Lich proc nerfed on test

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Lodor, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-Huntars Guest

    This saddens me. Specially when I see so many of my friends leaving the game because of thier class is broken, they now come and nerf ours after fixing it. This will only drive more people away.
  2. ARCHIVED-KBern Guest

    I agree, we are utility.
    Nerfs of other classes should not be considered as I see some saying about the sorcerers.
    This hurts our DPS and only DPS. We still have great utility.
  3. ARCHIVED-keikomon Guest

    Going to have to disagree with u Leawyn..
    Yes, we do have some utlities if we are in single group or duoing..What im talking about is raiding..What can we actually bring to the table duing raidng? Healing? C'mon. Our 700+ healing is hardly a heal. We suppose to bring DPS to the raid. Crowd control? How long do u think we can Tank an epic mob? Can't charm an epic, and we certainly can't fear, chain or stun an epic...Seriously, what do we bring into a raid?.
  4. ARCHIVED-Nosewarts Guest

    GQLLFM to all you whiners. Less necros the better anyway, too many of us as it is.
  5. ARCHIVED-Fierce Rage Guest

    I really don't agree with the nerf. I could possible be fine with a 10% nerf to Lich, but 50% is just way too much. Keep in mind that Lich also heals us for 74 hp's on every proc. Is that getting nerfed as well? It takes a lot of health to keep Lich up and in most cases it's our #1 dps in short battles which is about 90% of the gameplay where most encounters last less than 30 seconds. This will in turn put us in the tier 3 category even with the assassin pet. If you don't believe me then parse tier1-3 dps'ers and see for yourself. For the people that cried nerf to necros, shame on you, all this will do is hurt your groups DPS if you group with a necro. If this nerf goes live the way it is necros would have taken one step forward in the right direction, but two steps back in the wrong direction. At least fix some of the things you all have promised you said you were going to fix, like our stun, since we are supposed to have the longest stun. Oh well rant off.
  6. ARCHIVED-Named88 Guest

    The lich nerf will drop us down about 15% of our current dps. It is a nerf, and it does suck, but it is not the end of the world. I know that I will still be in the top 5 for dps for EVERY SINGLE FIGHT when it comes to raiding. I will still be able to throw down 500 - 600 dps over a few minutes. I will still have burst dps. I will still have dots. I will still have in combat, huge range rezes. I will still have modrods, which will now be very convenient ( you can click them from your inventory ). I will still regen 70+ mana per tick, self buffed. I will still have 100% feign death. I will still be a valued player in both raid and group settings.
  7. ARCHIVED-Zald Guest

    We STILL bring dps!
    Jesus some of you people suck. You blow this completely out of proportion and then wonder why no one listens to you!

    We STILL do great dps, 50% of 300-400 (and thats max int and Adept III Master I) isn't the same as 50% of a 3000-4000 damage nuke. We're loosing roughly 100-150 damage per cast, Sorry we do a hell of alot more damage than that! My scout pet sneezes for more damage than that, so to say this is a cipling change means you're either completely clueless of how to play a necro, completely over exagerating for dramatic effect, or just plain power mad and irrational. I don't think any of you are clueless, it must be that the tiaras are on too tight.

    We have WAY more utility than many classes, sorry if all you see in the game is raids... that's a personal problem.
    Every class has its niche someplace. Necro's are at the very least a good long duration damage class.

    Sure I'd like to see dumbfires not take riposte damage, but fixing that bug has nothing to do with tweaking this spell.
  8. ARCHIVED-XBrit Guest

    Yup, totally agree. This was a reasonable balance adjustment.
    My estimate (see other thread) is that the nerf is only around 12% on total dps for short fights. For long fights, ... hmm i'll post something in a sec
  9. ARCHIVED-Zald Guest

    Personally on a raid, I bring my attention to the leaders, ability and willingness to work with a team, and overall cheery disposition and pacience.

    I have a 50+ Necro and Inquisitor. In either case, the class means alot less than the person playing the classes ability to participate, pay attention, and play his/her part.

    Overall this is a trivial change to the class on the whole.
  10. ARCHIVED-Seregfear Guest

    So ... they nerf lich? Why not removing necro?

    No, they can't go an other way then 0 or 1 ... cutting lich by 50% dmg ist just what they allways do..

    SOE gimped warlock ... now wizzards are, in any way, better then warlocks.

    Now they gimped lich ... and no ... this WILL GO LIVE, for sure ... it's a nerf ..that's why.

    As i wrote before .. DIE SOE SCUM ... D I E !!!

