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Discussion in 'Norrathian Homeshow' started by Cyliena, Nov 9, 2012.

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    Thank you, Cyliena, for creating this thread! :)
  3. Aabari Active Member

    While I am happy they re-made our wish lists but Im disappointed that all those ideas people have posted are gone I started alot of those wish lists myself and posted cool ideas now they are all gone :(
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  4. Jazabelle Well-Known Member

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  5. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    Yup... make sure you copy/paste over any ideas you had from those to the new lists!
  6. Cloudrat Well-Known Member

    Prestige house wish_____I want a warehouse and big huge warehouse with shelves and blank walls and rooms without curves and doorways without arches and ceilings low enough to see chandeliers hanging from them. A good item count like dungoen maker of at least 2000 AND a depot in it to hold tiles 1000s of tiles and building blocks.
    Mostly so can link houses I'm decortating to it and easily grab the items I want to use and stock up on others.
    I set up one room in my galleon as a started but the weird room shapes and stairs etc are not conducive to making this warehouse.
    I also dont want to have to waste item count making shelving:)

    Let's have the designer not be playing a large toon when doing this :)

  7. Kisy Active Member

    General Wish list items:

    1. Be able to put things directly into the storage crate. Ie: have storage crate open and then be able to drag and drop things directly, without having to place, then right click, store in crate. Would work a lot like the depots.

    2. Housing better scaled to toons, not giants. ( I know not a new request )

    3. Housing boards: a way to list the Decorator when publishing the home. ( I know this isn't a new request )

    CRUD, thats all I can think of atm... I again have had my memory fail me.
  8. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Here's a holiday wish: can we get adjuncts for the holiday quest givers in the smaller cities or outdoors (Antonica/The Commonlands)? Tried to get into Qeynos proper from the Harbor to test Erollisi Day, and got the same problem I've been having since Frostfell in getting into the larger cities: Critical Memory Issues. I can handle Gorowyn/New Halas/etc. all right, and Q. Harbor more or less okay, but the big cities are closed to me now (I posted something on the Support Forums, but...), and I can't be the only one. :-/

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  9. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Hmm...for holidays in general? For ALL the holidays? My suggestion (can't recall if others have posted it as well, but it bears repeating): if the recipe books have to be No-Trade, at least make them Heirloom as well. That way, those of our alts who get stuck trying to get into/out of Guild Halls or houses don't have to miss out on getting those, at least; their buddies can pick the books up for them, or could just be more convenient for them all if one alt could pick all the books up for everyone and hand them out. :)

    master of dozens!
  10. Rolaryn Active Member

    Do you just need more RAM, if you can display those cities, but not the bigger ones?
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  11. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Could be. I can get into Freeport nowadays, but I'm scared to try Neriak again; all of my alt kids there are heading to Gorowyn. I'm also leery about Qeynos proper, but Kelethin, New Halas, Qeynos Harbor, and Gorowyn aren't that problematic. Nor are any outdoor zones, or small instances (like simple items/few rooms-housing or "personal" instances). :-/

    Unfortunately, my computer cannot be upgraded RAM-wise, and it'll be at least months before we can get a new one. I can't be the only one with this issue, and judging by the Support Forums, I'm not. ;->

    I know these locations are traditional for Erollisi Day, etc., but it would be nice to have options in all of the cities for these. ;->

  12. Rolaryn Active Member

    couldnt you just replace a stick with higher amount instaed of adding?
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  13. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    Only if compatible RAM upgrades can be found for the motherboard.
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  14. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Heh; they don't make the stuff that our mother board can handle...haven't for awhile now, but it wasn't this big an issue before. :-/

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  15. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    That's a shame... been there before so I feel your monetary pain. Good luck getting the upgrades you need. :)
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  16. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Thanks! We'll see how Tax Rebate time goes. ;->

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  17. Gazrath Member

    Here are the top items on my wish list.... a Kunark/Iksar themed home. Just something simple would be great, like the floor plan of the Lost Temple of Cabilis. And please put the entrance in one of the Iksar towns, like Riliss or Danak. I would LOVE to be able to stroll out of my house and be among my fellow lizards in my homeland! LOL

    I know... lizard dreams. ;)

    I've always loved the idea of faction-based housing, and was more than willing to put in the time to earn my big house in Maj'dul. But I'm probably in the minority on that. /sigh

    The other thing I would love to see is to make the Halls of the Unseen decorate-able once you max out your faction. I mean, c'mon, I'm the boss!! I run the whole operation and I can't even clean the place up!! LOL I'm not even asking to move the character models around; I'd just like to be able to clear out the broken furniture and cobwebs and give the place a visual makeover more appropriate to my vision of the organization.

    There's my two coppers.
  18. seneth Active Member

    I want a pack of 12 various size and color fish to put in my ponds,, or make them re-sizable (is that a word), for set price.
    Maybe like 200 sc. or even have vendors sell them for gold,, like the pet store in game . maybe 5g apiece. Make a swan or duck that swim in the pond. Nice big water features in these big houses but no fish,, even mud puddles have fish here where I live.
  19. seneth Active Member

    Should also have a game at the monthly festivals, where you toss a ring or a ball and win a prize,,house plushies, fish for your pond,,statues of famous people, and such. However you don't win every time you play the game but fairly often. What target you hit determines what kind of prize you win.
  20. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    And it'll probably be heavily stacked in favor of the "House," but I can easily see the gobboes involved with that, too. ;->

    Fish plushies for the pond would be awesome!

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