Level 40 Form of Furious Bear needs to be changed!

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Theyne, Dec 4, 2004.

  1. ARCHIVED-Theyne Guest

    Here is a picture of our so called "Furious" bear form http://clem.mscd.edu/~mitchcha/EQ2_000012.jpg. We really need a new form. This is the same as the Mystics. And HOW is this Furious looking? And also how does this even have anything to do with a Berserker?

    We seriously need a new form. Maybe like a Minotaur? Gargoyle? Nightblood Demon? Something that makes more sense for a Berserker.

    What do yall think?
  2. ARCHIVED-RanariusEQII Guest

    LoL, that is sad. I'd have to agree 100%

  3. ARCHIVED-Azadon Guest

    Haha! Look it's Balou the furious dancing bear! How cute. Yeah, thats gotta change, kinda reminds me of what they gave berserkers in DAoC.

    Azadon, 25 Zerker of Desolation.
  4. ARCHIVED-Darkdog Guest

    In Norse legend the Berskers would go bare chested or wear the skins of "Bears" or Wolves to be more intimidating to their foes.
  5. ARCHIVED-Theyne Guest

    I know the Berserker lore on that Darkdog ;). I'm just saying we need something MUCH better then this animation. Something that is scarier like. The Guardians have a good one with Form of the Rook. They turn into a Black Golem. The thing though is you can see their Attack Animations. You can't see ours in Bear mode. And that IMHO is a big negative.
  6. ARCHIVED-Morbicus Guest

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA give the bear a salmon, jesus im never gonna use that crap when i hit 40
  7. ARCHIVED-Jbex Guest

    Wow. Looking at it I seriously dont know if I want to pet it or shoot it and throw the pelt by my fireplace. I've seen rabits and 5 year old children more intimidating than that bear. Vendo in camelot at least looked half decent in comparison.

    Make it scary. Make it growl. Make it stand on hind legs and swing wielding the appropriate weapons. Leave the racial model and make it more of a bear suit. (i'm a little afraid of the implementation of that however, it could simply look too cheezy) Give it a rabid ferocious face that will make children cry when they see it. This is not disneyland.
  8. ARCHIVED-Canston Guest

    LOL, sorry I normally don't post but I had to reply to this message, when I first read your post and then clicked on the link to see the picture I almost spit out the soda I was drinking, totally struck me as funny thinking of you and your frustration :).

    I agree though, I'm so sure Sony could come up with a very menacing looking bear, this one does not instill fear.

    Luck on the change, I hope you get your wish. I was considering Zerker, not that the bear will factor into my decision but would be nice to know it's going to be changed :).
  9. ARCHIVED-Chinadude310 Guest

    Lol what bonus does it add and how long does this form last?
  10. ARCHIVED-Wanten Guest

    All that is missing is the lil birthday hat and the bicycle. Maybe a troop of musical gnomes to folow you .
  11. ARCHIVED-Rounlin Guest

    I think its cute:)
  12. ARCHIVED-Elgusano Guest

    I think we should turn into circus clowns, like from the movie it.

    Everyone is scared of clowns.

    Yeah, but that bear? Looks like it should be telling people to put out their camp fire.

    Remember only you can prevent forest fires....err... I mean hold agro from the healer.
  13. ARCHIVED-Monkeyfist Guest

  14. ARCHIVED-Monkeyfist Guest

    A quick GIS of 'werebear' produces quite a few pics that would be better inspiration for a lvl 40 spell than the happy circus bear.

    [IMG] [IMG]

  15. ARCHIVED-OverlordMLF Guest

    bear is what is thought of about zerk when looking at lore

    not sure why mystics got bear in the first place
  16. ARCHIVED-MsIree Guest

    Oh man, I can't stop laughing! Now all you need is for a Warden to have a Call of the Fierce Moose skill and you can star in your own feature film.
  17. ARCHIVED-Eldritch Guest

    "smarter than the average bear" :smileyvery-happy:
  18. ARCHIVED-LumosEverglow Guest

    Zerkers arent supposed to be smart-they act on rage. Guardians work with Tactics, they're supposed to be smart lol

    Anyway! I think Minotaurs is a GREAT idea.....plus they look cool in this game! (If u dont believe me, go to Stormhold's jail and find the Corpse Hunter)
  19. ARCHIVED-lupine1 Guest

    So funny i think im gonna stop levelling just in case i ever reach that ability and accidentally trigger it
  20. ARCHIVED-Ryan97Eclipse Guest

    <--27 zerker gunna cry myself to sleep tonight

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