Be honest, where are you on the parsings?

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-LoreLady, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-Naku9 Guest

    I bet Lockeye is in Badd Boy's guild
  2. ARCHIVED-ProphecyCT Guest

    Glad to say, we have no rangers in the guild!

    Why do I think a large amount of rangers will be betraying to assassins soon =p?
  3. ARCHIVED-ProphecyCT Guest

    That's just wow... lol...

    I bet our Conjurer, Necro, Swashie and Brigand would take that bet anyday =p.
  4. ARCHIVED-ProphecyCT Guest

    All guilds should start using this abbreviation.


    Thank God, we have no rangers!
  5. ARCHIVED-MystaSkratch Guest

    I was serious. I'd gladly show you parses where our summoners and rogues (and myself) routinely beat a ranger. Except, we don't have any rangers. I'm kind of hoping maybe Khalan would be able to though, I know Second Dawn has some rangers, and I'm sure they don't suck.
  6. ARCHIVED-Marlow Guest

    quit crying.

    FFS, deal with the fact that you're a mid-range DPS/support toon.

    Its NOT EQ1, you dragon fodder toad.
  7. ARCHIVED-Marlow Guest

    actually, he plays a Nec, toolbox.

    kkthx bye.
  8. ARCHIVED-Pinski Guest

    I'm sorry, but Lockeye specifically stated that Rangers were 2.2 in the DPS-poll. Which would mean they are TOP DPS. Therefore you sir, have just been served.
  9. ARCHIVED-MystaSkratch Guest

    He's saying, the other people in his (badd's) guild suck, and make his (badd's) guilds ranger look good. Understand now?
  10. ARCHIVED-Ranvarenaya Guest

    Yeah, we have rangers, and I kinda hope we don't suck. I don't get beat by rogues on average (though on some single parses they do beat me). I can hang near assassins, often it goes assassin > me > assassin, with rogues and sorcerers right behind. However, put a necro in there and the whole equation gets borked. Summoners, specifically necromancers, are head and shoulders above us on a pretty regular basis. Sometimes I can beat our necro, but over the course of a raid the average necro number is so absurdly beyond what I can put out I don't even use it as a frame of reference or goal anymore
  11. ARCHIVED-Naku9 Guest

    Badd Boy < Murlow ?
    Murlow < Badd boy?
    Message Edited by Naku9 on 07-28-2006 08:31 PM
  12. ARCHIVED-MystaSkratch Guest

    Would it be too much to ask to see a zone wide parse that has your rangers on it and where they stand? Preferably with a necro on there too... this is the one time I really wish Disso had a ranger so I could post one myself =\
  13. ARCHIVED-Ixnay Guest

    Hey bud, just have all your necro's and conj's name their pet's "Khalan", and you will show up in the parse again!
  14. ARCHIVED-Ranvarenaya Guest

    I actually had a zone-wide parse of Lab and closed it about 2 minutes before I looked at this post, but our assassins were away tonight. I might be able to come up with something after the weekend.
  15. ARCHIVED-Pinski Guest

    So, just open ACT again and parse it again. It's fairly simple.
  16. ARCHIVED-Dasein Guest

    Do you notice in the first post he says first hand expierence in raiding, grouping, and soloing he said everything was fine.

    However in the second post, it was raw data.
    Is it me or is he contradicting himself?
    No, why would it be contradictory? He's relating both personal experience as a player and server-wide parses that he has access to as a dev. There's no contradiction.
  17. ARCHIVED-Naku9 Guest

    he said it was expeirience first,

    then he changed the expierience to it being hard data
  18. ARCHIVED-LoreLady Guest

    I just dont know what to say on this.. I havent seen parsings myself, I am only above our summoners and rouges due to exploitive tactics.. Maybe we should get all assassins to do the rangers dance..

    I dont understand what 2.2 means.. 2.2k dps? On what fights? What rangers? Can anyone prove anything wrong?

    When sony makes it that you have to wait to reuse auto attack on melee after ranged(waiting 7 seconds before melee) it will show up on there end.. but hey..

    Im goign to avoid the fourms for abit.. Give it about a week or so, then i'll jump back in.
  19. ARCHIVED-Pinski Guest

    2.2 means that you should be between 2nd and 3rd, leaning more towards 2nd place, in terms of the overall 24 class balance in ranking of just solely DPS. At least, that's what I would think it means.
  20. ARCHIVED-Drainlock Guest

    thank you SOE for telling me i suck at playing ur game :/

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