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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Xelgad, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. Deathmagus Member

    Yeah.. that pet is terrible, but an encounter force target would also be trash since most mobs are immune to force target effects these days.

    Make a macro that throws something into group say and hit it when it drops and make an ACT trigger for it and share it... or make an ACT trigger for you being healed by the ability and then share it.

    It's called "flee" and is bothersome to anyone that would normally be immune to fear effects. Also would like to mention how "fun" it is that SOE added no hostile and no beneficial detriments because there are immunities for stuns and stifles.

    I really can't agree with this... Why would you want to ask for a nerf to raid wide dps? And even if SOE managed to make a whole new system for threat rather than damage from fighter abilities and balanced it decently it wouldn't solve the issue that arises when a skilled player meets and unskilled tank.

    Sneering Assault is a CA granted from AA. If it were made unavoidable because it is inconvenient when it does not connect then it could be argued that ALL CAs granted through AA options should be unavoidable. Also, it's rather rare for rescue to be resisted from my personal experience.

    The difference in the "kb" is that most mobs do more of a grav flux than a traditional knock back. Also, the biggest issue more often than not with repositioning mobs is that they have a habit of either stopping about 5-10 meters away from you or simply stepping through you and then turning around. There's not much more bothersome than a mob moving into a wall to take your corner from you and then punting you again while trying to get them into position. Although usually if you know ahead of time how a mob tends to move you can compensate. For example... if the mob wants to walk through you simply stop a little short of where you want to be then wait for the mob stop and then get into your final position.

    Because you can't reforge any item to have more of a stat that is already present on the item.
  2. Deathmagus Member

    I don't know if anyone has yet mentioned that certain group wide augmentations were never properly updated after the stat consolidation that came with SF. I know that I personally do not care for the long wait on these changes that should have taken place on day 1 of the SF expansion.

    One example of this is Essence Siphon which grants the group Strength and Intelligence. Both of these stats used to benefit scout and priest classes but have since been reduced to "dump" stats that do not modify anything for said classes.
  3. Netty Member

    I dont understand this. Both reinforcemnt and recapture are true snap aggro. And why would you not count them. Guards have ALOT of snap aggro tools not just 12. Reinforcement is a huge snap tool. And so is recapture with the fast reuse. If you are not counting those why then berserks are down to 12 aswell...
  4. Estred Well-Known Member

    A Flat snap Netty. I am talking pure 1-click positional skills.

    Reinforcement: 1 Hate Position per CA (with AA they are per Taunt too)
    Yes this is an extremely powerful taunt over-time. It is not a true-snap it is a SoT (Snaps over Time) there are very few of them and I believe they are iconic of the Warrior class and in my opinion they should remain as such.

    Recaputre: Lowers all non-fighters in group by 1 position and raises all fighters in the encounter by 1 position.
    Again this is not a True Snap, it is a Reverse-Memwipe. Guardians are the only tank that have this and it is something that should remain iconic of Guadians. There are other ways to fix Paladins problems without devaluing the Guardian.

    As per Berserkers, I have not played one in over 4 months and that toon was lvl 23 when he was deleted. Though it is interesting that both Warriors have 12 True Snap positional. If I remember the original design Warriors were supposed to be the strongest "tank" classes while Brawlers were the DPS-Tanks and Crusaders were the Support-Tanks. Seems now everyone wants to do everything. I can agree with that to a point but I will staunchly hold that Reinforcement and Recapture type abilities remain on Warriors.
    *Mantis Leap is a normal snap though with a joust-effect. I had heard that spoken of.
  5. Netty Member

    Im not saying that i think other tanks should have vertions of them but tbh both recapture and reinforcement are just 1 button snaps. Sure you need to hit stuff to increas reinforcemnet but its not like you would stop hitting your CA:s after you use a snap aggro. and snap aggros with 2 posisons on them are abit weak imo. Only good on is rescue that warriors can have 8 posisons in it.Mantis leap work the same way as reinforcement btw. It teleport you to the target and triggers 1 posison per attack.
  6. Typos Member


    On a successful melee attack this spell will cast Reinforcement on target of attack.
    Increases the hate position of the guardian for every enemy the guardian successfully attacks.
  7. Ymarik Member

    The snarky side of me says that I need to point out to you that I was obviously suggesting the addition of another useless ability!

