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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Xelgad, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. Sixgauge Well-Known Member


    Reckless stance - grants crit bonus instead of potency. Sets block chance to 0.

    Taunting Assault - faster casting.

    Battle Tactics - 3% damage reduction group-wide. This sets guards apart from other tanks as the low offense, high defense tank.

    Sentinel - 48% chance to proc 87% damage reduction on target at grandmaster.

    Dragoon's Reflexes - Remove "dispelled when CA used"

    Plant - 1 threat position if epic.

    Executioner's Wrath - increases crit bonus instead of crit chance.

    Executioner's Fury - When you fall below 50% hp... increase 5 flurry, and taunt effect and damage of all CAs by 15%, for 8 seconds (long enough duration for 2 auto attacks and 6-8 CAs at most).

    Arena Endurance - Previous 2% heal suggestion seems fine.

    Battle Hardening - Needs to soak more damage at 95.
  2. Netty Member

    3% damage reduction on battle tactics is not needed at all... Sentinel is fine and your idea is OP. Plat is weak but i rather see more range and more threat on it than hate posisons. Leave the aoe snap aggro to the aoe tank... Infact since reinfrocement trigger of taunts aswell guards have quit few aoe snap aggro tools.... All aoes and triggers of plat + the encounter taunt... So its not needed. Oh and have you used reckless befor? You cant block in this stance as the buff works on live.Agree with change around to give CB for warriors tho make it 25%/25% or something.
  3. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    I didnt know about reckless. I think it should give more hate reduction and I like the idea about magic damage not hitting 50% harder.

    Sentinel is not fine, it's not used because you take 80% of the damage intercepted... the target takes 23%. So, essentially the target has 77% damage reduction. I realize I said 87%, which was wrong. Only difference is, you don't take the 80% damage. Proc rate stays the same.

    Battle Tactics buff is not needed necessarily... but it will help tighten balance between guard vs monk dps/defensive gaps. Either that, or buff guard dps somehow, I chose to go with defensive utility on my wish list. Some will say it already is balanced... that's fine.

    I guess if you want to waste 4 AA reinforcement will proc on taunts.
  4. Rhita Member

    You had a lot of similar ideas and a few new ones. Overall good feedback.
  5. Netty Member

    Sentinel is fine imo. You might not think so but it can save the life of someone in your group. Its not a damage reduction its a transfer of damage. And if they changed it to be 86% damage reduction with a proc rate like that it would be OP as hell. And points to make reinforcemnt proc of taunts is not a waste... Sorry if you feel that way but there is not much other to spec on in that tree... and getting a snap aggro tool like that is pretty neat. Guards need a dps boost. nothing huge but that will make them more inline what they should be. and probly more fun to play in heroics.
  6. Typos Member

    1. Melee hit rates while tanking.

    2. Reckless should have equal benefit for all classes.

    3. Mobs should not be immune to snaps unless its script dependent. Basically, if you give me a button it should do what it says. Not "sometimes this works, press it and find out"

    4. unweb aa trees!! I loveee that idea soo much. Cookie cutter aa specs are for the birds.

    5. I still want aa spec changes on the fly. I would love to be able to swap a d spec and o spec halfway through zones I'm told it will never happen but i will continue asking ! :)

    6. re picking up deity miracles throughout the zone would be amazing as well. Pop a temp deity altar? i dunno. Just a thought.
  7. Deathmagus Member

    So before anyone reads this... I'm just going to state right now that it is my opinion that this suggestion is likely going to be shot down and criticized harshly.. but I don't really care anymore, and it's something I have wanted to see implemented for several expansions... so here goes.

    General Mechanics Suggestion #1:

    Have self and group augmentations that are specced for through AAs be changed to % based modifiers if the caps have been removed and well exceeded. My reasoning for this is that until sometime in SF or the launch of DoV many of our stats had a hard cap of 100 and as such the values granted were based upon a maximum of 100 for said statistic. In current content no one in decent gear has less than 100 crit chance, multi attack (which replaced double attack), potency, crit bonus, haste, or dps mod. As such many of the buffs and augmentations we get from AA have dwindled in their effectiveness.

    I do realize that certain buffs may need have to have their values modified to some extent for this to really work without causing immediate issues. However, it may alleviate certain balancing issues in the future if such changes were made.

