Best pet names???? Any surprises that have made you go "[expletive haxx0red by Raijinn]....."?

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-SPAM_is_bad, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-bluegod Guest

    Keep in mind that when you use the /petname command it doesn't work on the pet you currently have summoned. The *next* pet you summon will have the designated name
  2. ARCHIVED-a orc pawn Guest

    OK, if you've never been to a Renaissance fair, then you've never seen the "Dead Bob" show.
    Seriously funny stuff...

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  3. ARCHIVED-Coffee08 Guest

    /petname Genarik
    /petname Zzzzzzzzz
    nuf said
  4. ARCHIVED-xxsnappzxx Guest

    BuddtheChudd for my UA.
  5. ARCHIVED-Daus Guest

    Names I have used so far..
    Rictusnoob (in honour of a rival necro that had a habit of screwing up and still thinking he was somehow a decent necro)
    Fluffybunnyfeet (I offered to buy a co-worker lunch one time on condition he pick it up and then called in the order using this name)
    currently using the name shadowdancer for my assassin pet. not original at all but i can't remember where i stole this name from either.
    properwife (when i feel like pissing off the server's feminist population)
  6. ARCHIVED-Tzenn_ Guest

    Named my zombie Rob for a bit, but no one got the joke... Rob Zombie... White Zombie... meh
  7. ARCHIVED-bluegod Guest

    OK, if you've never been to a Renaissance fair, then you've never seen the "Dead Bob" show.
    Seriously funny stuff...

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    Ah! That clears things up a bit. Thanks :)
  8. ARCHIVED-stgninja Guest

    I name my assassin pet Destroyerofnewbies.
    Yeah it's a mean name and all but what do you expect from a necro?
    /evil laugh
  9. ARCHIVED-Pengefinchess Guest

    All my pets r called "Frogspawn"

    Ribbit Fejhechrillen, Froglok Necro, Najena
  10. ARCHIVED-zenmonk Guest

    I've named mine Mara.
  11. ARCHIVED-SPAM_is_bad Guest

    Wow - this thread has gone a while - all in fun too - nice posts btw.
    Got creative last night and cast my main pet, named it Uday....then cast my little muchroom pet, named it Qusay....and then cast the fun spell that turns entire group into skellies...
    Was hillarious - had two little dead skellies - brother in arms - named Uday and Qusay.....who are actually both rightfully dead and prob rotting in the firey afterlife too hopefully.....
  12. ARCHIVED-tigressb Guest

    Zombie: Meatwad
    Warlock: Frylock
    Assassin: Shake (only one that doesn't really fit)
    I get the occasional recognition from those who watch Aquateen Hunger Force. Good stuff!
  13. ARCHIVED-Alfgand Guest

    I use a name for my pet that I stole from someones post here a while ago...... "Harrypotterscorpse"

    Wizards do not fly around on broom sticks.
  14. ARCHIVED-ZarethPixiemezzer Guest

    My zombie's name is Zippy.
  15. ARCHIVED-Qrgauthil Guest

    All my pets get named "Fluffy"
  16. ARCHIVED-Dalinor Guest

    My level 60 Nightshade is named "Silentbob". Quite fitting if you ask me lol.
  17. ARCHIVED-Bootstwaddle Guest

    I too just rolled a Summoner...I call my recruit "IlikepicklesyesIdo"...
    But I'm not all that fond of it...Badash would be ok...
    Lunch...I'm gonna call em all lunch from now on. "Boom'slunch"
  18. ARCHIVED-Rykter Guest

    My character's in game name is Manic D'Pressive. I usually change my pet's names to various anti depression drugs. What can I say I am a nurse. :smileytongue:
    23 Necro on Tox
  19. ARCHIVED-Lovelessangel Guest

    I name my pets after people in game I don't like.

    When they see my pet they get mad, when others see my pet they are normally like "Lolz! that guy is such a ____" and we talk about how much we hate said jerk_08
  20. ARCHIVED-BarryT Guest

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