Chromatic Essence only off nameds?

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Nemisiis, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-Tokamak Guest

    You just 'F' them?
    Dirty boy...
  2. ARCHIVED-Rqron Guest

    Gorhauth wrote:
    You just don't seemed to get it do ya?
    So you spend a plat repairing what? e-pixels? A plat that at your level takes less then an hour to replace by going out and killing either trash or harvest. So,thats no risk. But you don't want to spend the time doing it because you are a "raider" ? Your problem not the rest of the players problem...and XP debt ohhh whoopy again ...what is xp debt? A plain old number that is meaningless at higher lvl. It does not impact your playing style, it does not slow you down it does not do anything and goes away when you log out. Hey I joined a pickup group last night where we wiped so often because either the tank had to get a shinie right when the rest of the group was attacked or some other real N00B mistake that was what? My xp debt is at 8.3% and the repair bill including the kits that where used was well over one plat..that is NOTHING there was NO risk there was only fun..even death in this game is entertainment we all had a good laugh every time it happened. If you are so concerned about the "risk of raiding" go play solitaire..

    So you did not like me saying there is nor real risk involved because it does not impact RL...fine..lets talk in game only...there is NONE... you do NOT get punished in this game one way or another. So the gear breaks? And? You go to a mender ( or use a mender bot) and pay coin that is so easy to come by at lvl 70-80 its laughable . XP debt is no penalty at all, as the character doesn't slow down or would be different if the game mechanics would say oh that character has "x amount" XP debt...lets reduce all his resists, spell damage, or combat arts by 30% or 50%. for the next 10, 15, 30 minutes..then you would have a reason to talk about risk. Death sickness for a few seconds is laughable if it would be worth to be considered a risk it should last for 10, 20 minutes or longer But this would never happen because even though the casual player could live with this and would just adjust his play style most raiders would whine, scream and posting all over that they will "leave the game" if it is not changed.
    As the game mechanics are done right now, the raiders have no more risk then anybody else in this game. They just think they do. Like I said before every character in this game is equal and just because you chose to make raiding your play style does NOT make you any different then the rest it does not entitle you to anything different.

    And don't get me wrong, I do not say that because all characters are equal means they all should get the "rewards" that raiders get, or that the loot tables are not screwed up.... All I am saying is..just because you raid does NOT give you any more rights to anything then any other player within this game has. What pizzes me off is when raiders "demand" that the game is changed to suit they're needs and the hell with the rest. Raiders have no more right to demand anything then any other player and it does not mater if he is crafting, soloing, RP, or grouping . To tell others in a condescending way they don't need this or that or it should be only available to raiders or only drop in raids is wrong and not called for. People have understandable grief with the way this issue is handled but for raiders to belittle crafters and others just because they think they are "superior" or have more "risk" is wrong and elitist You chose your playing style they chose a different pay as much as they do for the subscription. Raiders are not in any way shape or form "better" or "superior"then any other character in this game they are just..raiders.

  3. ARCHIVED-Lodrelhai Guest

    Rijacki wrote:
    Naughty Ryjacki!

    I kept the harvest macro because of some weird bug that would make me have to reequip the harvest tools to get the buff back after I died. Which seemed to happen mostly in RoK zones. Which was where I was dying. Was very frustrating.

    Even without the tool-swapping though, I prefer the macro methd overall. Having /target_nearest_npc at the top generally means if a mob does try to eat me, I switch targets. Also, it prevents griefing like this one guy I ran into who, for reasons I do not understand to this day, decided to park his Warg on top of every node I tried to harvest. He was just the right size so the nodes ended up inside the Warg - if I'd been clicking to harvest I would have been clicking on him. Instead I just took my harvests and went to the next node, and boggled when he tried it again.

    Why he didn't just try harvesting them himself, I'll never know...
  4. ARCHIVED-Mystfit Guest

    Funny thing for me in all this. THere seems to be this rage at how these essenses are handling and yet I found one in LESS time then it took me to get a tyn cluster to make one of the carpenter items. I guess that doesn't count cause I didn't have to adventure for it?
  5. ARCHIVED-JesDer Guest

    Mystfit wrote:
    From what I have heard .. 1-2 drop per CoA run. (9 named). I got one my first time out then I went back to the crafting grind so that I could actually make something from it :p
  6. ARCHIVED-Valdaglerion Guest

    Yep, got one last night. Total time invested in 2 days "trying" to get one - less than 5 hours. Instances run: VoESx2, CoAx2, Maidens, Chelsith, so in all, 6 little instances and 1 chromatic essence not to mention the Conj master I got yesterday and several plat worth of other cratastic loot.

