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Discussion in 'Norrathian Homeshow' started by Jazabelle, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. Jazabelle Well-Known Member

    Please post items you'd like to see sold on the Loyalty Merchant here!

    That means items that have been removed from the game for a variety of reasons--from old World Events, to single-/claim items, if you can't get it any longer, but you'd love to be able to get it again, post it in this Wishlist.

    Ready? Set? LIST!
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  2. Jazabelle Well-Known Member

    "The Age of Destiny"
    History of the Runnyeye Goblins, Vol. II
    History of the Runnyeye Goblins, Vol. III
    "The Pawn"
    Paying Homage to the Past
    A Tattered Journal
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  3. Teircen New Member

    Imperceptible Beauty gear.

    I'm sure I'd add lots more but that's the first thing that sprang to mind (been trying to find alternatives and somethings you just can't manage as a low level character)
  4. Quickpaw Active Member

    Only one I can think of for sure is the Skyblade Skiff...been wanting to try decorating that house.

    Actually, there's an idea...

    Pet dragons from the first collector's edition.
  5. Misstake Well-Known Member

    Things I would love to see:

    A Model Griffin Tower \aITEM -1312342087 1962700246:a model griffin tower\/a
    Spires Replicas: \aITEM 168384778 -1753881019:Energized Ulteran Spires Replica\/a
    \aITEM -1260227331 1709196613:Large Ulteran Spire\/a
    \aITEM 871754764 -1393678565:Replica Wizard Spire\/a
    \aITEM 377520643 -191160717:Ulteran Spires Replica\/a
    Druid Rings Replicas: \aITEM 1759407815 -1779195695:White Granite Druid Ring\/a
    \aITEM -1044404253 -2141225772:Black Granite Druid Ring\/a
    Calm Forgotten Pools Sproutling \aITEM -1086179153 2071201093:Calm Forgotten Pools Sproutling\/a
    Ulteran Vinegar Bottle \aITEM -1333242515 -1552430656:Ulteran Vinegar Bottle\/a
    Small Quellithulian Decanter \aITEM 639718818 454201176:Small Quellithulian Decanter\/a
    A Lodizai Plushie \aITEM 488916773 -1898564644:a Lodizal plushie\/a

    Ok hope that is not too many.
  6. Endara Member

    Am I the only one who is against the idea of making world event replicas available to the masses? My feeling is those items are supposed to commemorate the event. You should be able to point to your druid ring/ ulteran spire/ dragon ring and say "I was there when....". If everyone can buy them for loyalty tokens they aren't special anymore. But maybe I'm just getting old. They probably will become available to satisfy the majority, I just hope the token price is suitably high. For the record, I only have a single druid ring; no wizard spires and no griffin tower.

    The other items that came with those events however (Ulteran Vinegar Bottle, Forgotten Pools Sproutlings, etc), yes please, would love to have those available again. All of them.

    \aITEM 2139895239 -1813133018:Statue of Overlord Lucan D\'Lere\/a
    \aITEM 1335058637 -1064390711:Statue of Queen Antonia Bayle\/a
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  7. Misstake Well-Known Member

    Another I found
    Love's Golden Defense \aITEM -1377184823 -1422066552:Love's Golden Defense\/a

    I thought of the replicas because I didnt start playing the game then and have always wanted one.
    Love's Golden Defense
  8. Teircen New Member

    While I'd like to see more things I kind of agree that some of the event items should remain out of availability as a reward for people who were there. The problem is dividing what should and shouldn't be like that. It's good to see them and get more and it's lousy if you missed them but kind of nice having some of them as a reward for having been through it.

    Applying that logic though I'd say the same about the Statues of Overlord Lucan D'Lere and Queen Antonia Bayle. Those were collectors edition from the start of the game. Putting them back in takes away from having spent the extra to buy the collectors edition (albeit only a bit since there were other items as well awarded). If they were added as loyalty rewards though I'd be mildly miffed if they didn't add the Nagafen statue that was only available from the Japanese collector's box as well. Hopefully I have the right link here for it: \aITEM -752773226 1408087485:A Statue of Lord Nagafen\/a (whichever it was, it was different from any of the city merchant, LON, or crafted statues and was nearly impossible to get on a US server)
  9. Gracey Well-Known Member

    Many of us worked on the grif tower and got no reward - the grif tower would rock!
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  10. Mysstie Well-Known Member

    You can get the Imperceptible Beauty Gear during the City Festivals from one of the merchants using City Tokens already. So, using loyalty points for these would be kind of silly.

