Handcrafted & Mastercrafted Gear Errors

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Tigress, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-zzvalarzz Guest

    SoE must hate crafters...the crafted gear is worse than a joke now. Maybe this is there way of trying to get people to group and run old content. MC stuff should be a viable choice for equipping your characters, right now random treasure chest junk is better.
  2. ARCHIVED-Oxie Guest

    Look into the recipes that come from all the instanced Mara recipe books, too. I tried making my 80ish level scout some gear the other day, and stuff that used to be scout friend is now tank friendly (needs AGI instead of STR).
    Also, weapons have a 5.0/6.0 delay on them, and I'd rather have 4.0 delay from these recipe pages.
    Cannot find a recipe for a scout-friendly (AGI) cloak or a charm.
    Was making void armor...have not even looked at any of the latest content recipes yet.
  3. ARCHIVED-Katz Guest

    Engraved leather armor. It has the +str on it now. Who is it supposed to be used by? The cap says bruiser/monk, the other gear in the set said all fighters, all priests, all scouts. It needs to be consistent.
  4. ARCHIVED-Duckschu Guest

    Ahhh... where to begin....

    Ebon Ritual Dagger is now flagged as level 40 MC. By being 40, instead of 42, the stats are inferior to the 42. I gave up looking for more since the examine process is tedious in the current interface.
    Hex dolls were mentioned, but I will clarify a bit - the stats on the dolls vary depending on level and quality - ie, the level 60 hex dolls with the same "name" will have different stats than say the 30's
    Items that are clearly intended for a subset should be marked that way. I pulled a list (via crafting filter) of weapons in the 40's for a mage. I got about 30 weapons (plus all of the blessed and imbued versions), of which, 5 had desireable green stats. Please remove ALL of the classes that are on any given piece of gear that are intended to use it. Why is my berserker listed on mail AGI gear for instance?
    All crafted bandoliers are now str + sta. Good thing all scouts can use bows...
    Longbows... in fact, all ranged weapons... yeah. Please look at all of them. Currently the only ranged choice for Pallies and SKs above level 80 is a shortbow - AGI + STA? And one more thing... were all of the bows 9.0 speed after the GU? Or did that happen with this latest patch. I didn't happen to notice that until I went to make a bow today.
    Weapons in general... stats were somewhat "fixed" as between the WSs and WWs we had 16 viable "types" of weapons pre-patch out of the 60 we could make (below 80 - also those 16 had flat out better stats for no reason at all). We now have more... but often the stats don't seem to match an intended weapon.
    Jewelry... I have no idea how many things you trashed in jewelry, but I can say for certain that the "elemental", "noxious", and "arcane" 82 MC jewelry is nearly identical to the caster gear now. Depending on your current stats, they would probably be more desireable. This leaves fighters and scouts exactly 1 choice for 82 MC jewelry - unless they intend to pass on 41-123 agi or str. Since pre-patch this jewelry had DEF on it, it seemed intended for tanks who wanted more magic mitigation. With the patch, you removed the DEF from it, changed them to WIS/INT/STA and added spell autoattack aoe. Bait and switch?
    Alchemy - I cannot verify if this was pre-patch or not as I wasn't high enough yet, but around level 80 there are a good number of fighter upgrades that don't match the naming convention - ie, they're missing "Essence of". The tradeskill writs still identify them as "Essence of X" - but when typed into the search window, they won't show up due to "Essence of" not being on the name.

    Seriously though, I understand that this was a script which changed itemization across the board and not everything could be checked, but I have 4 level 90 crafters, 2 in the 70's and one in the 20's. It took me less than 5 minutes to find 10+ glaring errors in my recipe books - how could ALL of this have gotten missed?

    Edit: I wanted to take this opportunity to say "Thanks SOE for once again requiring your customers to do your job. Often video game companies will employ their subscribers to root out those pesky minor bugs that happen with a large update. You know, finding important things like "the NPC Bob Thane had his name changed to Bbo Thane". How or why you expect your playerbase to point out ALL of the MAJOR things you trashed in this update is totally beyond me. I also want to say that I think its wonderful that most of your playerbase feels you will take weeks or months to fix these huge issues. From my experience, you will take months to fix some of it, then you'll say 'meh' and call it 'working as intended' leaving your customers to deal with it for the rest of the game."
  5. ARCHIVED-d1anaw Guest

    zzvalarzz wrote:
    Crafted armor needs to be nearly the best available, sought after in the game, not an after thought. And it shouldn't take dozens of "tokens" from raid zones for this. All crafted armor should be high quality and sought after.
  6. ARCHIVED-Liandra Guest

    MC Palladium bands (including imbued versions) went from +14 Agi/Sta/Str to +11 Agi/Sta/Str
  7. ARCHIVED-Prrasha Guest

    Prrasha wrote:
    Still broken after the Tuesday update. Omnibus /bug filed again with these + a bunch of other non-updates or incorrect updates.
  8. ARCHIVED-Raienya Guest

    Tailored MC items are still not fixed. This includes hex dolls, cloth and leather gear.
  9. ARCHIVED-Tigress Guest

    MC Ruckas Vest = Mage & Cloth
    IMBUED MC Ruckas Vest = Priest & Chain.

    still not fixed. fix it pls.

