Chromatic Essence only off nameds?

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Nemisiis, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-Talzar Guest

    T8 recipes may involve T8 zones? Shocking!
  2. ARCHIVED-SilkenKidden Guest

    Jehannum wrote:
    I doubt they will drop to T8 rare values. And even if they do, that would be way overpriced for any but T8 players. However, I'd like to be have as much freedom to harvest them as I do to harvest T8 rares. I have a choice with them, buy or harvest. I usually harvest - sometimes it is actually relaxing.
    Insofar as the groups falling apart, it is just that it isn't all that easy to get a group going. A level 80 fury said he'd come with us but might have to drop in an hour. Twenty minutes later we were gathering in the entry way of Seb with the final members en route, having gained and lost a number just in the starting up phase. Fury decided that 40 minutes more weren't enough and suggested we find a replacement. Did that. Waited for replacement. Now it was a half hour in the entrance. We started moving in. Someone went link dead from the lag. Waited for replacement. Finally fought our way to the door of COA. Lo and behold the wizzy who had replaced the fury zoned us into the wrong instance. Out we go and one member starts instructing this guy on how to reset whatever. We are there for another 15 minuts. Another player goes linkdead. A healer. I'm a conj, with a warden alt. Have another replacement coming but have to COH him to group at door. Then the wizzy disappears altogether. Myself and a guildmate are at the COA door with others again en route when along comes a beautiful named who would probably drop the essence! Unfortunately we were dead before we could even think of essences. So, switched to my warden and got her to the door. Needed one more and then everyone gave up because again people who started with us had time constraints and we had spent more than an hour getting started. Didn't want to chance a lockout if we couldn't finish.
    I have my 4 year veterans award. Getting groups going has always been a task. Even with a fairly big guild you rarely have a full group of the right level to enter an instance. Pick up groups sometimes work, but often lead to problems. ROK was so nice in being small group and solo oriented. I had freedom to play the game my way. Instance with a big group when one is available, play with a few friends if not, or solo for levels, which I do enjoy too. I am not happy that rares are available only in zones that require high level groups, especially when the rare is used to make a common household expander *and* also uber buffs for high level adventurers. Of course that is going to keep the price way up there.
  3. ARCHIVED-Ohiv Guest

    silken, i just have to agree on pug's, they are truely hit and miss. Usually as you stated they are a miss, of course being a fury and I actually heal groups they like to blame the tank or the healer.. yea right use your deagro tools for once.. ANyways i digress yes getting a pug to do anything is really rather difficult. I think herding cats might be a more relaxing job.
    As to the price, All i can truely say is supply and demand. Really when there are pages and pages of the things cause everyone that needed whatever charm, bow, toiletpaper dispenser, whatever made the price will drop. It might take a while before that happens but it will happen. SOO again the choice is either a) wait for said price to reach what you consider reasonable or b) do like your trying with pugs and guildies when applicable.
    Although on a side note, i've made 2 charms already for others..... /sigh atleast i got a nice tip to do it, but still i wanted that essence soo bad.. :)
  4. ARCHIVED-SilkenKidden Guest

    Ohiv wrote:
    How much tip did you get? I was thinking of asking 5P from anyone outside my guild. So far, no one has asked. I do know that the same people who are selling the essence for 48 P on my server will be the first to complain that crafters are ripping them off by demanding high prices to make the items. LOL. I spent mega plat becoming a transmuter and top level sage. No one ever asks me to transmute for them any more. If they did, it would hardly be worth charging them a few gold each breakdown and I'd end up doing it for free. I sometimes say just tip and get better money than if I named the price. However, others are perfectly happy to insult you with 5 g for a level 80 Adept 3:)
  5. ARCHIVED-Ohiv Guest

    I guess nice is in the eyes of the beholder, for me i got 1plat each combine. I just said what ever they feel like, I find like you mentioned that i usually do better saying that then specifiying a price. As to the 5 gold thing, yea i made a champain for someones proof of the pudding and well i got even less then that.. Oh well my general stance on the proof stuff is crafters should stick together for crafters and 3 gold was more then i was even asking or expecting.
  6. ARCHIVED-SilkenKidden Guest

    Ohiv wrote:
    No one on my server charged for the pudding combines. One guy gave me a 5g tip but I insisted he take it back. Professional courtesy and all that.
    I want to make at least 20g for an Adept 3. It's hardly worth getting stuff together to do the crafting for less than that. Same with my tailor. But for lower levels, even though the work is the same, the price has to come down. How can you charge some poor level 30 a lot of money for an outfit, unless he is some one's rich alt, which he will never admit to you :)
    For guildmates I usually don't charge, just ask for the ingredients. I just mentioned trying for 5 plat for the new recipes because that is what I think we really should get for them after all the work we have done to become high level crafters. I'll be happy if I get 1 plat.
  7. ARCHIVED-SilkenKidden Guest

    Well. Been almost a week now. Spent another night trying to form pug groups and finally did a few instance zones in ROK. Again, no essences in CoA. No essences off the measly 4 named MOBs in VoES.

