Best pet names???? Any surprises that have made you go "[expletive haxx0red by Raijinn]....."?

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  1. ARCHIVED-killamann Guest

    Uckingfugly ,haha and it gets better when he parries
    Festin Ala'Death
    44 nec mistmoore
  2. ARCHIVED-Sollum Guest

    Still a summoner atm - Pet called 'Crusty'
    My Ranger Tiger is called 'Tiddles'
  3. ARCHIVED-necro Guest

    is it possible to name pets seperately ? i mean lets say my scout pets name is "xxx" and i want to name my mage pet "ccc" for example but when i switch with these two pets, i want them to stay at the name i gave them. whn i use /petname xxx all my pets become xxx , i wanna name them seperately :p well is it possible ? if so how ?
    thx :p
  4. ARCHIVED-Auron_ff10 Guest

    Hmmm my Pet's current name is Sin, though im considering Vegnagun and DarkBahamut :smileyhappy:
    the fans will understand those :smileywink:
  5. ARCHIVED-Eirgorn Guest

    You can make a macro for each. Hit the "o" key to bring up the macro and emote window and click to the macro tab. Make a new macro and make one for each of the pets using this format:
    /pet name Tankpet <----whatever you want your pets name to be
    /Usea Undying Adherent <--- Usea is short for useability and you just have to follow that with whatever the spell name is for the pet you want to summon
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  6. ARCHIVED-necro Guest

    thx mate, appreciate it :D
  7. ARCHIVED-sirmamabear Guest

    Ok my pet goes by the name of Cuddles. My pull message is.....

    " Cuddles go fetch mama, %T"

    It amuses me.

    Though the best one I ever saw, was a fellow necro by the name of Peanut Butter whos pet name was Jelly.

  8. ARCHIVED-Spakka Guest

    Noob necro here, but I think I'm going to call my zombie 'Quitsmoking' or '40cigsaday' not sure which yet

    When I get the new LU18 Grim Spellbinder he is going to be 'Pothead' because of the way I think he will lurch along (if he is like the npc ones ingame)

    The LU18 Lamia is going to be 'meluvulongtimeGI'
  9. ARCHIVED-Tallika_Runwithbears Guest

    with LU 18 i renamed my tank pet "Klank" for all the groovy armor he's now wearing

    I renamed my mage pet "Savanja"
  10. ARCHIVED-Usildor Guest

    I didn't read all the entires here so this may have been used but I named mine MotherinLaw. Gets me some dirty looks from the wife though.
  11. ARCHIVED-Usildor Guest

    Oh and Blue, I know that show well. I actually proposed to my wife on stage as part of his show here in Michigan :)
  12. ARCHIVED-Bamfa_dexter Guest

    1 : a measure of the unavailable energy in a closed thermodynamic system that is also usually considered to be a measure of the system's disorder and that is a property of the system's state and is related to it in such a manner that a reversible change in heat in the system produces a change in the measure which varies directly with the heat change and inversely with the absolute temperature at which the change takes place; broadly : the degree of disorder or uncertainty in a system
    2 a : the degradation of the matter and energy in the universe to an ultimate state of inert uniformity b : a process of degradation or running down or a trend to disorder
  13. ARCHIVED-Kronis Guest

    I named my Skeleton pet Paris.
  14. ARCHIVED-Jasuo Guest

    I named my pet Lilenginethatcould because of it's great tanking ability shining thru when other classes have doubted.

    Due to the improved looks of the pets I have changed my Nightshade and Mage pet to reflect my daughter's first and middle name (mostly because they share the same attitude...very prissy :smileyvery-happy: )
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  15. ARCHIVED-SparxOfFire Guest

    My Necro's name is Typhoid. Sometimes I call my pet Meningitis. Sometimes I call him GaryColeman... 'cause who DOESN'T want his own pet Gary Coleman? Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis?
  16. ARCHIVED-Naud Guest

    well before the new pets I named my Lamia Trixie, my Master stitched zombie StitchesandBones and my shadowy stalker RemoWilliams, but Ill have to put some thought into renaming me new pets.
  17. ARCHIVED-Gnome mercy Guest

    My pets name is Stumpstomp... im tryin to think of a better one but i like the one i got alrdy... dunno if ill ever change but i barely started playing my summoner just a week ago... movng fast tho
  18. ARCHIVED-playatru Guest

    Playadaddy of course
  19. ARCHIVED-Stefan Guest

    My scarab was named beetlejuice. First my zombie was named JohnDoe because I didn't know who I had summoned. Then I named him Overlord until I found out, that he is actualy JimmyHoffa - I found him! :smileyvery-happy:
  20. ARCHIVED-EternallyConfuzzled Guest

    My pet's name is Itegumo, or Ite-chan as I like to call him. :)

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