    What I would like is the chest piece that is missing from the sets of armor that is on it. Even if it's just appearance only so I can complete the look! :)
  11. Mary the Prophetess Active Member

  12. Mary the Prophetess Active Member


    Limited Edition Statue: Freeport Warrior
    Limited Edition Statue: Qeynos Warrior
    Nagafen at Rest
    Firiona Vie Statue
    Warrior of Chaos
    Memory of Spring
    Statue: Resolution
    Statue: Domination
    Idol of Everling
    Topiaric Mannequins
    Ulterian Mannequins
    Teleport Pads


    Humble Beginning, Higher Calling
    Destroyer of Ordanach
    Love's Last Arrow
    Prayer of the Righteous
    Shattered Soul
    The Blade Singer
    The Enchantress
    The Hand of Hatred


    The Age of Destiny
    History of the Runnyeye Goblins, Vol. II
    History of the Runnyeye Goblins, Vol. III
    The Pawn
    Paying Homage to the Past
    A Tattered Journal
    The Outpost of the Overlord: A Guide
    Guidebook to the Queen's Colony




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  13. Kamoj Well-Known Member

    \aITEM 440479052 -1902297075:Humble Beginning, Higher Calling\/a
    \aITEM 2021280922 1980363544: Painting: Deep Thoughts\/a
    \aITEM 1028333198 949306321: Painting: Runaway Clockwork\/a
    \aITEM -1648238312 322719469:Bowl of Growth\/a
    \aITEM -508651260 -1056777547:Quill of a Maj'Dul Poet\/a

    (had to add spaces on the paintings to not have smiley faces)
  14. Thearston New Member

    The Excavation Helmet, and I thought a one point I had map of norrath.
  15. Zhaanish Well-Known Member

    I would like to add my vote for:
    \aITEM 871754764 -1393678565:Replica Wizard Spire\/a
    Druid Rings Replicas: \aITEM 1759407815 -1779195695:White Granite Druid Ring\/a
    \aITEM -1044404253 -2141225772:Black Granite Druid Ring\/a
    Calm Forgotten Pools Sproutling \aITEM -1086179153 2071201093:Calm Forgotten Pools Sproutling\/a
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  16. Mysstie Well-Known Member

  17. Endara Member

    The ones I listed earlier were available free in the Marketplace for a limited time to celebrate EQ2's 7th birthday.
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  18. Vashte Active Member

    I'm kind of torn whether to request the Collector's Edition Baby Dragons to be available. I've spent a lot to acquire the ones I have, but I'm still missing 4 colors. I'd expect them to be spendy if they did make an appearance. On the flip side, they are SO DARN CUTE and ADORABLE, everyone should have at least one to fawn over in their home. Those evil eyed baby dragon things in the Marketplace do not count. So, I dunno. Are there any others to recommend or halt the idea of them going to the Loyalty Merchant? If it's an issue, perhaps the Loyalty Merchant could have it's own special color variation instead of the exact colors from the original claim box. More dragons are always nice. Maybe in a Gold or Silver color!

    The ones I'm talking about are:
    \aITEM 608466188 766300410:a dragon egg\/a
    which when examined gave you a choice from a dozen baby dragons in various colors, one of which was:
    \aITEM 981542476 -1672213019:a pink and green baby dragon\/a
  19. Avianna Well-Known Member

    I would love to see

    research reducers
    \aITEM -359342053 1225747951:Masterful Research Time Reduction Bundle\/a

    Ambassador's Award House Item.
    Sorry could not find an in game link on it. This item should also DEFINITELY be included in the 10 year Vet reward.
  20. Morg Well-Known Member

    I would like the TAlking Statue of Lucan D'lere that came with my first 2 accounts! He is no longer available to new accounts :( I don't have a link sorry. I do not nor ever have bought a collectors edition. This was something available 1 per account. Would be nice to be able to buy some more :) He makes a great bartender heh
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