    Everyone in group was looking for essence. None dropped. Why ws this expander tied to the other recipes that make uber items? I've asked, but never heard the answer. Will I be more powerful adventurer if I have 100 extra slots in my house? What was the reasoning behind linking household expansion with uber equipment recipes?
  8. ARCHIVED-Gaige Guest

    Silken@Butcherblock wrote:
    Bad luck. I did Coa/VoES/Maidens and 7 dropped.
  9. ARCHIVED-Ohiv Guest

    Gaige wrote:
    >.< or you have just good luck.. It really can be looked at either way, ATM i am more on the side of seeing as many as silken. Now to be completly fair i am not trying to get into instance groups as soon as my timer is up, heck i've been holding off just so i can do it with guildies and helping them out more. That is probably why i have seen so few, but really i've only seen 1 so far drop. Granted didn't win the roll, wasn't that concerned about it personaly since i got a really nice chest piece that run anyways. Although positive point our broker is back up to 10 on it. :) Granted i am not going to pay what they are asking but i do firmly believe once there is a glut on the market the price will drop. Simple supply and demand, doesn't really matter how great the item is in the end if the supply is there for all.
  10. ARCHIVED-Meirril Guest

    Silken@Butcherblock wrote:
    My experiences have been a bit different. When I was doing the crafting epic, if I wasn't trading combines with the person I'm dealing with I insisted they accept the 1p tip I was offering. I had to talk 2 people into taking it. Most people said "are you serious?". Personally as a t8 adventurer, 1p isn't much. As a crafter, its nice to feel like someone appreciates your efforts. A little extra gold can make someone feel good, so it doesn't bother me to give it.
    As for the combines I've done since then, I've never asked for a copper. When asked how much I charge, I've answered "I don't". Most people offer 20g. Some with fuel, some without. A few only covered expenses. A few gave me a 1p tip. I personally don't care if I get my 5g back or not. It is the crafting epic, it is my pleasure to help you along the way like others did for me. I like my fellow crafters.
    While I haven't commissioned a single essence combine outside of my guild I did make a Gi for someone I didn't know. She paid me 4p. I didn't ask, she just plopped 4p in the window. I told her that was too much, and following the best in Ferangi logic I decided that since she was getting the Gi for appearance I'd give her the other Gi as well. To me that's 2p for the extra pelt, and a generous 1p tip for each combine. We were both happy with that arrangement.
    So yeah, some people do appreciate us.
  11. ARCHIVED-Jenarie Guest

    I don't remember how many I saw drop this weekend but I'm guessing it was ~10 since I personally won 3 of them. Just give it a few more weeks and even if it is hard for you to get a group for these instances, they will be dropping rapidly on the broker once everyone has his/her charms.
  12. ARCHIVED-Rqron Guest

    Silken@Butcherblock wrote:
    I will never tip less then 1P for any lvl80 adept3 ..its just not fair otherwise. It will be different 1 year down the road with everyone else at lvl 80 and a lot of competition out there. But for the time being anyone who went through the trouble to get to lvl 80 at tis point i.m.h.o. deserves a 1P tip.

  13. ARCHIVED-Rqron Guest

    Silken@Butcherblock wrote:
    You did not get an answer because who would admit that they have taken the easy (lazy) way out when they designed the items ?

  14. ARCHIVED-Valdaglerion Guest

    Silken@Butcherblock wrote:
    Sorry but charms in this game are farrrrrrr from uber. And adding a charm which provides basically an additional +10 stat and +25 health is not really making all that much difference in my ability to adventure either.

    If the charms had some major proc that did +500 - 750 damage and +75 - 125 damage every 4 seconds for a duration of say 20 seconds and proc'd 2-3 times per minute, yeah that might be uber in addition to the stats but really, these charms are tweaks, not uber.

    Kinda like paying 8p for an adornment that adds +7 to your stats, its a tweak not the make or break of your gear set.
  15. ARCHIVED-SilkenKidden Guest

    Rqron wrote:
    No answer and no essence yet. But at least I finally saw a chromatic essence last night. One did drop in CoA. I didn't win it. None from Chelsith, but didn't get to do much in that zone but die:)
  16. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    Silken@Butcherblock wrote:
    You must have some rotten luck. Each instance run I have done since this went live has dropped one. I got one but need to arrange a time I can be around while our guild's provisioner is (problem with time zones) to get a charm. The next one I get will go to a bit of cloth, I think (but not for its looks.. robes are my last choice of garment for my arasai coercer.. why couldn't we have gotten a vest, too? *sniffle*).
  17. ARCHIVED-SilkenKidden Guest

    Rijacki wrote:
    I finally got one from first named in voes. Then the server went down Hope my chromatic is still in my inventory when I get back in the game.
    Ok guys, how do you handle multiple drops. I figure if in same instance with same group and second essence drops, person who got first should decline. What about when same group goes to another instance that day?
    We are on lotto because no one understands need/greed. There's always someone hittig need for adept 1 spells they can't use. However, group was quite happy with my decision to go round robin unofficially on the essence drops.

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