent dps and decent utility, when other classes are great in those areas.

    And when i group with people i always kill yellow triple up arrow mobs. I was in group recently with a monk, paladin, inquisitor, fury, ranger, and me. The mobs were going down so fast that only lich was contributing to my damage output and even after i stacked my dot's it would be dead before i contributed much and the pet would get his few hits in too.

    I'm not crying that i'll quit if it goes live or that we're crap because of this change. But it's annoying as hell when we get 3 little notes nerfing stuff and no other worthwhile fixes like making spells work right or have a use. That's the MAIN complaint and why so many people are taking this negatively(and some of them over top i might add). Pretty much every other class got something good out of it, if they're going to tweak us and nerf us at least fix some of the friggin broken spells.

    Also they didn't make any other changes to lich, we all know if this was a certain other class there would have been other changes accounted for this spell's reduction in damage, and on top of that almost all the other classes in the patch notes got fixes for things to make them more usefull, all we got was less damage. Assassins were touting how they weren't Tier 1 DPS while we have valid complaints about lich not taking a fair amount of health, but nope just a nerf. I have it at adept 3 and would carefully use it because i could easily get aggro which was the other downside besides health loss. I'm not going to quit the game until my damage is utter poop but indian giving is lame.

    Also all these other classes are getting feedback right from the devs but they make a big change reguardless of whether it's right or wrong to discuss it with us over here, or at least the reasoning behind it.
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  15. ARCHIVED-Fierce Rage Guest

    I do agree that is somewhat strange that the dev's have come out and explained some changes that were made to the classes already, but have neglected us necros. Maybe it's because they might be busy. Or maybe it's because they feel like we would give them a harder time if they did respond to this nerf. I have played other MMORPG's and nerfs have always been hard to take for the simple reason we get used to playing a certain way and having things being one way or the other. I guess all we could do is hope for a dev response on this issue since the necro community has always been courteous and have lived with being broke for some time. I guess it could be worse, we could be enchanters, lol.
  16. ARCHIVED-Lich_Ekilam Guest

    Well Zald get that little necro of yours to 60 and then talk a bit son. Lich is class defining and should not be messed with. I used mine for the last 10 levels and when soloing the extra damage helps tons to keep down time low since our pets dont mitigate damage as well as they used to and gets the snot beat out of it when fightng anything that drops ANYTHING worth a [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn] getting. The Platinum spent to get Master I of it is now a total waste.

    Group? Well only things worth grouping are the DoF instances and with the incredibly long lock outs there and me not needing exp well.....grinding out to lotto on vendor trash isnt worth the time.
  17. ARCHIVED-Tokamak Guest

    Well balls
    Sory folks - this nerf bat swing is all my fault. You see I just got to lvl 50 and scribed my second ever M1 spell (Lich).
    It is good atm going for circa 350 and it certanly is fun to group dot + PB AoE to take down mob groups with the extra damage from the lich proc. I guess that my concern is that - with this offensive proc reduced, just what exactly is my role in your typical balanced group? I know that I will still get the wow factor from raids but otherwise I think we might be a poor groupmate compared to all of the burst dps clases. Now even more so.
    I dont know, I was just really enjoying finally getting my toon to 50 (being a 60 cook keeps me inside you see) and now i feel like someone kicked my legs from under me. I dont understand how we are ment to make a meaningful dps contribution on the way up to 60 in grouped fights with heroics, if level 50 is the sum total of our personal damage. Seems to me like the white con heroics will continue to go down quickly from burst dps with me making a smaller and smaller comparative contribution.
    If a 60 necro could re-assure me that they still feel like they are helping against white con heroics, and that they think this will still be the case after lich offensive proc reduction. Could they not have tinkered with a different spell? - or just fixed t6 provisioning, now both halfs of my character feel broken :(
  18. ARCHIVED-Nosewarts Guest

    Not only that, there isn't hardly any difference in play style from 20+ imo. Every class gets about two new unique spells every tier added, the rest being simple upgrades to existing lines. This whole notion before the expansion that 50s knew a whole diff game than 40s, and now 60s know a whole diff game than 50s, is ridiculous. Same crap was said in EQ1 expansion after expansion as the end game level cap was raised. Truth of the matter? [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn] near nothing changes from low end to high end. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to play this game folks, and particularly not an easy game like EQ2. EQ1 was far more difficult because a death really meant something.
  19. ARCHIVED-evhallion Guest

    Here is what the Dev's had to say for themself.
  20. ARCHIVED-MrGrimm999 Guest

    Alright, that doesn't seem too bad. They buffer our lich nerf with a slight increase in our dots. I can be okay with that then.