Halls of the Green Robes: Antonia Bayle

Discussion in 'Guide and Player Events' started by Guide Croakis, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Guide Croakis Guide

    I have passed on the requests to all of the guides on Antonia Bayle, as soon as I hear anything, I will be sure to post it here! ;):rolleyes:

    Your humble frog :)
  2. Kinyoubi Guide

    A troubled soul will be seeking help in Obol Plains on Wednesday, around 5:00 pm Pacific.

    Will you be the one to balance the turmoil in the Ethernere?
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  3. Annie New Member


    Is that Wednesday today or next week? I don't want to miss it!
  4. Kinyoubi Guide

    My sources say 3-4-15, so ... 'Today'! :)
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  5. Guide Croakis Guide

    Coming up on Thursday... 3-5 around 4:30pm pacific in Enchanted Lands... a hungry troll is looking for something tasty to snack on...:eek:
    If I was a halfling.. I would stay FAR... away!:oops:

    More Soon! :rolleyes:
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