    MC Discord Imbued Ruckas Hex Doll has identical stats to HC Discord Imbued Canvas Doll. MC requires RARE and listed as HAND.

    still not fixed. fix it pls.

    i am trying to dress my characters & i cannot bc the clothes are all a mess and spending several hrs making new items bc you guys messed up is not appealing! furthermore, i fear the hours will be wasted when you "get around to" fixing them. pls make this a priority. i'm positive that i am not the only one who is affected by these glaring errors.
    what was the point of "unattuning" if the items were not fixed??
  10. ARCHIVED-Tigress Guest

    i just /bugged this and referred them to this thread. let's see if we get some attn now. i think another free choice of "unattuning" what you are currently wearing is in order when they fix this. it's really not fair. i have a choice of either NOT playing the character or making new stuff, which will likely get changed -- AGAIN.

    p.s. -- the free unattuning CHOICE should be only on items currently being worn bc otherwise, ppl will hoard and flood the broker.
  11. ARCHIVED-Domino Guest

    Just wanted to say thank you for the detailed lists, they are being looked at and we appreciate it!
  12. ARCHIVED-Wilderbeast25 Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    Thanks for responding Domino, but when can we expect to see the fixes to all this? It is quite a mess at the moment!
  13. ARCHIVED-Prrasha Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    Are the non-detailed lists (like "all the mastercrafted is no better than the handcrafted of the same tier") also being looked at?
  14. ARCHIVED-RandomWalk Guest

    The rawhide leather tome has no stats (ignore list from previous version of post! - see below)
    I have noticed that tier one common crafted items no longer show the level of the item (ie Level 1 no longer shows on the item description). Items such as the dress clothes made by tailors and snappy armor from the Frostfell recipes (neither of which are tier 1) continue to show Level 1.
    This does not affect equipping the items (I have just tested it out) but it *does* affect searches on the broker should you set the minimum level to 1 rather than the default 0. Handcrafted items simply do not show up. This is an inconsistency perhaps rather than a bug.
  15. ARCHIVED-GussJr Guest

    Tigress wrote:
    This! I just noticed it
  16. ARCHIVED-GussJr Guest

    Bella@Najena wrote:
    +1 on a time frame?
  17. ARCHIVED-Duckschu Guest

    How about instead of a time frame, we get an actual written commitment to what will be done?

    If its SoE's intention to leave most of it as is, then fine. Just say that.

    If you intend to take six months to fix one piece at a time, then fine. Say that.

    Domino, I know a lot of people appreciate a red response, but the generic "we're looking at it" is pretty much the same as no response at all.

    Also, why does the dev team need detailed lists? Frankly, with the sheer amount of items that are totally borked for tradeskilling right now, you'd think they would start at the beginning and work through each profession. A lot of recipes? You bet! But we didn't break them, and providing SoE with (very) partial lists for you to work from, will only result in a handful of items getting fixed while the rest stays jacked. It took me less than 5 minutes to find 10 errors on a single character last thursday. Assuming you employ just 1 person to look for screw ups, that person should have been able to find over 4,000 incorrect items in the 36 working hours since GU61 was released.

    But, since you're "looking into it" below level 80, treasured items appear to be about 1% less (stat-wise) than MC of the same level. The leaves the treasured items of 1 level higher (example, level 53) to be exactly the same as the MC of that tier. This in turn puts the treasured items 2 levels higher as better than the MC. Wut? I can only infer from this that SOEs intention is to move away from crafted gear completely for leveling. If this is indeed the case, I'd like some confirmation on it. I'd really hate to level any more tradeskillers if they're going to be mostly worthless.

    One more thing - 81+ treasured items are using a completely different stat allocation than the 80 and lower. I noticed today while questing that every single treasured item I recieved had exactly the same kind of stats, only much lower, than the level 79-80 treasured items I had equipped. For example, a level 80 earring I have has (I think) 4.5% crit on it - the one I recieved, while having 7 less green stats, only had 1.3% crit on it.

    I know that's not directly tradeskill related, but if the intention is to make treasured the obvious choice over MC (which it really seems to be), than there should at least be consistancy.
  18. ARCHIVED-Drissl Guest

    The Handcrafted/Common Greatstaffs/Sorcerer's Staffs/Quarterstaffs/Wands (of any tier) are useable by mages only.
    The Mastercrafted/Rare Greatstaffs/Sorcerer's Staffs/Quarterstaffs/Wands (of any tier) are useable by both Priests and Mages.
    The Click-To-Cast version of the wands only come with Mage Stats, while previously the wands were for both Priests and Mages.
    There is no longer a Priest-statted 2 handed wooden weapon. Since the Greatstaffs and Sorcerstaffs have the exact same stats, perhaps one of them could be geared towards priests.
    Round Shields are geared towards priests EXCEPT Tier 1 and Tier 8. Round shields for the other tiers have stats identical to those of bucklers. Perhaps the round shields should again be geared towards scouts at all tiers.
    Imbued Bucklers of any tier are no longer craftable.
    Blessed Round Shields of any tier are no longer craftable.
    Ornate Longbows have stats identical to regular longbows.
    Recurved shortbows have stats identical to regular shortbows.
    On a more general note, all crafter weapons have the same stats, down to the damage and delay for each tier. Can we return to a greater amount of variety with the damage/delay values and stats, both blue and green?
  19. ARCHIVED-Drissl Guest

    The recipes for the Mastercrafter/Rare Spiked hammers have been removed, but the common Spiked hammer recipes remain (all tiers). The common spiked hammers are usable by all fighters and all priests. The legacy crafted rare spiked hammer I had on my inventory is usable only by Berserker, Defiler, Guardian, Mystic, Paladin, Shadowknight. All of the crafted weapons that both fighters and priests can use only have str or wis on them. Can the green stats be expanded to include both?
  20. ARCHIVED-Powers Guest

    Crafted cloaks (e.g., cloudy linen travellers cloak) pretty much all have the same appearance (that being a chainmail-like cloak with leather upper) and -- more importantly -- that appearance overrides the "Show My Guild Heraldry" cloak option. You can't have a crafted cloak equipped in your appearance slot and still show your guild heraldry.
    Plus, I don't know if this is an error or not, but all weapons of a particular tier and type have the same dang stats.

    Powers &8^]

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