    I spitt on your graves SOE!
  11. ARCHIVED-XBrit Guest

    OK here are a couple of longer fights with various epics. I wasn't parsing the dumbfires, so total dps is including the pet but excluding dumbfires. (Some of the dps numbers come out very high because other raid members were debuffing, btw).
    Temple defender, 5 min fight, assassin pet, 211 dps of which Lich was 47, so halving Lich is about an 11% nerf.
    Tremblar second AOE wave, 1 min fight, offensive tank pet, 822 dps excluding the Illusionist's dynamism. Lich was 158 dps, so halving Lich is about a 10% nerf.
    Repulser Sentinel, 1 min fight, assassin pet, 664 dps of which Lich was 159 dps, so halving Lich is about a 12% nerf.
    Overall, 10-12% seems lke a pretty consistent estimate of the nerf, excluding dumbfires.

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  12. ARCHIVED-legaleagle97 Guest

    Wow.. a lot of grumbling over the loss of about 75dps (I get 75dps by averaging a 300 damage lich proc every 4 seconds over the course of a battle). Remember, the assassin pet here:
    was doing 200dps against an epic mob. Throw in the rest of our spells (lifetap + 150 lich is still a nice 1000-1100 damage spell in a 6 second timeframe or about 175dps), the dogs which can add another 100 dps, and a dot or two with lich proc on each (guessing another 100dps on the conservative side for both - including the lich proc), and our total dps is reduced by a relatively small amount.
    Adding up the numbers, I'm estimating our old dps to be (conservatively) 675dps. Dropping us down to 600dps is not going to kill us or make us useless. I knew that the lich proc was too powerful the day they gave it to us and have been expecting this. It does stink though.
    (by the way, if you disagree with my numbers, I'm just guesstimating while at work. Post a parse of an entire battle - solo enounter, group encounter, heroic, epic - to get the true dps loss)
  13. ARCHIVED-legaleagle97 Guest

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  14. ARCHIVED-armus550 Guest

    They've been getting too many complaints from wiz's and warlocks and there are more of them than necros. This nerf is total crap. SOE is bowing to the will of petty whiners. And I do agree with a statement said on here by someone, about lvl50 we have no real dps upgrades. Death rot only improves slightly, the AOE improves about 200 per hit - that's the nicest one. But we don't have a major dps boost beyond 50. Even the lvl58 pet buff, consumption, doesn't last long enough to do any real good. You hit your max at 50 and its all down hill from there.
    Prepare for the scrap yard again boys. And to think some people were thinking of playing their mothballed necros again. Once I hit 60, I'm back to working my warlock. To hell with them
    Armus, 58 necro on Innothule
  15. ARCHIVED-cfteague2 Guest

    When I ding'd 50 and started using Lich, I felt like a DPS class again. I could actually *kill* things by burning them down. Granted, we are talking about down arrow mobs, but I could do it.
    Lich was the best spell necros get. Its pretty much a class defining spell. A lot of our other spells are not that impressive (ie: they stink) Why change the best spell we get?
    I was finding EQ fun again with lich. If they nerf it, well, I guess I will see if EQ is fun
  16. ARCHIVED-Zald Guest

    See more crap like this. Our pets can FART and kill down arrow mobs! I think fun to you is whining on forumn boards about how evil "the man" is! It does NOT help when people over exagerate about how helpless and useless necros are. It just makes the whole class sound like a bunch of sorry loosers.

    If you had to use lich to take out down arrow mobs, then you got serious issues that go FAR beyond lich! We're a PET class, the majority of our DPS does and SHOULD come from our pets. Remember, during LU13 our dumbfire pets got upgraded and didn't get nerfed like a few other classes did because we were supposed to have the best pets!

    Lich is STILL a good spell. If it had been released post LU 13 as +150 damage per spell, you'd have had no problem with it!
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  17. ARCHIVED-quamdar Guest

    to the person that said this wasn't like nerfing a 4k nuke by 50% i probably cast my lich atleast 20 times in 45 seconds (one proc every 2.25 seconds very possible even with a few resists because of most spells have1 or 2 second cast times) which is 6360 (318 per spell) damage so reducing that by 50% and lich by 50% are probably around the same if not even worst by reducing lich since i don't know of many wizards who average 6360 per icecomet including resists. this is just obscene when you sit down and look at the numbers, think of the whining from wizards if ice comet was reduced by 50% and this is an even bigger cut for us since DPS wise lich is probably greater than ice comet. i expected a cut but seriously 50% you have got to be kidding me, please tell me this is some kind of joke or oversight or something.
  18. ARCHIVED-zenmonk Guest

    Dear lord, why must I continue in path up the necromancer line.
  19. ARCHIVED-XBrit Guest

    Please produce a parse which backs up your statements. I think you are overestimating bigtime.
  20. ARCHIVED-Nosewarts Guest

    Hehe...and remember in EQ1 where necros were straight up godly? They still were constantly whining about how they weren't uber enough. Forget all the gimped hybrids...necros wanted to solo the gods!

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