Handcrafted & Mastercrafted Gear Errors

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Tigress, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-Tigress Guest

    There's just so many problems to list, its not even funny & I'm not willing to take on the job of doing that for hours. Rather than having numerous threads with different issues, thought it would be better to have it in one central place. I'll list two & hope that others follow along. For those that posted during test, I am aware that you did so but for whatever reason, nothing happened.

    (1) MC Ruckus Imbued Vest (CLOTH item) is now chain. It is made by the tailor & changed from INT/STA to WIS/STA. When did tailor begin making chain?
    (2) Hex dolls.... total mess. Have a looksie.
  2. ARCHIVED-Chiel Guest

    Eucalyptus Longbows are flagged as Thrown Weapons and therefore say that Bruisers and Monks can use instead of Paladins and Shadowknights.
  3. ARCHIVED-Debbani Guest

    Please fix the hex dolls.
  4. ARCHIVED-Lorriana Guest

    Also, MC gear does not seem to have toughness. Is this intended? The tier four cloth at least seems to be lacking it now. Havn't yet checked anything else.
  5. ARCHIVED-Chiel Guest

    Actually that's a good point, I noticed resists missing from most pieces I looked at...didn't think about that til you mentioned the toughness. I don't use toughness but I'm sure a lot of people do for pvping. I know I personally liked the resists.
  6. ARCHIVED-Hollowmind Guest

    Chiel wrote:
    More importantly it means Rangers can't use them, since all our ranged combat arts require, that a bow be equipped. This also makes, arrows the wrong ammo type, for the bow.
  7. ARCHIVED-Kynre Guest

    Lorriana wrote:
    Seems to be a wecome change for me at least. Don't do BG so not a factor!!!!!
  8. ARCHIVED-Hamervelder Guest

    Most of the pieces from the Dragonhide armor set are also now chain. I logged in this evening on my monk to find that lovely fact. It goes without saying that this "update" has turned out to be one of the most hideous messes that SOE has ever thrust upon the community. Please, find someone else to do itemization. A chimp could do a better job than this.
  9. ARCHIVED-gdawg311 Guest

    The most annoying aspect to me is that While I don't doubt it will be quicly fixed through numerous daily patches over the next few weeks... I cannot, absolutely cannot stand the thought of logging back in and finding all my stuff unattuned and reset yet again... AGGGHHHHHHH THE PAIN
  10. ARCHIVED-Tigress Guest

    with the exception of my main and alt main, my characters are running around nakkies! the HC/MC gear is totally messed up. they have gear that they can no longer equip, gear that has different stats on it, and so on. i put the stuff in the shared bank and will allow them clothes again when they fix the mess.
  11. ARCHIVED-Liandra Guest

    Good idea tigress. Personally i still dont understand how they could justify going live with this mess.
    Anyway, more isses for the list.
    1- MC Blackened Iron Chainmail now has lower stats than previously. i.e.
    • Boots/Bracers/Coif/Gloves had 8 Str/Sta, 11 Agi, 17 Nox/El/Arc resists. They now have 8 Agi/Sta
    • Mantle had 8 Str/Sta, 11 Agi, 17 Nox/El/Arc resists. It now have 9 Agi/Sta
    • Imbued Leggings/Coat had 8 Str/Sta, 11 Agi, 17 Nox/El/Arc resists. They now have 9 Agi/Sta
    2 -Imbued Silver band of Str/Agi had 10 Str/Agi/Sta. They now have 8 Str/Sta/Agi
    3 -Tailored Boiled Boots/Gloves/SkullCap/Shoulder Pads/Bracers are no longer equipable and display the little green man bug icon.
    4 - Woven Boiled leather has lower stats than previous. It was fixed on test but got broken again when the patch went live. It worked out to about a 12% reduction in HP/Power for the toon in question.
    • Boots/Bracer/Gloves/SkullCap went from 13 Sta/Wis to 9 Sta/Wis and misc minor +skills
    • Shoulder Pads went from 13 Sta/Wis to 10 Sta/Wis and misc minor +skills
    • Imbued Vest/Pants went from 13 Sta/Wis to 10 Sta/Wis
    5 - Imbued Items need another pass. Imbuing is supposed to add a proc leaving all other stats the same. There are quite a few items where this is no longer the case. i.e.
    • Bristled Leather Gi. The Imbued version has lower stats accross the board and is All Fighters/Priests/Scouts instead of Bruiser/Monk
    • Hidebound Leather Gi. The imbued version looses 4 defence and gains 2% Ability Cast speed. It also becomes All Fighters/Priests/Scouts.
    6 - Titanium locket. This recipe no longer has a product and displays the little green man icon in the recipe book.
    7 - Arcane/Elemental/Noxious Jewelry need to be looked at.
    • Most of the items have all three resists in equal amount instead of the one resist in their name.
    • T8 and below Lockets have no resists at all.
    • All these items were intended for any toon to fill the hole in a specific resist. As such they should all have Str/Agi/Wis/Int as well as Sta in equal amount.
  12. ARCHIVED-Lortet Guest

