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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Xelgad, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. Hert Member

    if your not fighting Hm bastion, or Hm other dork before drinal, you dont encounter shuffles, and you dont need 12 snaps. if your agro is that terrible, put on some Ire gear or adorn for more hate. if you cant get agro then, roll a dps class cuz theyre dying to have that problem!

    mem shuffles are absolutely stupid and and need to go away. a memwipe should be a memwipe. even drop all fighters 3 positions and the target to 0. but all tanks to 0 with a delay is totally stupid. having to use 3-5 snaps to pick up a wipe poorly is madness.

    keep snaps the way they are now. make the ones that dont work, work.

    problem solved.

    on a side note. the wipe timing of 4 soul drinal is totally messed up as well. having the wipe hit at the same time a tank needs to get it, with about a 5 second possible window is impossible to get correct by anything other than luck. so fix that too when you get a chance, assuming he ever comes back to play.
  2. Estred Well-Known Member

    I wasn't trying to insinuate you thought Crusaders needed Warrior tools. We just disagreed on terms. Paladins do need more snaps, SK's at least can spec for another. I think they will find something.
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  3. headbusta Active Member

    Guardian -

    Sentry Watch - focus effect gives it 2 additional triggers. After the spell is cast the maintained window shows 3 triggers no matter what, until all the triggers are gone. So you can't tell if there are actually 3 triggers left or only 1, unless you're running an ACT trigger to warn you when the heal triggers.

    While mentioning maintained window trigger count I swear back pre-TSO-ish? Tower of Stone and other stoneskin abilities used to show trigger count for stoneskins as well. Is this possible to track anymore or get put back in? Nice to know if there are 2 AoEs coming in on top of each other if you have 1 stoneskin trigger left or 2...or 7 for Last Man Standing.
  4. Davngr Well-Known Member

    just to recap:
    reckless stance was suppose to put more tanks in the raid but instead there's never more than one tank in raid and sometimes none. (to elaborate, a tank in reckless is not a tank because he goes splat when he has agro or loses agro constantly)
    merge reckless and offensive stance, make it a group buff (5%-10% (of total) critical bonus and 5%-10%(of total) critical potency)
    that will keep the 4 tanks in raid and it will increase raid wide dps when you have 4 tanks in raid. that was the problem that this terrible ability was suppose to fix.

    how about letting tanks help each other tank? meaning that in offensive stance they could use their snaps on their targeted fighter. have it work like coercive shout and that way sure the zerk might not be able to tank the mob but he will still be useful to have around because he will keep a large number of mobs on the tank or vise versa.
    it's not a perfect fix it but does fix the problem of "ALL TANKS ARE THE SAME NAO" because even if not all tanks can have all the same stuff they could all work together in raid.
  5. Estred Well-Known Member

    I second that, I would love to see the number of skins remaining. Also is it just me or did I never notice Perfect Counter only had 3 triggers? I could have sworn it had 4.

    Also... Recapture is still very very finicky. If a target just memwiped from it's description once all fighters are back on its hate list. If I use this skill it should realistically go to a fighter, at least one of them. Currently about half the time it drops Aggro to a scout who is in no more position to take an HM-Auto-Attack than a mage/healer is. I love this skill and do not want it changed in function, perhaps just examined to make sure the effect is in-line with the tooltip. It is one of those "hidden powers" imo that Guardians have and I love it.

    I do wish there was more uniqueness to tanks but people don't notice the extra things some tanks bring in terms of buffs. Tanks are in good standing now, though if I had to say 1 thing wrong with every class, here it is.

