Level 40 Form of Furious Bear needs to be changed!

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Theyne, Dec 4, 2004.

  1. ARCHIVED-X-Kevlar Guest

    Uh yea, go on complaining...

    For your information, Bruisers get NO from change at all. (Seems like every other class does), we get a crappy Kata (20 sec. shadowboxing animation) at 25 and THATS IT.

  2. ARCHIVED-Theyne Guest

    Uh X-Kevlar why did you even post on this thread? This is about a Berserker Level 40 Animation. This has NOTHING To do with Bruisers or Monks. If you think that your class needs an animation then go post that on your own board, but please don't come trolling here.
  3. ARCHIVED-Spaceweed Guest


    That bear form is a shortcut, and not a very funny one. GET THIS CHANGED ASAP!

    I want a form that looks like it might scare someone/thing, not 'Paddington' with marmalade smeared on its lips. Also, if there aren't sufficient animations to satisfy, why are people going to use it - does it add some stats worth having, or is it supposed to be eye candy?

    So far, I've been mesmorised with the gfx of this game - don't let me down now... :smileysad:
  4. ARCHIVED-Monkeyfist Guest

    Get ready for our Lvl 50 Quest Item...

  5. ARCHIVED-BigTwinky Guest

    I really hope this is temporary. I'm not a fan of lazy developping and taking one form and just giving it to another class.

    I'd love a Minotaur or Gargoyle form. Something that makes us look menacing and where we can still wield our weapons
  6. ARCHIVED-Findical Guest

    Thats pathetic... Are we smileing?
  7. ARCHIVED-NissaCloud Guest

    Now that ya get Yogi bear form :p lol maybe at 50 ya get BOOBOO bear :p
  8. ARCHIVED-A_Variant Guest

    I agree with everyone here. A burly (or just kill-krazy) Berserker turning into a cute cuddly teddy bear? Come on, devs, rehashing the mystic's form is just... lazy. You could have turned us into into an orc pawn and gotten better reviews fer cripes sake!

    But with all these technical difficulties and (perhaps) more important gameplay-affecting "bugs" I suppose it's okay to get to those first. Not that you've ever needed or even desired our blessings. If I've learned anything over the years it's that you guys do what you want.

    Regardless of logic or popular thought. =P
  9. ARCHIVED-bathory610 Guest

    agreed needs to be changed
  10. ARCHIVED-fierceleaf Guest

    38 Berserker on kithicor
    i am sadened and angry at this lack of creativity and lack of thought put into the lvl 40 spell. I would have been happy with 2 flaming hands rather than this crap, bear form...really poeple will think im a dam lvl 20 healer, not a raging berserker ready to slay them. I would honestly hope to see this changed in the future. But till then, I guess ill just have to steal some picinic baskets....
  11. ARCHIVED-PeeWee Herman Guest

    Even a smurf would be better than this crap :smileyvery-happy: 26th Berserker
  12. ARCHIVED-Kannabis Guest

    I hope no one that is a Zerker uses this dumb spell. Why would would a Zerker in their right mind want to change the look of heavy Armor and Weapons for a plain simple Bear. Maybe if enough of us Zerkers go on strike and not support it, by not using it, they will change this insulting figure. I gotta admit tis good for a laugh thou. :smileytongue:
  13. ARCHIVED-knightdantes Guest

    Agreed that is a Druid thing.
  14. ARCHIVED-Ravengaard Guest

    I've been thinking lately about ditching my Fury main and rerolling as an eventual Berserker. When I saw this form on their spell list I thought to myself, This better not be a cheap rehash of the Mystic bear-form, and of course it is. I'm not one for complaining, especially when the problem really doesn't effect me, but this is just plain stupid. If I do end up rerolling, I may just go Guardian for the Form of the Rook. Beserker definately needs something meaner looking to accurately portray the essence of the class, a werebear would be great. If the devs are too lazy or don't have the time to create a werebear model, then I agree that a minotaur would also be awesome.
  15. ARCHIVED-LumpyDoo Guest

    I got this last night.... so I could hump people with it.. it's hilarious. Gotta get SOME use out of it.. right? =P
  16. ARCHIVED-Pubs Guest

    Yes this form definatly needs to be changed, it is nothing short lazyness on the part of the Devs. But please, please dont fix this before you fix Berserker Bugged skills....right now i have 4 skills that are broken and useless and Im sure i'll find alot more as I level up.

    Pubs - 41 Zerker (Guk)
  17. ARCHIVED-sceptre155 Guest

    Have any changes been made to this skill?
    I haven't seen a patch notes about it, and im sure its a low prority. But I thought I'd at least ask.
  18. ARCHIVED-Dirtbeard Guest


    Make the bear ferocious

    Make it a bear-man that stands on two legs and wields weapons.

    Make it not a bear at all, but a berserk type character animation, with a VERY angry face and periodic berserk movements, including waving fists, stomping feet, growling, and what not.
  19. ARCHIVED-sceptre155 Guest

    Remeber the super old school game altered beast ?
    Thats what I envision when i see furious bear form.
  20. ARCHIVED-CherobylJoe Guest

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