Lich proc nerfed on test

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Lodor, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-evhallion Guest

    Problem is, I'm not seeing any DOT increases in the test notes yet. Til then I'm still not happy.
  2. ARCHIVED-Handlebars Guest

    When they put them in, they will just say that the spell lines DoT's damage has been increased. Hopefully they say 100% or 200% or 300%. Hopefully the latter :smileytongue:

    I have torrential plague master and it is a joke at about 120 dmg every 3 seconds. Hope they double or triple the damage or even better, make it every second so we can do damage on group mobs before they are dead. Or both. I'd like to see 200-250 dmg every second for 4 seconds, that'd be the best :smileysurprised:
  3. ARCHIVED-Badd Boy Guest

    Personally I think it would be a nice trade. Lich is awesome, I loved using it but on the same token it is not hte end of the world. For those of you scrambling to find our "role in a group" after this spell gets decreased in dmg then you are obviously not playing your toon to its extent. We have plenty of DPS and a fair amount of utility. If you used Torential plague to spark your Lich before that is a total of about 400-500 dmg on all mobs in the encounter. Now lich is dropping down and plague is going up. I think it will stay close to the same dmg using both of the spells. No worries here!
  4. ARCHIVED-Jai1 Guest

    Im not surprised at all about this. I have really enjoyed playing as a necro after the combat revamps and have been telling people we are going to get nerfed as I offtank ^^^s. It has made up for the 50 levels of playing the hardest dps class to play effectively. It seemed we only shined in power regen with long encounters and raids. I started the game wanting to play a raiding class. I'm not afraid of being able to loose this ability. Reducing Lich dam isn't going to cripple the class. I still heal better than any other mage. Its a real hoot to bring someone back from purple or helping keep the maintank up. I wanted to heal more than do damage. The combo with MII Siphon works really well for me. I still enjoy being able to FD and rez. There has been a lot of improvement with the combat changes. We arent going back to the gimpness before combat changes. I also never have problems in groups.
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    Umm...they are not improving the damage on any of our spells...They are improving the way our shackle and slow work...thats it..
  6. ARCHIVED-El Chupacabras Guest

    And the blight line as well as withering affliction. Check the dev tracker.
  7. ARCHIVED-May Ham Guest

    Ahh, thats all the info I saw on the 16b test update..

    Mystic changes:
    - Ancient Balm now increases properly with spell scroll upgrades.
    - Prophetic Guard no longer generates hate, and its recast timer was reduced by half.
    - Oberon had its warding amount increased.
    - Water Spirit no longer requires confirmation to take effect.
    - Slothful Spirit upgrades now drain power at the intended rate.
    - Wards of the Eidolon will now correctly process damage absorbed by the ward.

    Necromancer changes:
    - Chains of Torment now guarantees that fear will land when the root breaks, but at a decreased duration.
    - Clinging Darkness now triggers an additional snare when the first one breaks, and it costs less power.
    - The proc damage caused by Lich was reduced.

    Paladin changes:
    - Blessing of the Penitent is now a toggled ability without an expiration timer.
    - Divine Favor now prevents death 100% of the time it is active.
    - Sigil of Heroism now ignores anyone that already has the Redemption line on them.
    - Consecrated Aura no longer causes issues with group stealth and invisibility spells.
    - Pious Belief no longer stacks with Vigor of Trust.
    - Pious Belief can now be toggled.
  8. ARCHIVED-El Chupacabras Guest

    Included in an update soon for the test server for LU16 includes 2 upgrades in DoT spell damage for the Necromancer's 'Withering Affliction' and 'Blight' spell lines.

    The reason for the reduction in Lich damage was evident because in how its proc benefit alone can often outdamage spells like Ice Comet and Blazing Presence in its overall damage per second. Necromancers post 50 are close to where we wanted them to be overall, but they were doing too much damage through one spell (with power regeneration benefits that don't follow the cap rules). More of their damage was weighted towards a single spell, so what about all of those Necromancer's that aren't level 50 yet? The pre to post level 50 game shouldn't be such an imbalance within a class, and looking at the change to Lich justified improving other spell lines the Necromancer has throughout their adventuring that will help them level, including post 50.
    Jared Sweatt
    EverQuest II Spells and Combat Designer
  9. ARCHIVED-May Ham Guest

    That'll work, looks good..
  10. ARCHIVED-iriani Guest

    I am glad that they are considering increasing our dot dmg, but unless your fighting some epic or named mob it won't change our dps at all. It will be nerfed hard on 90 percent of the mobs.

    How many of you actually ever see our dots live thier full life? How many fights ever last more than 10 to 15 seconds. Yes, we will be seeing fights last longer while soloing, but thats a nerf in itself. It will take longer for us to kill a mob. But unless your gonna go through increasing the health points of all the mobs in the game or your gonna nerf the burst dps of the other classes, it won't make one hill of beans difference what our dots do. They will do thier initial dmg and maybe one tic then the mob dies.

    I would have much rather them improve our death rot spell or our siphon life. You might say, well we are necros and hence dmg over time is our thing, well ok, but then your also saying we are broken as a class. Lich fixed our class. If you want to nerf the dps on lich, ok. ( I don't like it and don't agree with it but whatever ), but if your gonna nerf it nerf it 20 to 30 percent not 50!