    Guardian: DPS is weak and Interception doesn't seem necessary so with the exception of rare-fights it's hardly utilized. Our Myth is also starting to feel weak with War Runes and gear once again having proc-immunes. Though blast I like the old Solidified Blood of Rallos Zek; Stifle is like the weakest of the CC's in some respect.
    - DPS: A fix I would say is increase the base damage of all their CA's cross-class by 10% after CB/POT this would bring them up with Monks and Brawlers IF they go offensive DW and lose much of their survival (You have to Trade-Off for this kind of stuff)
    - Champions Interception/Sphere of Protection: Both these Prestige still lack use. I love the ideas behind interception but except for Damage-Pulse type fights it doesn't seem useful as the DR does not at least partially effect the Guardian. Sphere is not used due to it not being worth it overall as Sphere is a rotated defense skill. If it reduced the reuse down to 1 minute or 1 minute 30 (I forget what it currently reduces it to) maybe it would see use. That or it would be used if it added 5% Trigger chance to Guardian Sphere.

    Berserker: As I am not one... I would only say that their Physical/Magical only Stoneskins should be just flat stoneskins but with lower-thresholds like Guaridans. Most common complaint I hear from Zerks is that they don't have reliable stoneskins... perhaps that's just QQing zerks but I do not know, I am a Guardian not a Berserker. That and I would make Adrenaline have 25% DR and heal 25% of the recieved Damage (Half-way between what it was and what it is).

    Paladin: They need snaps, either an AA spec to increase Holy Ground or a new snap. SK's beat them out for AE-Snaps by Prestige, if all tanks are to be so equal for tanking then this has to happen. Other than that... I can't find a complaint of my Pally Alt.

    Shadowknight: Their Life-Taps seem weak now as most tanks are "alive or dead" when it comes to group/raid. I would reccommmend like the Paladin making thier taps add % Life back such as Innoruks Carress restoring .2% Maximum Life when triggered. Small but helpful.

    Brawlers.... Argh, I am sorry I can't think of a glaring issue other than Rockskin being useless to Bruisers. I guess my weakness in posting here is just that while I understand many things. I do not know all classes inside and out like I do my Guardian.
  6. Erszebeth Active Member

    Gut Roar-3 second absorbs all physical damage.
    Wall of Force-10 seconds, will absorb 2 hits greater then 30% of max health, physical damage only.

    Perfect Counter-24 second duration, will absorb 3 hits <any damage> higher then 10% of max health.

    Gut Roar is a berserker AA option endline, rather...underwhelming in all honesty, increase duration to 5s, and make it all damage with a set number of procs, or leave it 3s and absorb ALL damage.
    Wall of Force, again, AA endline, this from shadows tree, would be awesome, but its PHYSICAL damage only, making it meh; making it all damage and its a good thing, not a meh thing.
    Perfect Counter, AA, both warriors can get it in Heroic Tree, only downside is the 10% max HP threshold, boost to 25% would be better IMHO with how most mobs you would use it on hit.
  7. Netty Member

    For the first if any stoneskin should be changed into all damage its wall of force. But tbh we dont really need it. 5 sec on gut roar is not needed. perfect counter well that one i agree with would be a nice change. 25% damage reduction on adrenaline would be OP now so no. 10% or something is more balanced. Powerdrain is a pain tho... And i dont want to hear this about get better chanters since the raid should not be about just you... not just your power is importent... Sure on mobs that dont powerdrain like crazy adrenaline isent that bad. Well it still heals for kinda much nothing sadly... But the powerdrain is not a problem... But with all the powerdrain going on atm its just stupid.
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  8. Makya Active Member

    Would be nice if the Bruiser's "Inner Focus" and "Stone Deaf" temp buffs would also show the remaining stoneskin triggers left in the maintained effects window. Thought they used to do this but just tested and they don't anymore.
  9. Priority Well-Known Member

    Could be that your raid needs to work out which of your healers are actually gonna heal. That issue seems to disappear once they start fulfilling their primary role.

    And tanking in reckless is lulz with even just a coercer for hate gain.
  10. Davngr Well-Known Member

    reckless is dumb the way it is and needs to be changed to something that is both, balanced among all the fighter classes and does not make fighter in raid squishier than mages.

    it's truly surreal to me that i'm actually having to argue such basic balance issues.
  11. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    SOE is testing to see if this is a viable method for gathering player feedback so let's not blow it arguing with each other. Just say what changes you want and be done.
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