Handcrafted & Mastercrafted Gear Errors

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Tigress, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-CharonDeryni Guest

    Are these suppose to be equal? Is +3 stats, 6.6 dps & .1 cb/potency worth losing 2 weapon skills, 6.8 crit chance & 2.9 attack speed?

    \aITEM -1182325847 -1233058391:[Ironwood Longbow]\/a
    23 str/23 sta
    5 weapon skills
    2.9 attack speed
    6.8 Crit Chance
    1.2 Crit Bonus
    1.2 Potency

    \aITEM -1660703257 -1660113983:[Ironwood Shortbow]\/a
    26 agi/26 sta
    3 weapon skills
    6.6 dps
    1.3 crit bonus
    1.3 potency
  2. ARCHIVED-Duckschu Guest

    Another patch tomorrow! And LOOK! They have a tradeskill area!

    • Appearances on some tranquil threadbare crafted armor have been updated.
    • The Scroll of Fire Seeds is now heirloom rather than no trade.

    Ummm. Thanks? ETA on anything important... you know, like half the craftable gear, getting fixed?
  3. ARCHIVED-Tigress Guest

    pristine discord imbued ruckas doll STILL broken! it requires a rare. it is listed as handcrafted and has stats that are still identical to the handcrafted. the only difference is the text for bonus hexing is there. considering that you need different types of hex dolls for the bonus & mages/priests have only use for discord or chaos, this is really unfair to all the mages/priests. fix it. ty.
  4. ARCHIVED-Tigress Guest

    Powers wrote:
    many cloaks are messed up :(

    Tigress wrote:
  5. ARCHIVED-Tigress Guest

    60s hex dolls, MC. scouts must have a hex doll with hate gain to get the hexing bonus as fright & ruin have the identical stats & both have 0.6% hate gain. (previously my scout wore shadow (AGI) & ruin (STA). currently, she is wearing shadow only. i suspect it will be shadow & ruin when i let her leave qeynos area bc i used the rare on that hex doll.)

    (i wish that i could upload pics directly! i have a pic, i can post it later but not going to do photobucket right now.)
  6. ARCHIVED-Chiel Guest

    I personally like the changes to the crafted cloaks...it finally makes them worthwhile to make and the appearances are neat. There are plenty of ways to get a plain cloak for appearance slot to show guild heraldry, even after all these changes. The lv19 Exquisite cloaks that drop in the newbie zones are in fact a plain look. Not the quested like Tigress showed above, the dropped one, which I normally can easily find tons of by killing newbie zone named on alts. Btw Tigress, if you find the scout version of the dropped Exquisite cloak, it looks exactly like your Scout Cloak was supposed to, so it would do in case that one never gets fixed. :)
  7. ARCHIVED-Terron Guest

    I would like one crafted cloak of each shape to show guild heraldry.
    Then it would be easy to get them, and would not force people to take high level toons to newby zones to get appearance items.
    If you don't want to show guild heraldry you can turn the option off.
  8. ARCHIVED-Terron Guest

    The last time there was a major upgrade of crafted weapons, Domino handled it very well by posting lists here - http://forums.station.sony.com/eq2/...topic_id=409681 - enable problems like the lack of druid weapons to be spotted and fixed in advance.
    I am rather disappointed about the way this time has been handled.
    I am more disapointed by being forced to use crushing weapons on my fury to stay effective.
  9. ARCHIVED-Dalannae Guest

    Terron@Splitpaw wrote:
    +1 and my warden also. our Epic is a not a crushing weapon.
  10. ARCHIVED-Chiel Guest

    I agree Terron, that change would be super cool. I also don't really like the idea of high level toons farming newbie named. Wasn't really what I was saying in my post...just said I liked the new appearances. :p Also I was saying I actually really like the stat changes. That's what makes them worthwhile to craft now. :)
  11. ARCHIVED-Tigress Guest

    Chiel wrote:
    thanks. i'll have to look for it; though i would prefer that they fix my cloak :)
  12. ARCHIVED-Lossewen Guest

    Duckschu wrote
    The Scroll of Fire Seeds is now heirloom rather than no trade.