    What a nightmare - 19 alts lol.
    MC 62 Dragonhide Cap now chain, hand slot, Dragonhide Boots now chain (at least they got the foot slot right)
    Hex dolls - 2 problems - STA ones became STR/AGI/STA meaning the Priests and Mages lost out, and also lvl 30 MC hex dolls all got turned into Handcrafted.
    War Maces - were 2 handed pre update, now are 1 handed - confirmed for blackened iron and feysteel, so I would expect all tiers.
    With the above mentioned nerf to stats, crafting has been marginalised incredibly. I am currently re-equipping a lvl 34 Warden previously all MC gear. He now only has MC boots - the ONLY piece of armour that was equal to anything on the broker. The other 6 armour items were thrashed by cheap loot on the broker including stats, mitigation and both green and blue attributes. My lvl 52 SK was similar - and someone bought ONE piece of his traded in Cobalt armour for more than it cost me to equip him in legendary/treasured better gear. The same for jewelry. Looks like time to park the armourer, tailor, jeweler etc.
  13. ARCHIVED-NewWorldSamurai Guest

    also there is no t4 tank/scout waist items now
    before we used the belts as the girdles were not avail to higher tiers
    but now the belts are Wis/int/sta so they are not benficial to tanks or scouts
  14. ARCHIVED-Orpheus666 Guest

    Spring Loaded Gnomish Boots (tinkered mario boots)
    now only chain/plate wearer's can use.

    EDIT: Forgot to post about Scimitars and long swords, Druids use these too, same with Shamans and Spears. Please work out something to where these classes can use their alternate weapons AND GET BENEFITS. I have 5 scimitars on my lowby warden that are pretty much useless now because they have no wisdom. And NO I don't want to use hammers, my myth weapon is Slashing.
  15. ARCHIVED-Prrasha Guest

    The 4 weapons & 2 ranged items crafted from "Aspect of War" are now Heirloom-flagged when they weren't before.
    Void-tainted Mace of Dominance is a level 1 statless sword instead of a level 80(?) mace.
    /bugs filed.
    And yes, Mastercrafted needs a boost across the board. A guildie discovered a quest reward necklace in Feerott:
    level 38 Treasured, 19 stats, 4.7 DPS, 2.4 multiattack, 1.9 potency.
    The mastercrafted stuff around it:
    level 32 Mastercrafted, 16 stats, 0 DPS, 0 MA, 1.6 potency
    level 42 Mastercrafted, 22 stats, 3.1 DPS, 1.5 multiattack, 2.2 potency.
    ...that's out of line. I'm all for even crappy dungeon drops being equal to or better than Mastercrafted, but solo quest rewards (in a zone as easy as Feer) should not be. That's just total disrespect for crafters. We're back to "crafters make spells and arrows, skip the rest". /sigh
  16. ARCHIVED-Dalannae Guest

    Tigress wrote:
    I did on my level 36 taylor and reported the hex doll mess

    and also did a /feedback telling them to go back to the drawing board and listen to the testers when they say it isn't ready yet before they roll it out again.
  17. ARCHIVED-Dalannae Guest

    Aneova@Kithicor wrote:
    +1 bolded for emphasis I was using a katana that had wis. now has str IIRC
  18. ARCHIVED-Deveryn Guest

    You can add the following tinkered items to the list:
    full spectrum goggles
    goggles of the bats
    rose colored goggles
    gnomish diving goggles
    Only chain/plate can wear these.
  19. ARCHIVED-Chiel Guest

    I noticed the t4 belt issue when I went to make something fast to reequip my conjuror. I was just gonna make her a handcrafted belt to go cheap but uh...well the handcrafted belts are the tank/scout gear. Mage/priest one is MC only lol...
  20. ARCHIVED-Raienya Guest

    The level 12 MC Tranquil Roughspun set has lost HALF the int on each piece, and all the resists.
    Pristine Ruin Imbued Roughspun Hex Doll stats are now str/agi/sta. They were wis/int/sta before. Hex dolls as a whole are a complete mess (stats changed, etc).
    Just looked at the level 22 MC tailored gear, and it is the same (loss of stats/resists).
    Right now, random treasure chest mob loot is better than MC, even if the looted gear is two levels below the MC items. PLEASE fix this. Have /bugged these items as well.

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