    I know for a fact that buffs like DKtM for dirges have become a joke since you can get more Crit Chance from a single adornment. Fortissimo has also become laughable with the inflation of stats that has occured over the last few expansions. Dex Sonota doesn't even feel like an amazing buff anymore tbh despite it still being well worth the 1 AA that is required for it.

    General Mechanics Suggestion #2:

    Change Blessings so that they persist through death. Also, if it would not be too much please reduce the base recast of Miracles by 50% so that at capped reuse they would have a 15 minute cool down. I think that everyone in this game that uses Miracles and/or Blessings would appreciate this.
  8. Obano Well-Known Member

    Not sure what this thread is all about but I will say what I always say.

    1. Fix Rockskin (having both a root and a stifle is NOT fun even if your numbers say this is balanced )

    2. Look at avatar brawler Itemization. We are missing a defensive offhand. Drinal's loot from what I have seen also left out defensive off hand while giving plate tanks a 2400+ protection value shield. Brawlers will have much less avoidance than plate tanks going forward if something is not changed.

    3. Longer State of the Bruiser thread here. (TLDR; don't make every mob drag immune)
  9. Merowing New Member

    Get Pooling Blood fixed.
    A revamp of our myth buff is needed.
    The weapon clicky / snap should work propper.
    Bloodletter recast in fight.
    And some of the other stuff that is already listed.
  10. Emissary Vex Active Member

    There is surprisingly little discussion about recklessness which is very misleading from the forums and community in general. I Implore the developers to get more opinions about this; as the players who main toons are fighters will obviously have a bias toward keeping it. This stance doesn't make anymore sense then giving cloth casters some sort of buff that would allow them to tank. It is still used for tanking, even tanking raid mobs. The downsides are easily countered with more heals and aggro is a non-issue on trash mobs that die quickly anyway.
  11. Rockefeller New Member

    Berserker - Obsolete or Lacking Abilities

    Combat Arts

    Berserk Rage & War Cry: These abilities are a chief-class defining ability of the Berserker class. They randomly trigger the effect Berserk. Berserk is an effect that increases the Berserkers DPS and Haste for a short duration. The issue here is that DPS and Haste are easily capped for just about every melee class. Even with the lowest quality gear for the top level tier, you can easily cap these abilities. These abilities are way over due for an upgrade. I would suggest:
    Berserk Rage: Increases Crit Bonus and Max Health by a % for limited duration
    War Cry: Group hate siphon for a limited duration

    Open Wounds: You guys have hinted at possibly increasing the AE Auto cap but until that time comes, this ability is largely useless outside of PVP. I would suggest:
    Open Wounds: Keep the AE Auto effect but make the damage proc portion effect work the same way as Rampage, or have it increase flurry or Crit Bonus for the duration of the combat art.

    Destructive Rage: Again, similar to Beserk Rage and Wry Cry, this ability increases the groups Multi-attack, a stat that is easily capped. Berserkers already have a group beneficial ability: Bloodlust. I’d either like to see this ability changes to some sort of additional hate generation or change the group beneficial effect to something other than Multi-attack: CB, Pot, Flurry, etc

    Adrenaline: Could you possibly just remove the power drain all together? It’s a nice ability, but there are so many other greater tank abilities that don’t come with such a steep penalty. On top of that you have Plane of War, which is a nightmare for power regen. I didn’t design this content, you guys did. You basically take one of the Berserkers best tools out of the equation for many PoW fights unless the want to fight with no power.

    Achievement Abilities

    Warrior or Berserker Tree: Somewhere in there you have got to add a max health increaser achievement like you have for all the other tank classes. I have 12 level 95/320 toons, and I am always baffled why my Berserker (tank) has pretty much the lowest health of them all.

    Wall of Force: Make it absorb all damage!

    Executioner’s Fury: Anything but its current form. This ability is useless.
    -Executioner’s Fortification: Likewise
  12. Xeos Well-Known Member

    Both need to be changed, as DPS and Haste are easily capped and useless to anyone.

    Weapon Counter: Increase the triggers to 5 or more.
    Berserk Rage: 5% Damage reduction, with a small chance to proc a 1 trigger stoneskin.
    War Cry: A passive damage proc and stun/knockback on percent based chance.

    Destructive Rage: Increase Flurry by 15% of the targets total Flurry amount, IE target has 60 Flurry it will be increased by 9. and Weapon Damage Bonus by 15

    Adrenaline: Remove the power drain or lower it significantly.