    Once again, you've missed the point. Block chance isn't on all gear, so we should be able to reforge into them when they're not present. However, there seem to be zero circumstances where you can reforge into those stats.

  8. Rockefeller New Member

    We have three potential blocks and they all come from AAs. Wall of Force and Gut Roar only block physical affects and while Perfect Counter will block other effects its on endline Heroic AA which sucks because it forces Zerkers to take it if they want to be able to block these effects. Making Wall of Force block all damage types makes sense. SOrry you cant see that.
  9. Netty Member

    Not sure what your point with this post is. I know how it works i have raided on a guardian befor.
  10. Ymarik Member

    Those aren't new though -- Glaciatus in Miragul's Planar Shard does one of those (annoyingly often!).

  11. Wanic Active Member

    Increase the values on the taunts for all tank classes,
    Crusaders should be able to cast and run, Chaos cloud was a brilliant step in that direction.

    Make Death March have Str on it anyways, it should have changed when you redid the needed stats for each class.
  12. Typos Member

    The point of my post is to give the proper description of the ability for the devs that are reading this. They are what matters.

    I'm gonna be frank. mantis leap and reinforcement are huge when it comes to snaps. period...

    content requires snaps and all tanks don't have them. I'm not sure how anyone could construe a snap being a class specific trait. That just seems beyond silly to me.
  13. Davngr Well-Known Member

    not saying you're wrong or right but do you actually have any dev quote or post stating that this is how amends/hate transfer works?

    i have done various test to figure out how hate transfers and hate over all work but at no point did i come to the conclusion that the hate would be separated in such fashion as you explain.
  14. Chronus Active Member

    You don't need a dev post when you maths and tests. You have a pally put amends on a sorerer with an unbuffed hate xfer, this gives the exact 50% cap of hate transfer (which has been dev stated), pull a mob with an arrow then let the warlock sit there for a few minutes and he won't get aggro. Add another transfer who also just stands there and the sorcerer does get aggro, it is reduced, most likely in the way Boli outlined.
  15. Davngr Well-Known Member

    i don't know if that's the best way to test since i have taken agro with amends on me before and with no transfer other than my self. i guess i'll run those test and see if i get similar results. also posting parses of inc damage and outgoing damage would be best since "pics or it didn't happen" is always in play.
  16. Estred Well-Known Member

    Were arguing semantics of the definition of a snap-taunt here. I view Recapture and Reinforcement as snap-based tools not flat Snaps. As to class specific traits as Typos was asking. Only Guardians have a Reverse-Memwipe. It is iconic of thier class as much as stoneskins are. That is what I mean by class specific. Giving new snaps to other tanks is fine. I just don't want to see duplicates of abilities I have come to enjoy only having as a Guardian given out. I am all for improving the field for some tanks but I am not for making them all have similar abilities.

    Though feel free to add Enhance Rescue to all classes instead of giving them class specific Snaps. I would say something really really sarcastic and snarky here but I won't because what just happened RL is not a point to say on the forums other than I am really really in a bad mood.
  17. Tekadeo Active Member

    No matter what it has to do with classes, letting players "freely" switch subclasses is lore-breaking and nonsensical. I'm all for fun factor, but no this is silly.
  18. Duele Active Member

    It would be nice if they went through and changed abilities that add a static number to stats into a % increase to stats instead so they actually scale. These stat buffs do not scale at all and have become basically non-existent increases to DPS now. In order for it to scale Death March would have had to buff 10% of the current DPS stats.
  19. Thegratefulhead New Member

    All tanks should have VERY similar snap abilities AND equal survivability abilities to perform as a MT for their guild. Their other abilities and skills are what should differentiate them and make them somewhat unique. Having one tank class have superior survivability and snaps is frustrating.
  20. Priority Well-Known Member

    Lore-breaking? Nothing in this game is lore based any more. You have Shadowknights ****** and pillaging, yet they're completely welcome in the city of Qeynos on a PvP server. Using lore as an argument for not doing this is nonsensical. I wouldn't force you to talk OOC in a group if you chose to RP, I don't expect you to bottleneck my wants as a player because it ruins your immersion. You dont' want to freely betray, don't. Simple really.
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