Handcrafted & Mastercrafted Gear Errors

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Tigress, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-Raienya Guest

    Omougi, you stated that "these bugs/issues annoy us as much as they annoy you, and we want to have the majority of them addressed ASAP (before GU64)."
    Well, GU64 is on track to be released in what, 12 days? So what's the word on the itemization fixes?
  2. ARCHIVED-Lasai Guest

    How hard is it to put both Str and Agi on crafted Longbows? We still have no crafted Longbows with Agi except the Apprentice recipes, Faction recipes, and a couple in t8.
    This is really getting old. Longbows are not worth the cost of the rare to craft, and nobody wants a shortbow.
  3. ARCHIVED-Raienya Guest

    Counting down, 5 days left, and still no response from Omougi on whether ANY fixes have been done.
    If I sound angry, yes, I am. When we have a tradeskill developer, I expect that person to COMMUNICATE with the player base. The itemization problems have been ongoing for EIGHT MONTHS now, with not a single fix done in that time. I am beyond fed up with the silence.
  4. ARCHIVED-Lasai Guest

    Raienya wrote:
    I totally agree. I get a bit past it, then get slapped up side the head with a reminder, like yesterday when I found that the level 82 MC cloak I made for my brig was, in almost all ways, inferior to the level 72 she was wearing. 1 pt stat increase. No haste.
    Reminded when I find that a lot of level 82 MC jewelry is either inferior to or no improvement over level 77 RoK recipes.
    Reminded when the only low level longbows I can make for my little ranger with agi are reactant recipes.
    I'm reminded every time an alt levels.. and I can make no assumptions that the next tier MC will actually be an improvement over the last.. or even that the MC for that tier will be superior to handcrafted.
    Im reminded every time I want to make a round shield.. even as an appearance item.. because none of my fighters can equip one. Trying to sell a round shield is a joke.
    Any crafter making stat gear is reminded of the mess time and time again. Bronze memberships "should" have given crafters an enhanced market for MC... but too much of it is mis-itemized junk that I wont make for my own alts.
    Im sorry we don't all make furniture. Im sorry that the last input on this forums seems to be "what house items would you like"
  5. ARCHIVED-Katz Guest

    Many, maybe even most of us that make furniture also have alts that make the other things. And on top of that, as far as I can tell, that was a station cash thread.
    I agree. I wish we had someone back in tradeskill like Domino. I didn't always agree with her, but at least she was on top of the tradeskill stuff.
  6. ARCHIVED-Zivgar Guest

    I know I made a lvl 52 wis/int/sta cloak for my wizard and with other stats the lvl 52 cloak had like 6.8 Crit Chance.
    While the lvl 62 cloak had 0 (zero) Crit chance. I stuck with the lvl 52 cloak for now.
  7. ARCHIVED-Raienya Guest

    Katz wrote:
    And that's the problem. Not a word from our supposed tradeskill developer since March, and he has managed to post in several other threads since then, just not this one.
    We do not need another Smokejumper "yes man" working for SoE. We need someone who will LISTEN to and COMMUNICATE with us.
  8. ARCHIVED-Raienya Guest

    And, GU64 has come, with nary a word about the MC gear issues. There is NO EXCUSE for the absolute lack of communication from the tradeskill developer.
  9. ARCHIVED-Lasai Guest

    Another "fun" reminder today. T3 Boiled Leather Belt is STR AGI Stam. MC version, Cuirboilli Belt, is WIS INT Stam, duplicating the cloth belt.
    This was reported on Test. Eons ago. Over and over. My jeweler reported it on test.
    This why I quit leveling characters on Test, and in the main quit bothering with it, deleting most of my test toons. The mc gear issues on test were given a once over and called good. First pass of GU 63 tradeskill items on Test was horrendous..and got somewhat addressed, but all of the things that slipped past that adjustment were never dealt with. Made the reporting effort seem, to me, useless.
  10. ARCHIVED-Raienya Guest

    Lasai wrote:
    And this is exactly why people are so fed up and frustrated. Not only does SoE expect us to do their work for them (testing their own code for bugs), but when problems are found, they are almost completely ignored.
    That, plus the complete lack of communication, are why people are leaving this game.
  11. ARCHIVED-Raienya Guest

    So, our tradeskill director was on the boards on the 3rd, but hasn't bothered to post anywhere since July 27th, and still no word of any kind as to the status of the fixes we were told should be done before Qeynos Rise hit live.
    Omougi, we are not asking much. Just that you give us SOME sort of update.
  12. ARCHIVED-Raienya Guest

    Does anyone have any more errors to add to the list? I know there were mentions of shields being messed up, but anything else?
  13. ARCHIVED-njade Guest

    Raienya wrote:
    I don't think we have a tradskill dev anymore... I mean seriously, Omougi can't be our tradeskill dev and PvP dev in the same time...
    Do you think you can get both jobs done in a correct way?? NO. So he just skipped Tradeskill stuff as it is not so much important to SOE anymore.
    In a moment Domino left EQ2 we lost our true Tradeskill Dev, and I don't think we will see so much quests and tradeskill content she used to prepare for eq2 players... Sorry, but I think we can all simply forget about extra quests for crafters, not to mention heritage quests and so on. Common, thay have to place something on Marketplace :)

    And I have no idea if it was mentioned, but recepie for \aITEM -589720418 1206625951:Scaled Dragonhide Gloves\/a is broken as it requires 5 Prime Dragon Hides. 5!!
  14. ARCHIVED-Raienya Guest

    Kinya@Splitpaw wrote:
    Well, if they haven't already, they are going to be sick to death of seeing my forum handle in posts, because I refuse to let the entire tradeskill community be ignored and shoved into a drawer.
    Whether they acknowledge it or not, tradeskillers/decorators are a big part of the gaming community here, and we deserve a developer who will actually post on our forum and develop things for us.
  15. ARCHIVED-Raienya Guest

    So, just about another month has come and gone......
    Status update on fixing the MC gear screwups that are now over nine months old?
  16. ARCHIVED-Raienya Guest

    We are now at THIRTEEN MONTHS and still not one of the items listen in this now eight pages long post has been fixed.
    To quote the guys on Monday Night Football......"COME ON, MAN!"
  17. ARCHIVED-Raienya Guest

    So, Omougi was last on the forums August 22nd, but hasn't posted in the Tradeskill forums for over a month. His most recent activity has been in the PVP and Battlegrounds forums. Having one person split between three areas is NOT working.
    Hire a tradeskill developer, please and thank you. THIRTEEN MONTHS without any fixes to the MC gear screwup is beyond pathetic.
  18. ARCHIVED-Raienya Guest

    I still refuse to allow this subject to be ignored. Omougi still hasn't logged on to the forums since his last visit on August 22nd.
    I have sent PM to two of the "higher-ups" in the hope of bringing this to the attention of someone who might be able to do something or at least acknowledge that it is being corrected.
    Thanks to all the players who spent their time submitting and /bug reporting broken items, stats and the like. Keep sending the information in.
  19. ARCHIVED-Raienya Guest

    Just checking in to see if our developer has answered, and no, he hasn't. Still hasn't been on the forums in over a month. Really getting tired of this.
  20. ARCHIVED-Mermut Guest

    A bare month before the next expansion, not time to fix old bugs.. and besides, I'm sure there will be new bugs with crafted gear after CoE ;)

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