Handcrafted & Mastercrafted Gear Errors

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Tigress, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-Liandra Guest

    It would probably be helpful if someone from SOE could confirm what the new relationship between item qualities is and where crafted items lie on the scale.
    Previously from Best to Worst it was:
    Mythical > Fabled > Legendary > Mastercrafted > Treasured > Handcrafted
    There was some slight overlap between Legendary and MC and between Treasured and HC but overall this was valid.
    It now seems to be
    Mythical > Fabled > Legendary > Treasured > Mastercrafted & Handcrafted
    Now the overlap seems to be between MC and HC with some HC items being better than the MC versions. Of course there is no treasured in DoV so the gap between quest loot (all legendary) and crafted loot is even bigger.
  2. ARCHIVED-Raienya Guest

    MC Cloth armor:
    Every piece of MC cloth armor has lost roughly HALF the "main" stat (wisdom or intelligence) on each piece. The resists that were on them before are now gone. Mind you, my tailor is only level 25, but this holds true for the level 12 and level 22 MC armor, so I would guess it is the same for each progressive level.
    As for giving the community a "fix by" date....I would rather hear "such and such is being worked on. We will try to get it in with the next hotfix. If that isn't possible, I will post in this thread and let you all know."
    I would rather hear that (knowing that it is actually being worked on), than hear NOTHING and wonder when or if it will be worked on. Yes, some people might get miffed at the fixes being delayed, but at least we would know that our concerns and feedback are being heard and addressed.
  3. ARCHIVED-d1anaw Guest

    Liandra wrote:
    The real fix is to put crafted or mastercrafted between mythical and fabled.
  4. ARCHIVED-Karyu Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    An example of a general problem I've noticed when trying to re-gear my characters that needed t3 and t4 leather, chain, and plate armor:
    Feyiron Vanguard Barbute: +11 str, +11 sta, 8.4 dps, and 196 mitigation
    Feysteel Vanguard Barbute: +15 str, +15 sta, 5.6 dps, and 221 mitigation
    I'm not sure what the intended increase in stats is supposed to be, but it seems wrong that the additional stats (like the dps in the example above) would go down when you go to a higher quality item. I haven't gone through every t3 and t4 armor piece or any of the other tiers, but a random sampling showed this to be true on every piece I looked at.
  5. ARCHIVED-Crickett Guest

    Liandra wrote:
    Only thing worth making are expert spells now...?! Seems odd they'd upgrade Treasured, Legendary items and cut the stats on all MC.
    As I remember Steel used to have around +20 (cl-22) stats and now Ebon has +22 (Cl-42) Appears that AC dropped too.
    82 MC now has +37 stats and My Temps CL 70 Legendary has 40+ and higher AC?!
    /heavy sigh.... No more cookies for the Devs!
    /disclaimer: I may not be totally correct, but I can live with partially..
  6. ARCHIVED-Raienya Guest

    Ok, going to try and clear up the hex doll problems. Below is a table of hex doll stats prior to GU 61 (via Eq2Traders):
    TierCommonCommon Stats*RareRare Stats*Imbue Material
    2Burlap (Tuber)+6, 3hp/3pwrRoughspun (Sisal)+10, 5 hp/pwr, +60 resistsGlowing
    3Canvas (Belladonna)+8, 3hp/3pwrRuckas (Dandelion)+14, 10 hp/pwr, +105 resistsSparkling
    4Broadcloth (Tussah)+12, 7 hp/pwrCloth (Oak Root)+20, 15 hp/pwr, +140 resistsGlimmering
    5Rough Linen (Ashen)+18, 10 hp/pwrLinen (Figwart)+24, +5 sta, 20 hp/pwr, +225 resistsLuminous
    6Sandcloth (Succulent)+21, 12 hp/pwrCambric (Saguaro)+30, +10 sta, 25 hp/pwr, +270 resistsLambent
    7Windcloth (Hanging)+26, 15 hp/pwrDragon's Breath (Nimbus)+34, +15 sta, +30 hp/pwr, +302 resistsScintillating
    8Damask (Lichenclover)+30, +10 sta, 18 hp/pwrSwiftcloth (Mantrap)+40, +20 sta, 40 hp/pwr, +347 resistsSmoldering
    +1 melee crit chance
    +1 ranged crit chance
    +1 damage spell crit chance
    +1 heal crit chance

