Lich proc nerfed on test

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Lodor, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-Lodor Guest

    Test notes 16b state the proc effect from lich was lowered.

    I do not know how much but im not really surprised by the change less it is a big downgrade since with just lich proc we could outdo near every class in dps.
  2. ARCHIVED-XBrit Guest

    Also our AOE is nerfed to be max 8 targets:

    - All area-of-effect spells that do not target a specific encounter now affect a maximum of 8 targets.

    Necromancer changes:
    - Chains of Torment now guarantees that fear will land when the root breaks, but at a decreased duration.
    - Clinging Darkness now triggers an additional snare when the first one breaks, and it costs less power.
    - The proc damage caused by Lich was reduced.
  3. ARCHIVED-QQ-Fatman Guest

    I used my low int character on test and see the new proc damage = 112 (adept3.) I also see ice comet adept3 max dmg 3490 (my level 60 wizard on live server has it 4900 with 360 int, it's 40% difference in damage.) So 112 x 1.4 = 156 <- this should be the new lich proc damage.
  4. ARCHIVED-Sosumya Guest

    what bull[expletive haxx0red by Raijinn] - dont do this sony i hate you enough already.
  5. ARCHIVED-QQ-Fatman Guest

    Dooming darkness' snare is now 56% only (adept3,) will apply a 24sec snare when it breaks. Eternal binding now 100% proc fear, but only lasts for 5sec and the snare effect is only 28% (adept3.) I got these numbers on test just now by using eq2idb.
  6. ARCHIVED-Mephlich Guest

    Well if they are going to lower the damage of lich :smileymad:, maybe they should consider lowering the life drain portion of it.
  7. ARCHIVED-Nibblar Guest

    So about half as much then? Think max is 296 with adept III right now.
  8. ARCHIVED-schrammy Guest

    the master version gives 382 dmg on max int

    [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn] it will suck when that dmg is cut in half
  9. ARCHIVED-StueyMonster Guest

    Lich proc cut in half....what a joke!

    This will have a HUGE impact on our DPS (along with lowering the max targets on true AOE's). To be honest, every patch since the combat revamp, I have been looking for a Lich nerf to be announced, but this is a little too much. At least reduce the health cost if it's doing less damage.

    It does make me wonder if they have ever walked a mile in our shoes, or they just listen to people moaning, when deciding on what changes to make.

    Troll Necro 56 Sage 60
  10. ARCHIVED-Nosewarts Guest

    Just give me back fear-kiting and I shall be happy.
  11. ARCHIVED-Eesti Guest

    this nerf to Lich is beyond anything i could have imagined, the ghastly stench nerf in the combat revamp is nothing compared to this. Lich is our most important spell besides our pet, reducing its damage by 50% will have a huge impact on our dps, i dont have any numbers for this yet but i guess we will lose like 20% in total dps ? Together with the AoE nerf we will be close to useless.
    This game looks less appealing for every LU that gets released :smileysad:
  12. ARCHIVED-Handlebars Guest

    I just signed on to test to see how much it was nerfed and my level 50 there had 257 int and the proc was 149. What complete crap.
  13. ARCHIVED-Aenos Guest

    Hm.. without Lich we are pretty much nothing at 50+, and lovering the damage, makin it deal if correct, half the damage is a big drop in DPS, i dont see the logic to change it at all, it just pisses necros of really really bad.
    For once, we can do damage without focusing on damage over time, wich means we are more welcome in groups, since from my own experience most groups just stare blind on the direct damage, going nuts when a wizzy hits max damage with an ice comet and just laugh watching the necro do his 80-120 DoTs.
    Sure, we still have Siphon life that can hit pretty hard from around 800-900 damage without Lich, but othervise its back to the 73-89, 34-56 DoTs, Lich makes a big difference to these spells, still makin em a low DoT but with a little extra punch, so 50% reduction will make a difference, a pretty big one.
    Iwe grinded through 50 levels pretty much solo since noone wants to group with necros due to their low damage and "annoying" pets, i love teaming and grouping, but it has only been with those that know me IRL or friends iwe come across on my journeys, after the expansion my necro felt more "alive" than ever before, we could deal direct damage and our pets actually has some decent caster/tank/scout-traits.