    Within 24 hours on the exchange server the prices have gone from 20+p the first day to 11p on the broker yesterday afternoon to being auctioned for as little as 5p in channel last night. There is a limited number of LORE items which one person can have made of this item so as soon as those are made there will be plenty of them flooding the market so advice to "pure" crafters - hang in there and make some decent comissions from the adventurers over the next week and then buy yours at a pentence and make the house items.

    I can definitely resound the sentiment of spending less time looking for this item than my first tynn cluster in hopes of getting A3 upgrades when the x pac released.

    Once again, it appears that lessons learned from the reflective shard were used in making this item more readily available. Kudos devs!
  7. ARCHIVED-Jehannum Guest

    Heh, went through CoA and not a freakin' one... 4 ornate chests made me get my hopes up, but no essence. Ah well, next time. :)
    And I had my portable crafting station all ready to go if I got one too ;)
  8. ARCHIVED-Gorhauth Guest

    Rqron wrote:
    Was this wall of text for anything other than showing us that the group you were in was horrible and you still have no concept of itemization?
  9. ARCHIVED-Rqron Guest

    Gorhauth wrote:
    And was you partial quotation of my post because you did not read the rest and the others before it (so you know what prompted my remarks) or because you cant grasp the concept?

  10. ARCHIVED-Gorhauth Guest

    Rqron wrote:
    Oh, I read it, through bleeding eyes and everything.

    It shows that you have no concept of itemization. If somebody can try to explain to you better than I, let them. What I see in your ramblings is that you are so delusional that nothing anybody tells you will either make you 1) think about it for more than enough time to hit 'reply', and 2) change your mind about some senseless thoughts you have that everybody having the same subscription fee means they should have the same equipment.
  11. ARCHIVED-Meirril Guest

    Rqron wrote:
    The entire "risk vs reward" set up (which should properly be called "effort vs reward" but that doesn't rhyme) is a development way of thinking. When your setting up an encounter you think to yourself "How long is it going to take to do this? How rare is it to get this opportunity? How many people does it take? How many rewards are being handed out?" Group efforts are generally considered harder than solo efforts because your involving at least 4 times as many people as a solo encounter. Raid encounters are more rewarding because you assume 24 people showed up. Chances are you arn't planning on all 24 people in the raid getting something. Solo encounters...exactly 1 persons efforts go into this for the reward.
    Crafting ranks rather low on this. Any combine takes less than 2 minutes. As you go up in level, crafting gets easier. Adventuring is the exact opposite. As you level up it gets harder. The difficulty in crafting comes from obtaining the components in this model. The more effort spent, the greater the reward can be. Thus, harvested components = solo effort. Rare harvests = rare event solo content. Drops from instances = legendary equipment from instances. Drops from epic encounters = fabled drops from said instance. For you to improve on this formula you'd have to start getting multiple difficult drops to up the quality to give it more effort behind making the item. So for instance if there was a recipe that required 4 subcombines that each required a drop from an instance you could probably justify a fabled result.
    And before someone points to it, adornments are a little outside the realm of a normal reward. They require the expendature of a huge amount of resources. This is appropriate because you can't say what they will be added to. Nobody is going to blink if you slap a fabled adornment on a master crafted item. Their avatar loot is still way better. The point is you can stick said fabled adornment on said avatar loot for something that is slightly better. Adornments let you break itemization so they need to be "priced" as if they were on the best item in the game because you don't know where they will be used.
    I hope this helps you understand "risk/effort vs reward". This isn't suppose to be a player based way of thinking about games.
  12. ARCHIVED-Valdaglerion Guest

    Jehannum wrote:
    That was my experience on the first night, 4 instances and not a single drop although other people were reporting as many as 4 drops in a CoA instance (high end obviously, havent seen that repeated) but then last night I saw one drop in VoES but wasnt lucky with the dice and then again in CoA and my dice were in better form :)

    Its not bad, I am looking forward to getting another couple of these for the house items now that I have my charm. Too bad charms cant be adorned :D
  13. ARCHIVED-OmniDrac Guest