    T2 is now broken up into several different stat dolls, each having lost the added hp, power, and resists. They also have less base stats than they did previously. For example, Chaos and Discord Imbued are now wis/int/sta. Fright and Ruin imbued are now str/agi/sta. Shadow Imbued Burlap and Roughspun is sta/str/agi.
    The rares on T2 alone have lost 3 on the stats, plus the hp, power, and resists.
    T3 MC looks to have lost 4 on the stats, the hp, power, and resists. These were replaced by +2 subjugation/disruption. The HC versions actually have a +3 to subjugation/disruption, with +8 to stats.
    PLEASE return the hex dolls to their former stats. The current versions are just a mess.
    If there are any high level tailors who can verify if the upper tiers are similar, would help a lot.
    *edit* Also just noticed that some of the low level MC dolls are flagged as HC.
  7. ARCHIVED-Telric Guest

    Not sure if this is intentional or a bug, but the Rilissian Manslayer (L77 MC faction) leather armour only has +STR and +STA stats since GU61. It previously had +STR, +STA and +WIS.
    Since it's the only L77 MC faction armour available for druids, I think it's an error.
  8. ARCHIVED-Zehl_Ice-Fire Guest

    Cuirboilli leather (mastercrafted level 22) is bruiser monk only now.
    I'm not sure if this was intended, but if so it stinks because I use it on my lower level chain & plate alts who are never growing up, or growing up fast, and I don't want to waste a rare metal on, but rare pelts are cheap.
  9. ARCHIVED-leiela Guest

    Liandra wrote:
    The new Itemisation has really killed crafted gear i used to sell alot of twink armour/weapons etc and now nothing sells at all because people would rather equip treasured stuff they pick up than buy master crafted.
    I've cut all my prices to barely above costs and it's still not really moving with any great speed, yes it does still sell in drip's and drab's mostly to people i think who haven;t paid attention and noticed the nerf and still assume its the best thing to buy.
    I was comparing some jewellary last night and this is what i found on a necklace.
    Opaline Locket - HC - Selling for 15g - 11wis , 11 int, 11 stam, 3 minstration, 3 ordination, 1.2 potancy.
    Dwarven Prayer Beads - Treasured - selling for 10g - 13wis, 13int, 13stam, 3 focus, 3 weaponskills, 1.4 potancy.
    Fashioned Opal Necklace - MC - selling for 1p - 14wis, 14int, 14 stam, 278 resist (n,e,a), 2 focus, 2 weaponskills, 0.8 potancy.
    Halfling healer bead - Legendary - selling for 22g - 16 wis, 16int, 16 stam, 3 focus, 4 weaponskills, 1.8 potancy
    Energized Mediums Medallion - Fabled - 88g - 16wis, 16 int, 16 stam, 4 disruption, 4 subujgation, 1.8 potancy
    Now granted the fabled itemistation seems messed up here.
    However the sad fact is no-one is going to pay for the MC when they can get the legendary for a fraction of the price, granted there is a loss of some resists but honestly no-one cares about resist's till the top couple of tiers.
    Now before someone says something about the MC is way over priced, opal's on my server are currently selling for 60-80g i could potentially drop the price to 80-90g but at that point we have to wonder if the time invested in crafting it is worth it and it doens't take away the fact that they can get a comparable and argueably better item for 22g a price i could never hope to match even if i got a really good deal on opal's.
    Currently the only thing worth making is experts. *sigh* and as someone who has always been a crafter before a adventurer it's a sad state of affairs.
  10. ARCHIVED-Chiel Guest

    Edit: Removed my info, you can remove this post. I'm dumb and didn't read today's patch notes lol...my issue was apparently fixed. :p /coffee
  11. ARCHIVED-theriatis Guest

