Best pet names???? Any surprises that have made you go "[expletive haxx0red by Raijinn]....."?

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  1. ARCHIVED-Thaych Guest

    Pet Names:

    "Centipeedoff" for the centipede-looking pet
    "Alzheimerman" for the Wizzy pet
    "CalistaFlockhart" for the Skeleton pet

    "ThisNameforRent" if I thought it would earn me some money...

    I like the "I'm with Stupid" name...there are PLENTY of times I was stupid, so its an apt descitption.
  2. ARCHIVED-Boran Guest

    Had Fluffy since DoF beta so will keep my tank pet the same. Lamia has become Misstress and vamp will be Bloodrayne (my shadow is called Stabby atm)
  3. ARCHIVED-lorndarken Guest

    my pets name is Joey, but if i want to be funny i name it pokemon or yugiohmonster, or digimon, or , imnaked.

    or snuglebunny

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  4. ARCHIVED-Funsquad Guest

    OK dumb question from a new Necro here...but how do you name your summoned pet !
  5. ARCHIVED-quamdar Guest

    /petname ************
  6. ARCHIVED-Wizky Guest

    From the day when I found out how to change the petnames I've always called any of my pets: "Hellspawned". Well, not my little sporeling tho... he's "Mushy".
    Name of my necro btw is: "Hollow Bones".

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