    Woot, that was my suggestion <3
  13. ARCHIVED-Domino Guest

    Powers wrote:
    This was actually posted about already, and yes they will be corrected.
    It's hard to give a time frame because not everything will be fixed at once - likely you will see fixes trickle in with each hotfix. And much as I'd like to say "it will be fixed on XX date", if I do say that and then for some reason it's delayed, that's only going to be more annoying than saying nothing. So I'll just say thank you for the details again, we ARE looking through this thread and will be fixing bugs on an ongoing basis.
    Also, to answer Prrasha:
    Prrasha wrote:
    Yes, but non-detailed lists like your example require a much higher level of knowledge. To give an example, in one post somebody said "hex dolls are a mess", without any further detail. I was able to figure out what that meant since I'm very familiar with the way it was before. But I couldn't send that to a random person on the team or spare QA person from another game and expect they'd be able to figure it out. Or if they did, it would take them ten times as long as it would take me, time which they might not be able to spare right now, and thus it would have to wait till they did have time to sit down, or till I had time to do it myself. (In this case I did come in early and take 2 hours to review them all and make a list of suggestions - but I don't have time to do that for everything.) So yes, we can figure out non-detailed lists, but detailed ones including item names we can easily look up directly do save time and mean that more people can be roped into helping even if they aren't greatly famililar with tradeskills. ;) Hope that answers your question!
  14. ARCHIVED-Tigress Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    yes, that was me bc i did not want to spend 2 hrs going through & listing them. there's just way too many errors with the hex dolls & i am not interested in spending an evening looking for the bugs on every single one of them. now if you want to pay me to do so, lol.... i have, however, added detailed ones that are still affecting my characters (after tues' fix).

    i know that the quested cloak is not your expertise but do you know if they are going to fix all cloaks?

    i am also wondering why did two of my scouts (ranger & troubador) lose one of the weapons during the process of unattuning? when i moved their stuff from overflow, they had one weapon instead of two. i cannot recall if they had two of the same HC/MC weapon or not.
  15. ARCHIVED-MurFalad Guest

    Liandra wrote:
    One comment here, before this reitemisation even with the completely random gear we were able to power through the content with no trouble because our characters had become so much more powerful due to AA.
    The above minor nerfs to items are a exception, most items I've seen have crit, crit bonus and potency on them, and in such large quantities (even the prime stat is only a little short of DoV gear on some level 42 gear) that one person can solo a dungeon designed for 6. Something I had no trouble doing so on my illusionist despite not knowing much about the class, I could kill a group there including a named and not even end up low on health.
    That's just a total mess, its not interesting gameplay and while another 2-3 people would speed things up for farming XP (as there is no challenge here at all) there is no need for a tank, or a healer, or any sort of coordinated teamwork.
    For that reason I just cannot see any serious issue with an item losing a few points of a stat, because the vast majority of gear is geared to match content 10's of levels above it.
  16. ARCHIVED-Tigress Guest

    jeweler can no longer make handcrafted belts for mages or priests.
    jeweler can no longer make mastercrafted belt for scouts or fighters.

    For the 20s, only belts available:
    Fashioned Boiled Leather Belt (handcrafted): +8 str/ +8 agi / +8 sta
    Fashioned Engraved Leather Belt (mastercrafted): +10 wis / +10 int / + 10 sta

    For the 30s, only belts available:
    Fashioned Etched Leather Belt (handcrafted): +11 str/ +11 agi / +11 sta
    Fashioned Engraved Leather Belt (mastercrafted): +14 wis / +14 int / + 14 sta

    For the 40s, belts available:
    Fashioned Strengthened Leather Belt (handcrafted): +15 str/ +15 agi / +15 sta
    Fashioned Augmented Leather Belt (mastercrafted): +19 wis / +19 int / + 19 sta

    (note: i did find the handcrafted fasioned linen sash with wis/int/sta that goes on the waist so we can make handcrafted belts for mages/priests in the 40s.)
    Fasioned Linen Sash & Fashioned Rough Linen Sash

    i suspect this continues thru all the levels but i am not checking what i do not need to personally make. pls investigate & fix. ty.
  17. ARCHIVED-Snickerdo Guest