    Mastercrafted Hex Dolls:
    Yesterday i noticed on my toon with 2 MC Hexdolls (Ruckas Chaos), it didn't give me the Bonus for 2 MC Hexdolls.
    Is this an Error or do i need 2 different MC Hexdolls since GU61 ?
    Regards, theriatis.
  12. ARCHIVED-Tylia Guest

    Tigress wrote:
    Tigress, for the 40's, there are also waist item recipes for handcrafted Fashioned Dimondine Girdle with str/agi/sta, and mastercrafted Fashioned Rhodium Girdle with str/sta/agi. However, the items you have listed for the 20's and 30's are the only waist items for those two tiers. My little lvl 33 ranger is crying over her handcrafted belt.
    Edited to add: I did check the remaining tiers and they are fine as far as having both hc and mc waist items available for str/sta/agi and int/wis/sta. It is just t3 and t4 that are missing mc waist items for str/agi/sta and hc waist items for int/wis/sta.
  13. ARCHIVED-Chiel Guest

    Am I the only one who has noticed an armorer recipe missing in t8? Non-Imbued Incarnadine Righteous Cuirass...I can imbue it but I can't make the cuirass I'd like to imbue lol. Not sure how long it's been like that since I've only recently had reason to make a set.
  14. ARCHIVED-Raienya Guest

    Ok, bringing up hex dolls again, as they are still fouled up.
    Prior to GU61, the only real difference between hex dolls within the same tier was the self buff and debuff. Below is what I mean.
    NameSelf BuffTarget Effect
    Ruin ImbuedStamina IncreaseLowered Physical Mitigation
    Discord ImbuedWisdom IncreaseLowered Attribute Scores
    Shadow ImbuedAgility IncreaseLowered Movement Rate
    Chaos ImbuedIntelligence IncreaseLowered Magical Mitigation
    Fright ImbuedStrength IncreaseLowered Attack Rate
    On the above, a ruin imbued t2 doll had 6 to int/sta/wis/agi/str, 3 hp, 3 power, and the listed buff/debuff. Now, only certain classes are able to use certain dolls. Example, if a necro wanted to use a ruin imbued for the stamina buff, they are stuck with common stats that only increase strength, agility, and stamina. No boost to int for a class that needs it.
    Please put the hex dolls back the way they were prior to the GU. This is just a big headache.
  15. ARCHIVED-GussJr Guest

    ...we should all be paid is SC since it appears we are all doing work for SOE now, listing all of this out for them...

    sorry...I am not usually so pessimistic...and I know the Dev's stay busy...
  16. ARCHIVED-Whilhelmina Guest

    kris and ritual daggers are the only piercing weapons with +int on them. Guess what? they're the only piercing weapons not wearable by mages. Made a /bug from my Test weaponsmith.
  17. ARCHIVED-Chiel Guest

    I noticed the xegonite ritual dagger (I'm pretty sure that's the one) can be used by mages just fine. My necro has one. The problem is that it's still considered lv60 instead of lv62 and the stats show this, meaning I made it for no reason since it's not better than what she has right now. It should be lv62 like the rest of the t7 MC lol. Might want to take a look at that. I could be wrong on the name of it since I'm not in game right now, but I know it is a t7 MC mage stat dagger. Mostly certain it was a ritual dagger.
  18. ARCHIVED-Seiffil Guest

    I noticed this when I was looking what bow to craft for a new scout alt, somehow all of the handcrafted and mastercrafted longbows have no agility whatsoever. Agility is only on the shortbows. Please fix this, I don't see why you would need to make shortbows lend more to scouts and longbows lend more towards fighters, especially since when you get to 90, just about every bow a scout will be using is going to be a longbow.
    Just make the longbows and shortbows have str, agi, and sta, there's no reason to lock each one to one specific set of classes due to the stats they provide.
  19. ARCHIVED-Laiina Guest

    While browing the broker yesterday i noticed some level 22 imbued MC items that had identical names and descriptions, but some had level 12 stats on them. One specfic item is the Imbued Oak Knotted Club.
  20. ARCHIVED-Raienya Guest

    It has been 20 days since a red reply in this thread. I know you all are busy looking into this mess, but could we get a post with some sort of update? MC items are still being outdone by treasured drops/quest rewards that are lower in level than the MC equivalent.

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