Halls of the Green Robes: Antonia Bayle

Discussion in 'Guide and Player Events' started by Guide Croakis, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Gwynn New Member

    Kitzy, I love your museum!
    Now that I've seen the wall-mounted Fae Lantern, I want like a zillion of them...
    What quest gives them out??
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  2. Mystfit Well-Known Member

    The floor Fae Lantern can be turned into the wall version by examining it in your inventory.
  3. Mythical House Item Active Member

    The quest was for 'borrowing' fairy wings in darklight wood.
  4. Salavar Active Member

    I don't know if this is the right place to post this but here goes, I am interested in a guide quest called "Kael or Be Kael'ed" and I have no idea how the guides decide to do what and when etc.

    How would it be possible to obtain this quest from the AB guide(s)?

    Thanks in advance.
  5. Guide Croakis Guide

    Aye... this would be the place true! I will pass the request on to all the guides.. and all I can say is watch here for hints.. ;)
    I do not always get much warning... but I will pass on what I do hear!

  6. Salavar Active Member

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that IF it happens it is not long after I have fallen into my nightly coma, thanks Croakis!
  7. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    Thanks Kinyoubi. Yeah I saw that it was a guide only robe at an event after I had posted. Very jealous of the robe!
  8. Guide Croakis Guide

    This Week!

    Wednesday 1-16:
    2pm pacific in Qeynos... was that Snoo that I saw?

    3:30pm pacific in Eastern Wastes... a coldain adventurer has a challenge for you!

    Thursday 1-17:
    5pm pacific in Antonica... a farmer has a pig problem!

    More coming soon!
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  9. Mythical House Item Active Member

    Yay Snoo!! I miss you!
  10. Salavar Active Member

    I happened upon two Coldains standing in front of Kael yesterday at the designated time, they were quite helpful and offered me an adventure!!

    Thank you to my Coldain friends and to you Croakis.
  11. Mikai Member

    I'd like to do a quest called Decorating With Axes please.
  12. Guide Croakis Guide

    Watch for updates on this one!
  13. Guide Croakis Guide

    Coming This Week!
    Thursday 1-14 around 4pm pacific in Butcherblock.. its time for some competition! (will you survive?)

    More Soon!
  14. Guide Croakis Guide

    Ok... so the month is flying past faster than I thought!!
    The correct date is 1-24.. same time.. same station! (sorry for the confusion:rolleyes:)

    Also Wednesday 1-23:
    2pm pacific in Darklight Woods... someone needs help with a lantern!

    More coming soon!
  15. Guide Croakis Guide

    Wednesday 1-23:
    3:30pm pacific in Butcherblock.... a dwarf researching his family's weapon of choice.. will need some help!

    More soon!
  16. Gwynn New Member

    Ohh, thanks. I never saw that - and here I'd been trying to hide those stems in those stupid Halas walls!
    OK so I'm going to have to get a bunch of alts ready for next time :).
  17. Kinyoubi Guide

    Ai hear tell of a Gnome in Steamfont dat iz gonna needz help wif an invenshun gone wrong! Friday, 1/25, some time around 6:00 pm. Sumwun help dat poor Gnome!
  18. Kinyoubi Guide

    Ai also heared dat dere iz a farmer in Antonica dat will needz sum help around 4:00 pm PST on Thursday, 1-31
  19. Guide Croakis Guide

    This Week!

    Thursday 1-31
    Around 4pm... a farmer has a problem... many problems...

    Saturday 2-2
    9am pacific... a gnome with a clockwork problem will need help!

    More coming soon!
  20. Jazabelle Well-Known Member

    Croakis, do we have any idea where the gnome with the clockwork problem will be having his (her?) problem?

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