Halls of the Green Robes: Antonia Bayle

Discussion in 'Guide and Player Events' started by Guide Croakis, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Guide Croakis Guide

    Coming this week!

    Monday 11-12-12:
    4pm pacific.. in Feerrott... an ogre needs help to find a missing sister!
    8:30pm pacific in Frostfang Sea.. its time for the fashions to be displayed!

    More Coming Soon!
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  2. Guide Croakis Guide

    Coming This Week!

    Wednesday 11-21-12:
    1pm pacific in Qeynos.. an iksar will be looking for some help.... a lesson to be learned!

    More Coming Soon!
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  3. Guide Croakis Guide

    I am sorry to say that the iksar has met with a misfortune... and will not be able to make it.
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  4. Guide Croakis Guide

    Wednesday 11-21-12:
    10am pacific in Commonlands.. its party time!

    More coming soon!
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  5. Guide Croakis Guide

    Thursday 11-22 for your early birds (get it? early birds? turkey day? :D)
    7:30am in Antonica.. a bad wolf has taken the pies for the feast!! What will she do?

    More soon!
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  6. Mythical House Item Active Member

    Just wondering if it would be possible to get the mushroom hat quest on AB that makes you shrink? The Cogknocker must be small enough to carry the platinum sprocket!
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  7. Bellandu Senior Guide

    Wednesday, November 28

    2pm - Watch for an unusual character in Kelethin.

    7pm - That young coldain is again looking for assistance in her fungoid research in the Frostfang Sea area.
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  8. Mythical House Item Active Member

    Snooo! Thank you for the pretty robe, and snowmaker! Just in time for frostfel!
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  9. Guide Croakis Guide

    Thursday 11-29:
    5pm pacific in Darklight Woods... there will be some orcs in need of watching!

    More coming soon!
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  10. Mythical House Item Active Member

    Thank you from Oize and Kitzy Cogknocker for the fabulous hats!
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  11. Mythical House Item Active Member

    Thank you for another fun event!
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  12. Twinklin Member

    Thanks AB guides for running so many great quests this week. I got lots of fun stuff. Shroom hat and fancy orange dress and snow maker for my SK, Milldew, A fae candelabra, ratonga beauty cream, and othmir buoy for Twinklin. Loves loves loves.
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  13. Mythical House Item Active Member


    The best of all gifts around any Frostfell tree:

    The presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other, safely hidden from Tickers!

    May you have a Merry Frostfell!

    Kitzy Cogknocker, Tickers, Kasumie, and the other fine members of <Homes and Tomes>


    Dear Snoo,

    We miss you and hope that you are having a merry Frostfell where ever you are! We will keep the Turborotor 1385-B fully charged so you can fly with us one day!

    (Kasumie and I dedicated a small area near our offices in the Homes and Tomes hall on Antonia Bayle to Snoo, one of our favorite guides!)
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  14. Kasumi Member

    Thank you so much for running all of these events! I've had so much fun participating!
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  15. Lera Well-Known Member

    Will there be any gnomes that need help in the Withered Lands anytime soon? Preferably at night?
  16. Bellandu Senior Guide

    I hear that Snoo will be in Neriak on Wednesday, Dec. 5 around 3pm. She hopes to see her many friends again soon.
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  17. Mythical House Item Active Member

  18. Mythical House Item Active Member

    Dear Dutchey,

    Thank you for the well built crash pad. Please don't try and steal the Platinum Sprocket, I keep it safely guarded on the SS Cogknocker.

    Kitzy Cogknocker, Keeper of the Platinum Sprocket
  19. Mythical House Item Active Member

    It was really great to see you again Snoo! I look forward to our next visit!
  20. Lizabethan Active Member

    Hi there! We here in Homeshow were wondering if you wouldn't mind running Lost Frostfell Gifts, the event that offers \aITEM -723865000 -652752867:Holiday Mistletoe\/a , in the near future. Frostfell will be here soon, but us decorators need to stock up early!

    Much love and cupcakes, Lizabethan

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