    Gut Roar: Increase the duration to 5 seconds

    Wall of Force: 3 trigger stoneskin which will absorb all damage that hits for more than 10% of the casters total health.
  13. Davngr Well-Known Member

    the dev who put reckless stance in game refuses to admit it was a bad idea and fix it, simple as that. every fighter knows that it's stupid OP and unbalanced but they don't care.
  14. valdoras Member

    don't make bloodletter useable in combat o_o

    or if you do, increase reuse timer to 5m base or something, would be wild otherwise
  15. Priority Well-Known Member

    This! Quit taking adornment slots for using a 2her as well. There's no reason to do this and just makes 2hers even less viable.

    Also, increase Warriors taunts at the least. A boost to their CA damage would be a nice change as well since their CAs hit ALMOST as hard as other tanks did at 80. Make Plant actually work on epic mobs rather than it being uneffective yet not saying anything about that in the spell description.

    Give Paladins a toggleable ability similar to Amends that decreases a group members agro rather than siphoning it. Gets really annoying not being able to touch a mob that you ABSOLUTELY can't have pulled off the MT because the Beastlord actually does their job and pushes buttons.

    Stop putting in ridiculous hate shuffles that render tanks that have 3 snaps worthless in a fight with these mechanics.

    If you're going to keep Recklessness in game, make it benefit every fighter equally. Don't make it cut and paste for every class. Possibly boost the CB for warriors, and Potency for Crusader's/Brawlers. Do some testing, get a number that yields similar results for every tank. Put a bigger hate reduction on the ability as well, 30% is laughable.

    It would also be fantastic if Strikethrough and Accuracy yielded the results the abilities say they will. Hit rates for tanks are horrible and need looked at when our ability to hold agro in most cases is tied directly to our outgoing damage.
  16. Prrasha Well-Known Member

    Fix pre-fight hate issues. It's completely "not fun" when every body pull has the mobs chasing everyone but the body-pulling tank. "Teamwork" from summoner pets, leftover ward from shaman pet procs, wardens with regenerating spores on me, furies with their new prestige super-spores on me... And "teamwork" from summoner pets. (Also that summoner pet buff, that's a big one. If my aggro snaps were as effective as teamwork-on-the-pull, I'd be a tanking deity.)

    Actually, just zeroing out all hate from pets for buffs and wards (or just "anything but direct damage") would fix the really annoying parts. At least druids have a choice to not put their buffs on the tank...

    Taunts in general need a boost. With autoattacks landing for 10-12x the expected damage with multi and flurry, having taunts land for 2-3x the expected hate due to potency is worthless and weak. Similarly, everyone else's detaunts need a boost. When the math for a detaunt is like "ok, minus 30,000 hate for the detaunt, but also minus 200,000 hate for not hitting a damage skill instead", you might as well not have the detaunt key. Just pause for a second and you get almost the full effect.

    As everyone else said, more and more-reliable snap aggro to keep up with all the memwiping mobs. And again, that goes both ways, let the other classes have more position-shifting detaunts and target locks and such. Active hate management doesn't have to be exclusively the tank's (and coercer's) job.

    And for Brell's sake, make target locks work. Having skills that do nothing, or do nothing only on important fights, is the very definition of "not fun".

    Some tanks could use a way to generate more constant hate. Depending on a coercer/dirge showing up for every six-man dungeon is silly. Either give all tanks a guardian-style mini-amends, or give more of the DPSers a reasonable hate transfer skill, or boost all taunts a lot. And include the taunt-proc buffs (on being hit for warriors, on doing damage for brawlers) in those boosts.
  17. Atan Well-Known Member

    Pretty much this. What makes fighters 'not fun' to play are the scripted agro mechanics and our lack of tools to deal with them. If we're going to have mechanics like this, then we're really going to need target lock (agro lock) abilities that actually work.
  18. Duele Active Member

    Incorporate more AE content named fights in raids. Right now there is no reason to utilize an AE centric tank and it is instead a ST tank game. Need more challenging AE Fights like Field General and Ykesha back in the game.
  19. Silzin Active Member

    making the range on Mend 10-20m would make it a non self ability and make it more useful.
  20. Priority Well-Known Member

    Let everybody switch to their counterpart class freely after completing the betrayal quest both ways.

    Make AA mirrors portable.

    These 2 points have EVERYTHING to do with classes. If it's not apparent why, I can't explain it in a way that you will understand.
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