    I have death rot M1 atm, and well its ok but just ain't that great. If it was increased to something like 250 to 300 per tic every 1 second for 4 seconds for 1000 to 1200 dmg, it would be a spell worth having. atm its just a good filler spell when nothing else is up.
  11. ARCHIVED-Handlebars Guest

    For having 1200+ posts, you aren't very polite at all.
  12. ARCHIVED-SirFreakus Guest

    While Zald may not be PC enough for some, I would have to completely agree with what he has to say. Since this nerf it seems that the entire Necro community have become a bunch of whiners. I know I'm being harsh myself, so pardon my frustration here.

    Plain and simple... if the Necro class is played well, you can outdps pretty much everyone. At least I have been able to and I parse regularly and play with a variety of players. Remember the tiering system for the Combat changes? Necro's were susposed to be Tier 3 with a tank pet and Tier 2 with a DPS pet. Well, I would say we are pretty close to tier 1 even with the tank pet. (just my opinion)

    Yes it's a bummer they are nerfing Lich, but no it's not the end of the Necro class... not by a long shot. I spent quite a few plat on the Adept 3 version as well... and post 9th patch I still think it's very much worth it. I'd even drop a lot on getting the Master if I could... only for the 2% power conversion.
  13. ARCHIVED-Handlebars Guest

    A lot of people were complaining before the analysis was done. Now, very few are complaining because we have been told by a dev that some of our less powerful DoT's are getting a boost. I hold my judgement until I can play with the changes myself tomorrow.

    And I'm not saying that disagreeing=impolite, those are your words. I am saying that telling someone they don't know how to play their class because they have a different opinion isn't needed.

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  14. ARCHIVED-XBrit Guest

    Actually if you look closely, you'll see that several frequent posters on the necro forum are not whining. El Chup, Named88, Handelbars, me, for example. It's more, well this isn't cause for celelbration, but it's not that bad and we were definitely overpowered in short fights before.
    I'm starting to level my wiz this week, and i certainly don't want to find he's unwanted at 60 because necros outdamage him in all fights of all lengths. WIth the way Lich was, that was in fact the situation. By shifting the necro dps from short-term (Lich front-loads everything) to longer-term (DoTs), the necro's role as the long-haul damage dealer is defined better.
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  15. ARCHIVED-Sonic X Guest

    A dev reply, now i'm happy. But it does make more sense, and they are making it a win/win situation. I was mainly mad the original notes were all these fixes and improvements for other people while we just got something lowered with no explanation. Look forward to it now.
  16. ARCHIVED-iriani Guest

    ok this is laughable. lol

    Zald has a inquisitor. He hasn't even made it to level 60 but seems an expert. That isn't a personal attack but more an obvious statement.

    Xbrit who started all this bro ha ha.. is starting a wizard. He says that we are over powered and should be nerfed but is starting a wizard bc he obviously thinks his own class isn't good enough to play full time. LOL>


    Iriani and many of you others are necromancers full time! we live breath, eat, die necros. all these fake necros who quote figures and facts and talk about how necros have it great and btw we they are leveling thier bezerker or well they are full of it!

    My point is simple. My point is that don't belive everything you hear. IF you are a hard core necro you give your heart and soul for everything necro. IF your a fake come to these boards talking a good game, but show your true colors when the time comes. Well Xbrit and Zald have shown thier true colors. They don't care about you as a class, infact they could care less. Thats too bad. I wish they did.
  17. ARCHIVED-jeffdo Guest

    I'd be more happy with a dps decrease if we had the same ease of ability to kill even and higher level heroics solo, that wizards and warlocks do. Yes, we can do it
    but they have a way easier time at it, which shouldn't be the case. That new lockdown root that doesn't break for them, gives them too much ability and defeats the whole purpose of needing a pet. If they can avoid taking any damage at all, and dish out better dps than us, they're simply superior.

    Necros are hardly a utility class anymore than scouts/wizards are. More so, our two utilities come at 43 and 49, where the other classes get them much earlier.

    My feeling is evacs are as useful as a 15 min fd and res, same goes for group invis, selos, tracking, etc.

    I haven't done the numbers but I am also curious if the reduced proc from lich coupled with reduced damage spells from the expansion, equal out to before the combat changes? I remember we were nuking for about twice what we were before the changes.

  18. ARCHIVED-El Chupacabras Guest

    Debate is healthy and if well researched and argued in a reasonable manner, nothing but positive (in life as well as this silly game). If you want to mention fake necro's, note that the two oldest-school necro's agree with this change since it's coupled with other enhancements (myself and Handelbars).

    Xbrit's been around for a while on another forum name but he said something he shouldn't have with his necro account... Zald, while a bit less polite than I'd choose to be, still has his points and in general helps to foster healthy debate. Both of those guys have helped the offline necro community in their own ways and we generally know their true colors. I certainly know what they're all about and frankly people that have their post counts with the majority of responses being more than one sentence aren't just out to troll. Perhaps both can be a little quick on the response key but in general they just care about making it the best game it can be and to post that they could care less is a bit ill-informed.

    Yes, lich as a single spell was overpowered. Spreading lich's damage out amongst the other spell lines is reasonable considering the mechanics of the class. I still believe the reduction to lich is a little bit too much, but I won't know for sure 'til I see it live.
  19. ARCHIVED-El Chupacabras Guest

    Almost all necromancer spells doubled (at least) in damage with the expansion plus lich was added.
  20. ARCHIVED-Named88 Guest

    I agree with both Zald and Xbrit. And please don't try to tell me that I'm not a hardcore, full time, die hard necro.