    They really upped the stats on those leather belts though. I just made my baby warlock's 32 gear. I am impressed with the belt and cloak. Plus, the cloak is pretty. It's the yellow magey one. It won't take a guild heraldry, but that's ok because I like it's looks.
    The hex dolls, well, I saved two oak roots because the handcrafted had same stats as mastercrafted. All in all, the gear is a big upgrade to the new tranquil ruckas set. I am saving all the quest rewards from steamfont because at level 36 and 37, will be even nicer upgrades.
    I was initially disappointed with the intelligence downgrades, but the potency must be making up for it. I went into steamfont at 33, killing everything around the first quests, not even invising, just killing it as it gets to me. Even got jumped by a 38 spider when I jumped off from gnomeland at wrong angle. Killed it with no problem.
  18. ARCHIVED-Duckschu Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    So I'm seeing 2 things. There are literally hundreds of things that are "broken" in terms of tradeskilling, and we can expect to see them trickle in. Fine. You've done as I requested. You told us not to expect sweeping changes. Works for me.
    The second, and really more disapointing thing, is that SOE, a company pulling in literally millions a year from subscriptions alone, has exactly nobody dedicated working on this. From what I am reading, you need to use people who are working on something else to fix this:
    "But I couldn't send that to a random person on the team or spare QA person from another game and expect they'd be able to figure it out"
    This statement leads me to believe that only you are actually working on this. That not only are you the only one working on it, but that anyone else who might work on it would not be able to do basic logic to get it fixed. What do I mean by that? Here's an example of something "vague" that really isn't hard to figure out:

    Ranged weapons - handcrafted and mastercrafted. They all need to be looked at.

    Now, if I was some random person, was tasked with that, and I looked at all of the crafted ranged weapons, I would be able to use my amazing abilities of deduction to see that at random levels, some classes can use bow A and at random levels they cannot. I would also see that one kind of bow has AGI and STA on it ("Say, quick question - who is this meant for? Scouts? Ok, thanks!") and wonder why some fighters are forced to use that bow because there isn't any other option. Not terribly hard to figure out, but hey, whatever.

    What's ALSO depressing (though not surprising) is that you have made it fairly clear that the people working on EQ2 don't have the slightest clue about the game. They don't play. They aren't educated in their own product. And to hand them simple tasks would be detrimental.

    *shakes head*
  19. ARCHIVED-Prrasha Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    Sorry for being imprecise, and not linking back to what I was raving about.
    ...it was a reference to my earlier post in this thread:

    Prrasha wrote:
    ...and to this one (granted, in the interminable "war of zek feedback" thread, and not here... /feedback (or /bug, I forget) was filed in-game also):
    Prrasha wrote:
    ...I am unsure how to be more detailed, when virtually every item in the game seems to have been hit by this.
    Handcrafted is often better than Mastercrafted, and neither is better than garbage chest drops, as though they were all getting the same number of "points" in the new itemization script. Mastercrafted used to be worth the time spent levelling a crafter and harvesting rares, and it's now useless across a huge range of items.
    And another I discovered last night when trying to help a guildie:
    Xegonite two-handed fighter weapons have crit chance & DPS & potency & crit bonus (spiked hammer, for example.)
    Xegonite two-handed priest weapons have only potency & crit bonus and got shafted on the additional stats. (great flail, for example.)
  20. ARCHIVED-Tigress Guest

    HEX DOLLS: 30s ...
    all of the "mastercrafted" hex dolls read that they are "handcrafted" and have stats identical to the "handcraft", despite costing a rare. the only way to tell that you have a MC one is that the MC includes hexing bonus and HC does not. it makes the MC dolls worthless. fix it. ty.

    i'll bet that this is a problem on other tiers; however, I dont need to make them so I'm not spending more time checking them. It's already been 6 hrs of figuring out what i needed & redressing, crafting stuff that you guys changed. (i'm not getting paid to check SOE's Quality Control Errors....) pls have someone LOOK at all of the hex dolls and fix them once & for all. ty.

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