Level 40 Form of Furious Bear needs to be changed!

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Theyne, Dec 4, 2004.

  1. ARCHIVED-Sinkatze Guest

    Well this is about the zerker bear rather than the Guardian´s gollem.

    I would at least want our bear to stand on 2 feet while fighting instead of fighting on his 4 legs, thats usually how a bear would fight.
    Also another reason why many of us want to have this spell re-done is because there is not much special in a bear you could even look like at your teen levels with the totem of the bear, or mystics lvl 20 spell also, so having us become a bear at lvl 40 isin´t very cool after so long. So it would be nice to have it look diferent than other bears from the totem and the mystics spell.

    Good Luck!
  2. ARCHIVED-Jvaloth Guest

    I agree whole heartedly with the original poster.

    I think the beserker bear form should be a werebear form, standing on 2 legs while fighting, 4 legs when running? I also like the idea of a minotaur or other such creature.. But if you have to keep it a bear.. atleast make it a Grizzly or something other than the Mystic's form.

    Right now it just looks like a carebear.
  3. ARCHIVED-Thoder Guest

  4. ARCHIVED-Sabin the Great Guest

    I still think that the best Fluff spell for us would be "Form of the Rampaging Gorilla." They're big, they're strong, they're calm, but when you piss them they will whoop your @$$ and keep whooping. Think Congo, but running around with a Royal Great Flail and a Pristine Yew Bow, now that would be crazy cool.
  5. ARCHIVED-XensosKinein Guest

    OMG... I just read this post and couldn't agree more. I used my lvl40 fluff spell one time since I got it and realized what a freaking waste it is. Not only do you wind up looking stoopid, you lose your horse and animations too. [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot].... I hope they fired the dev that came up with this idea. Show some creativity SOE!!! Next, our lvl 60 fluff spell is going to be 'Foot rub' We'll be able to make people smile with cheer as we walk past them. [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot]?

    Oh my Gord yes does that need to be changed, what in the crap were they thinking? just got my spell tonight and boy does it suck. In no way shape or form does this go along with being a zerker. I mean cmon Sony , hire some people with some creative talent.
  7. ARCHIVED-RufusDeMarko Guest

    Welp, I was a young berserker when this post got started forever ago and I coulda swore that I wouldn't have to worry about this because by the time I was 40, they totally would've implemented a new form.

    well I'm 38 now. This still needs to be changed! I think once the devs realized that there's enough people in the berserker community to warrant a change, they should use a poll to decide which type to go with (bear,gorilla,werewolf, etc.)
  8. ARCHIVED-infernus006 Guest

    two words...BEARS SUCK

    i was very disappointed with this spell as well and i refuse to ever use it...i dont want people to see me running around as a stupid bear and mistake me for a Mystic since they get the exact same spell at level 20...besides i hate bears to begin with

    imo this is no way to represet the berserker class
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  9. ARCHIVED-XensosKinein Guest

    WAIT!!!! Infer, you got it!!! that's the relationship!!!! BEAR SUCK. BEARSUCK. BERSUCK. BERSECK. BERSERK!!!!!!!! A HA HA HA HA HA.... I kill myself. It's early, I'm stoopid. Bears suck.

    SONY... PLEASE FIX THIS SO I DON"T MAKE AN [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot] OUT OF MYSELF AGAIN!
    /em finger
  10. ARCHIVED-kr8ztwin Guest

    rofl.....bearsucker......haha i love it.

    Yeah i never bothered to even pick up this ugly fluff. The only illusions I need are my Barbarian, Ogre, Troll eyes to use when I start feeling self conscious with my little Ratonga Zerker heh.
  11. ARCHIVED-z2xm Guest

    I agree totally. The sad thing is we are not even the only class with really stupid issues with fluff spells.... swashbucklers get to change into half elves, which sort of sucks for all of the uh, half elf swashbucklers....

    I understand the need for them to make us change into and act like creatures already in the game. It saves time, money, memory, loading times, and all of that. However there are all sorts of other things out there thatg never got used! I mean come on. A bear is just so generic. At least the golum and the monk tiger are pretty unique. Almost anything would be better, from the weird scorpion hidden guys in EF/SS/harclaves, to the frozen shard things in EF, to a golem, a centaur, a scarecrow, treant, an evil eye, a gargolyle (like the basalt watcher) heck even a purple monkey huupac would be better! well ok maybe not better, but at least more unique.

    L D'L
  12. ARCHIVED-XensosKinein Guest

    /sarcasm on
    Maybe they can at least make us all Care Bears!!! I want to be Happy bear or Sunshine bear. You think they'll do it?
    /sarcasm off
    Hire new devs.
  13. ARCHIVED-thygeson Guest

    From a common sense standpoint. Zerks are halasians who love the cold and have cold resists and other elements of the character regarding cold. BEARS HIBERNATE IN THE WINTER. Wearing a bear skin as some have suggested teh reason for this is in the winter is not the same as turning into an animal that avoids it.
  14. ARCHIVED-Buggrit Guest

    bears miss winter because it around the time they have small cubs and its to cold for them but anyway

    its just a freaking bear form does it really effect u that significantly? i mean u don't even have to use it u don't even have to buy it?

    i mean does it effect your life in such a way that u cannot continue?

    but i agree with sabin gorrila form would be cooler
  15. ARCHIVED-Rabbit24 Guest

    51 Zerker here and i don't even own this spell. I'd like to see something more in line with our other fluff spells. Or maybe something that fears other players =)

    Leeden Greywind
    51 Berzerker

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