    I started linking the Chromatic Rewards with the current lowest price of an Essence at the value if I was to sell one and everyone was thinking I was crazy! I then explained that in order for me or any other crafter to sell them these items at a reasonable price, the essence would need to drop in value. Hopefully this will be the case in the next week or so, but I do have a nice amount available even on my server.
    Getting these is just a matter of time; communication between those that readily get them and you as a community crafter is important. If you are a mole and do not like to talk to anyone you will not likely get these essence right away until the price is right...but they are at a desirable drop rate that these items should be available to most of us pretty soon.
  14. ARCHIVED-Nemisiis Guest

    OP here....admitting I was wrong about the doom and gloom regarding the chromatic essence drop. I did 3 instances the day it went live and saw 3 drop (1 per instance). I did get lucky enough to get one and immediately had the dimensional pocket expander made lol (shows where my priorities lay) :) Anyway, I apologize to Domino and any other dev I may have indirectly annoyed.
    On a side note, I've made 3 chicken feet for some folks and it's pretty cool being able to do that. :) When I'm wrong, I admit it. Domino and all, nice job. Looks like a lot of work went into this.
  15. ARCHIVED-SilkenKidden Guest

    Arani@Crushbone wrote:
    Well, you were lucky. I wasted a second day in Sebilis with a group that kept falling apart as we got closer and closer to CoA. After having lost about ten players during the "getting together" stage, the tank and the healer decided to bail too, right at the door of the crypt when our latest addition found he had to reboot because of the lag. Meanwhile, the essences were still going for 48 plat on Butcherblock.
    Today I had slightly better luck. I got into CoA. We killed all the named MOBs. No one got an essence. Went to Maidens. Zone is too difficult for the group I was in: 2 80s, 1 79, 3 78s. Guess we don't do that until everyone is 80. What do you need to be for VOES? Three days of trying for the home expander thing for which I do have the recipe. There was one more essence on the broker today, but still outrageously priced.
  16. ARCHIVED-janmystique Guest

    They were 27 plat on Splitpaw yesterday and there weren't many of them. The over-pricing of rares is a common problem though. How often do we ts devalue a rare by making it in to something? Anyway, as a buyer rather than a seller, I hope the price drops considerably!
  17. ARCHIVED-wullailhuit Guest

    Apsenniel@Splitpaw wrote:
    I know a lot of people in my guild are using them as we get them , so not many will appear for a week or so is my guess , once everyone has their charm and a few other bits , my guess is they'll start placing them on the broker.
  18. ARCHIVED-Jehannum Guest

    Silken - Should be able to run VoES with 78's but it may be a little dicey unless you've got strong power regen and/or multiple healers. With well-coordinated 80s (78-79 ok other than tank) it should more or less be a walk.
    And, oy. Group falling apart on the paltry few fights leading into CoA? Ouch, no wonder you don't have much luck if that's the sort of loyalty that's available. :/

    And as one who will likely be able to sell them as well as the chicken part fetishes, I'd also like to see the price come down, and I fully expect that to be the case. I figure they should drop to T8-rare values within a week or two.
  19. ARCHIVED-TheLopper Guest

    Svetlanavera@Nagafen wrote:
    Nobody is forcing you to craft chromatic essence items. Nobody is forcing you to buy them, either.

    The benefit of leveling an adventure character is that you get to go out and get loot, or valueable items in dungeons and such...why should a crafter get both benefits? The people that have leveled their adventure classes deserve certain privileges, and the crafters get their own (special recipes that they charge 1 plat to make for you, among other things).
    And seriously...all the way from 1-70, adventurers who don't want to constantly farm a dungeon each new teir are dependent on crafters. Weapons, totems, food/drink, armor,, if you buy that stuff off of an NPC vendor, you're most likely not going to make it past lvl 50. Don't try to make the "plight" of the TS'r to dreadful. I know TONS of lvl 10(ish) adevntures with 80 crafters who have HUNDREDS of plat. Yeah, they really are being shafted, huh? Because nobody buys their items, since everybody is independent of crafters.
    LOL. Don;t post a bunch of BS if you want to get people to support only makes you look like a fool.
  20. ARCHIVED-Jenarie Guest

    I ran through Chelsith and CoA last night and we got 3 essences for the night - one in Chelsith and two in CoA. They are not too rare - yes they are going to be rare on the broker for a few weeks but if people just wait they will be available. I don't have one yet but several of my guildmates already have thier charms and I know that if I just keep playing I'll get one eventually.
    Very few people will be selling these right now however - they make too many things that people will want first. Give it a month and if they STILL aren't under 5p on the broker THEN I think maybe there is a problem. There just isn't enough info right now to be shouting gloom the first week.

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