Halls of the Green Robes: Antonia Bayle

Discussion in 'Guide and Player Events' started by Guide Croakis, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Kasumi Member

    Where be you guys?! We waitin' :D <3
  2. Keiona Senior Guide

    The love in the air was foggy so Rhomi got lost on the road for a while. But she should arrive at 4pm to seek that love.
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  3. Guide Croakis Guide

    I am a sly frog.. I am.. I provide hints... /sly grin... hints.. :rolleyes:
    You know you will be there... :D
    hmmm... maybe I should be Croakis the Mysterious :cool:
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  4. Guide Croakis Guide

    Sorry all, I wont be able to give updates this week, I will be gone all week.. See you next week!
  5. Lizabethan Active Member

    Hello, AB guides!

    A friend of mine asked me to request from you a run of Techgnical Difficulties because "he totally won't kill [Lizabethan] with the Clockwork Assassin, promise". Against my better judgement, I said I'd ask if anyone'd be available to make his dream of halfling destruction a reality!

    (Maybe an afternoon time before raid? :) )
  6. Kinyoubi Guide

    Ai will fill in fer da grumpy lil' green froggie dis week! :D

    Wednesday around 3:45 pm ... Gnimbus has been wandering the Withered Lands with his notes falling every which way! I bet Merriment Julep was involved! :eek:

    Wednesday around 3:00 pm ... a pretty Halfling needs some gathering help in the Thundering Steppes! :)

    Thursday around 5:30 pm ... Young love needs a helping hand in the Thundering Steppes! ;)

    Moar to be annownced!
  7. Amphlify New Member

    I'm just wondering if frogs carry timepieces that measure in Pacific, Central, Eastern or Norrathian because mine has been broken for a long time.
  8. Kinyoubi Guide

    All timez iz PST, az alwayz! Dis whole world revolvez aroun' PST, yoo kno dat! ;)
  9. Guide Croakis Guide

    Froggy is back!!
    Didya all miss me? :p

    Monday 3-4:
    9am pacific in Kelethin... get out the caffeine!
    Thursday 3-7:
    5pm pacific in Lavastorm... a troll needs your help!

    as always.... More Soon! :D
  10. Shimmeringstar New Member

    So Kinyoubi are you still going to be here today ? Sunday 3rd ... been watching for you all day ... smiles

    Am hoping I didn't misread what you said about the quest ... thanks
  11. Kinyoubi Guide

    Dere was three lil' dragonz in Mara, yesterday at around 8:00 am pst, an dey waz lookin fer sumwun ta tell stories!

    If yoo missed dem, yoo might try to be in Lavastorm on Thursday, around 5:00 pm PST, like Mister Croakis sed!
    Dey will be lookin fer yoo! :D
  12. Avithax Well-Known Member

    These 3 lil draginz are provin to be eluzive, missed dem agin due to a prior engagmint wit da Pirat Kingz.....5pm Pst can be tough for somez of uz still out der fightin the enemiez of Norrath in force. Cud ya lemme knoes if ya spotz dem agin?
  13. Guide Croakis Guide

    This Week!
    So far, what I can tell you is that Thursday 3-14:
    about 5pm pacific in Antonica.. a the pigs have gone wild!!

    More soon!
  14. Guide Croakis Guide

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!!
    Love the green!! (frog of course):rolleyes:
    Erin go Braugh!:D
  15. Lera Well-Known Member

    Will there be a chance to obtain the fairy lantern anytime Soon™?
  16. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    Can I request the mushroom hat one too? I have some alts that need to shrink for decorating purposes. Thanks much!
  17. Jathimas New Member

    I second the fairy lantern. Thank you!
  18. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    Okies I know I already requested the mushroom hat but I was wondering if I could make another request. Last time the assassin clockwork event happened the raiding guild I craft for was having a blast doing this quest. They have a bunch of those pets in their guild hall now and enjoying attacking people with them. I was wondering if this event could be run again so those people that missed the event can get their own clockwork. Thanks so much!
  19. Guide Croakis Guide

    I have passed on the requests to our guides... :D
    If I was a betting frog... I would say there is a good chance you will see some of these soon... ;) I think the event you are talking about here... may only be available during Tinkerfest... I could be wrong, but I will try to find out for sure!:confused:
  20. Lizabethan Active Member

    *in her best whispering voice*

    Mr. Croakis, I believe Ocarinah is requesting Techgnical Difficulties, the one that rewards the Clockwork Assassin. :)

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