Be honest, where are you on the parsings?

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-LoreLady, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-LoreLady Guest

    I am "generally" around 1100-1400 on raids..I will post my parsings on this sundays HoS raid if enough people show.. Im not asking for high, not asking for lows... Just where you stand as rangers on raids.. Maybe people can identify themselves if they are falling short - where and why. We might as well be the best we can be even if we are in a sad state.
  2. ARCHIVED-Balerius Guest

    The problem with posting a parse from one zone is that not every zone's mobs have the same mitigation, certain zones have more multiple mobs, etc. For example, I generally parse noticeably higher in Labs when we raid Vyemm than I do in HoS. We also all know that the makeup of the group a ranger is in makes a huge difference.
    That's why I don't post individual parses (that plus certain guild constraints). I have parsed many raids over time, however. And so I am (and have been for some time) generally comfortable posting that my dps is, on average, about 1250 dps (although it's been a few months since I did the analysis, not too much about my character has changed). Now certainly it's higher in some raid zones, a bit lower in others, and fight to fight it varies. But 1250 dps is a pretty good point estimate for me. If anything, it might be a tad higher.
    As a comparison, my guild's assassins average 1800-1900 dps or so. Swashbucklers, brigands, necros, and summoners about 1600-1700 or so. Monks about 1400-1500.
  3. ARCHIVED-arkkon Guest

    you cant compare dps very accurately. the more overall dps your guild has (aka the better equipped and skilled they are), the more you are going to do.
    faster the mob dies the more dps you do. the more dps your guild has the faster the mob dies. YaY. Nevertheless you can still compare yourselves to the other classes in your guild dps wise, considering you dont have any slackers / unskilled people that are there for their...personality :).
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  4. ARCHIVED-Lockeye Guest

    Despite the perception issues that have persisted since the Ranger balance changes to their DPS rankings, Rangers are performing very well in DPS across all categories. I constantly analyze data between solo, groups and raids of various sizes across all classes, and Rangers are performing between ranks 1-4 in DPS in all size categories, with an average ranking of 2.2 (just slightly above average T1 DPS).

    In my experience as a player that groups and raids with a few raid equipped Rangers, I haven't seen anything to indicate from their parsers that Rangers would be deficient in producing anything short of the top ranking DPS numbers for their group or raid, and it reflects what I see in Ranger serverwide performance across all player categories.
  5. ARCHIVED-USAFJeeper Guest

    Sorry Lockeye :) Those of us playing the class dont see the same rosy picture. I am usually 6th in parses behind conjurers, brigands, swashbucklers, and of course assassins. My rank for the night depends on how many assassins are on.

    That whooshing sound is rangers betraying to assassins!

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  6. ARCHIVED-CrazedMutha Guest

    Lockeye your guild make-up might be a bit different to other guilds. In our guild we have a good balance of DPS classes. Parses go something like this..

    Assasin -> Assasin -> Conjuror/Necro -> Swashbuckler -> Ranger -> Ranger -> (...Bruiser/Zerker/Sorcerer follows)

    Now of course gear and spell quality come to play especially as Fabled DW for Assassins are VERY easy to come by compared to Fabled Bows, but very very rarely does the Ranger come top of our DPS parses.
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  7. ARCHIVED-ChaosUndivided Guest

    I assume by this statement, that your planning to lower rogue and summoner damage since they parse above Rangers all the time?
    By my ranking Rogues are ranking 3.1 and summoners a 4.0. If "very well" means below Rogues, Summoners, Wizards, and Assasins consistently then yeah I guess they are balanced.
  8. ARCHIVED-Lockeye Guest

    Regardless of what I actually observe in game as a player, the server wide parses show that Rangers are performing where they should be. In none of the categories does a Conjurer, Necromancer, Swashbuckler, or Brigand ever outrank the Ranger's DPS averages. What I observe in game also happens to reflect what the data shows, but not every individual Ranger's performance will reflect the data. I know it may not be what some of you may want to hear, but I'm going by raw data.
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  9. ARCHIVED-Gareorn Guest