    Dont be a fool and nerf this spell, i dont want to end up alone without groups again just because if this.
    And i know im not speaking for myself, i know many necros feel the same, we had issues from the start, wich made necros a "rare" class, something you dont see that often.
    Most of it was pretty much solved when SoE launched the expansion, and now today i see necros a bit here and there, sparkling with life and joy since we for once are not that "gimped" broken mageclass anymore.
    please dont nerf us more.

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    Message Edited by Aenos on 11-04-2005 05:12 AM
  14. ARCHIVED-KBern Guest

    I can live with the lowering of the damage if they also lower the damage done to us by half.

    One change without the other is a pathetic nerf.
  15. ARCHIVED-Leawyn Guest

    This is a bit perturbing. I would like to see the reasoning behind such a total nerf of a spell. If you wanted to put us more in line with our dps (after all, we ARE supposed to be teir 2 dps, below wizard/warlock), then why kill one of our best dps spells instead of increasing the wizards/warlocks. Oh well, just another change to ride. I still think our dps will be sufficient without lich. Yes it adds a nice punch to all our spells, especially our ae's, but it won't be the end of the world.
  16. ARCHIVED-Badd Boy Guest

    Part that really irritates me is they boosted Wizards and Warlocks already high damage and then took ours down. Why are people determined to see Necros at the bottom of the DPS chain?
  17. ARCHIVED-Danterus Guest

    This sucks, SOE please rethink this.
    Every single class got upgrades except us, we got nerfed.
    When you move everyone else up and us down, you will cripple us.
  18. ARCHIVED-Brutus7 Guest

    If this change goes live it will sucks big time...
    Necro dmg is high - but is high only if:
    1) Our pet stays alive (AOE comes or pet chooses to use "big" ability at start of combat - and pooof 30%-40%+ dmg down) - and there is pretty much NOTHING we can do about this!
    2) Dumbfire pets stays alive (they should be immune to AOE but riposte kills them - and pooof 15% dmg down) - in lot of cases it is impossible to properly position these.
    3) Fight is long enough for all our dots to do full dmg.
    Ok - so our dmg is conditioned by abovesaid. Our direct dmg is without Lich pathetic with exclusion of Siphon Life - which is on 9sec recast (2sec cast). If we will lost 50% of Lich dmg then our overall dmg will go down around 15-20%. Because we do not have any utility (well except for week debuff and ress) who will need us anymore??
  19. ARCHIVED-KBern Guest

    The sky is not falling.
    This does suck, but we will still have awesome DPS, awesome soloability, and great utility to bring to groups in many situations.
    We can still help with crowd control, many people love our hearts (not sure why lol), our FD + rez combo can save groups tons of time in case of a wipe, we can back up spot heal when needed, etc.
    This is a huge change, and will hurt us some on DPS, but we will still be uber overall.
  20. ARCHIVED-Aenos Guest

    Heh, dont forget that there already is a drawback for using lich, as it converts life for power you hardly regenerate life at all when using it ( i know, food.. but its expensive :p ), or totally drains you instead (you cant die but stop at 1 HP) when you for some reason stands still in combat, this could result in confusing healers or tanks and mess things up.
    So it isnt just a win/win spell, we have to sacrifice life for maintaining the spell and keep it under control so it doesnt mess you or your groupfriends up, its not like a ..-buff up, now i can Pwn monsters/PvP-freaks/neighbours all day-spell, you have to have full control of it.

    Oh well, but as the previous posters said.. sort of, we just have to adapt to it, it isnt the end of the world and i doubt SoE would listen to our plea.

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