    /em blinks
    Just... Wow.
  10. ARCHIVED-USAFJeeper Guest

    THis is a true statment Crazed. All teh assassins et al I am with have the very good weapons while I am stuck on Grizz. I think gear is a lot as far as weapons and DPS go.
  11. ARCHIVED-CrazedMutha Guest

    Well raw data is fun and all, but I'm telling you first-hand that our most active player is an experienced, well-equipped Ranger, and all 3 of our active Assasins absolutely destroy him in terms of DPS every single fight, without fail. The other two rangers we have barely get a look in above our Warriors and Brawlers.
  12. ARCHIVED-Tseri Guest

    meh, forget it. Posting when irritated doesn't bring anything good.
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  13. ARCHIVED-ChaosUndivided Guest

    Thanks for the reply, I guess I'll have to talk to my guildies about fabricating the parses and magically making it to the top every time.
  14. ARCHIVED-curtlewis Guest

    My guild parses a bit different:


    We have 2 conjurors and 2 necros, 2 wizards, a couple Rangers. The Swash is new, but I don't think he's providing competition yet, but I have NEVER been able to beat a swash in DPS in a group, even when he was the tank for the group. The only time (as a Wizard) that I got CLOSE was when Fusion, FreehandSorcery and IceNova were both up. And that wasn't enough, even when chain casting.

    It's very clear that class balance is messed up. I know the Producer stated he has no problems with Summoners doing top DPS, but I'm sorry, he obviously doesn't understand WHY they shouldn't. They're loaded with advantages that aren't offset by disadvantages. Split aggro, double mana/hp pool, hearts/shards, COH, rezzes, top DPS every raid, etc...

    When T2 classes are doing the Top DPS raid after raid over all the T1 classes, it should be pretty clear there are balancing issues.
  15. ARCHIVED-Peston Guest

    ha... ya kidding?

    oh well.. I guess that's why we aren't game designers :smileyindifferent:
  16. ARCHIVED-arkkon Guest

    If you want to observe a rangers average dps then observe a top ww guilds raids and check their rangers dps.
    (reason being that the other dps classes wont suck [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn], therefore NOT falsely glorifying the rangers dps)
    Dont observe a guild where the scouts aa and go afk. Or the summoner forgets to press pet attack.

    Btw, no [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn] are any of those classes going to outdamage a ranger solo.
    MORE DPS in short encounters. most of the rangers worthwhile abilities are on a 1 minute timer.
    Ranger vs down arrow mob. It dies before it reaches the ranger. 2 second life. It takes longer for any other class to kill it.
    Same thing in groups(because heroic mobs had their hp decreased) yaay for remembering your own updates. +50 dkp
    As long as the ranger gets off focus fire, devit,triple,amazing, that ranger is fine if the mob dies in the next few seconds. This is excluding a veiled shot at the beginning of the fight before you cast focus fire. Or sniper shot.

    Everyone remember that the devs only test with ap3 spells and bad gear.

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  17. ARCHIVED-Victicus7 Guest

    I can give you entire zone parses where in every single fight the conj, swash, and brigand matched or did significantly more dps than the ranger.
  18. ARCHIVED-Merkades Guest

    It is a bit of a shock to find out I suck, I must admit. In my defense, I was busy buffing and debuffing everyone and everything...

    Merkades, 70th Ranger.
    Siege, Najena.
  19. ARCHIVED-perano Guest

    I'm sorry but our brigs are doing 1.7 to 2.2 easly and ranger 1.2-1.7, haha i see most brigs even beatign sorc. Unless you are looking at a handful of the very best rangers on all the servers your numbers cant be right.
  20. ARCHIVED-arkkon Guest

    Any ranger doing the top dps in their guild needs to leave that guild or help that guild realize that every summoner and rogue on that raid and in that guild sucks. /hint dev, try again.

    Rofl btw. Who named the t7 ranger skills Lmao.
    Natural Selection ----> Selection(rofl)

    you might as well name it RangerAEattack.

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