Be honest, where are you on the parsings?

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-LoreLady, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-justright Guest

    Well ok then, they finally did what we asked them to do in a number of threads.

    A Dev have responded to all the concerns and stated that they think we are fine when it comes to DPS.

    That means we wont be adjusted as many of us want. Those playing a ranger for the DPS and raiding will most likely betray to assasin and those playing a ranger for the character of the class will prolly stay (and roll out an alt). Some might even quit game i guess.

    Cant say im happy about the outcome but thats where its at.
  2. ARCHIVED-Teksun Guest

    just leads me to believe that something is either wrong with there parsers or with 9/10 of the rangers in the forums...
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  3. ARCHIVED-Riversideblues Guest

    now, im in now way debating your zonewide/serverwide parse things, but go checkout a raiding guild with a ranger in it, see where he stands up to the other classes, i know i haven't been beaten by one (im a brigand) in t7, nor have i known any other t1-2 dps ever lose to one regularily. Im just thinking, there has to be something missing in your serverparses, check encounter parses of raid guilds that have rangers (if you can find many) i can bet they will very much differfrom yours. even still, send me or anyone in dissolution a PM, ill give you our server parsechannel and you can read our average dps, and find a ranger in game that could match or beat our t1-2 dps, and hey, maybe ill comp your account ;)

    edit, btw, our parses go like this generally
    assassin-> necro or conj -> wizard -> brigand -> brigand -> zerker -> warlock
    if we did have a ranger in guild, he wouldn't make top8, i've seen our templar do the kind of dps our old ranger use to average before he quit (yes, it's over 1000 ;) )

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  4. ARCHIVED-Sirlutt Guest

    And thats what I have been saying, Sony has ALOT more Data than any I have seen posted on the forums here.. across ALL kinds of situations. When the data did show a discrepancy, lockeye came in and told Rangers that and increased some of their melee CA's. The same data now shows, across the board on average that rangers are in the top average on DPS.
  5. ARCHIVED-TaleraRis Guest

  6. ARCHIVED-TaleraRis Guest

    So what you're saying is that a large majority of well-respected rangers here are nothing but a bunch of liars and don't know how to play their class?
  7. ARCHIVED-Sirlutt Guest

    i'd love to see some of this data too.
  8. ARCHIVED-ChaosUndivided Guest

    Yes, that's what both him and lockeye are implying.
  9. ARCHIVED-Sirlutt Guest


    But in the majority of rangers do not raid, they group and solo. Their DPS is just fine usually.

    When you have 90% with a decent average, and 10% with a lower average, the overall average is still going to be ok. The data is correct.

    It doesnt represent a raiding ranger neccissarily..
  10. ARCHIVED-MystaSkratch Guest

    In my experience as a player that groups and raids with a few raid equipped Rangers, I haven't seen anything to indicate from their parsers that Rangers would be deficient in producing anything short of the top ranking DPS numbers for their group or raid, and it reflects what I see in Ranger serverwide performance across all player categories.
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  11. ARCHIVED-ChaosUndivided Guest

    After the whole "We didn't know 60% of ranger DPS came from Procs" Fiasco, I take their "data" with a grain of salt.

    He just stated Rogues and Summoners don't ever outdps Rangers. If that's not enough to throw doubt into his statement I don't know what is.
  12. ARCHIVED-Sirlutt Guest

    i see the same thing.. the rangers i raid with do fine on the parses, we all trade up top spot on the parses depnding on whose timers are up etc etc etc.

    I think the data is correct.. i think its alot more correct than anything i've seen on the forums, even individual parses. they only show you what an individual , or gorup of ondividuals do .. says nothing to the class as a whole across all servers.
  13. ARCHIVED-MystaSkratch Guest

    I'm sorry, but didn't you just betray to assassin a little while ago? I'm not saying you don't know what you're doing, but comparing a rangers' parse to a month old assassins' parse isn't really doing much. I'm still waiting for someone to actually post a parse, not just talk about it. I would, but alas, no rangers.
  14. ARCHIVED-Tarryn Guest

    It's very disheartening to see such a post by a dev. I cannot understand how their "data" so obviously conflicts with so many people's direct experience. I'd really like to see where all this damage is coming from--it's not from our sub-par CAs, and it's not from our sub-par DR what is all this uber dps coming from?
    I mean...are the damage numbers/refresh rates on all the CAs and bows just displaying wrongly? Are we actually doing much more damage than is showing up on log parsing? If that's the case, could these display problems be corrected so we know where we stand? :p
  15. ARCHIVED-Sirlutt Guest

    I'm not the only Assassin that we have and I dont have much faith in parses and tools of comparison. Useless just like car Dyno's are fro comparing 2 different things.
  16. ARCHIVED-ChaosUndivided Guest

    And what do you think those things that SoE Uses to collect data are? Their just server side parses.
  17. ARCHIVED-MystaSkratch Guest

    If I was a ranger the first thing I'd be doing is posting parses that say, look at the summoners and assassins kill me in dps. Look at the rogues. But I'm not a ranger, you guys are on your own there.
  18. ARCHIVED-MystaSkratch Guest

    Hey, I have a better way to compare to classes that do nothing but DPS. Wait, no I don't.
  19. ARCHIVED-Sirlutt Guest

    yep but they dont just have the parses of one zone with 2 rangers on a random night.. or 5 zones over 3 weeks of 4 rangers.. or what ever you want to throw up.

    they have the data of every battle that every ranger across every server has fought. I am betting they run all kinds of mining on it to mean it, probably bell curve it and god knows what else. I guarantee you they dont just run it though through ACT.

    Race teams dont run down to the nearest mustang dyno generally for tuning, they pull the engine and put it on an engine dyno and do tuning there.

    Sony monitors probably a whole bunch of data points throughout the game, who kills what, who loots what.. who buys what.. their parses arent concerned with how close you are to the action, or the lag ... or how many seconds after message xyz in your log to stop the timer.
  20. ARCHIVED-ChaosUndivided Guest

    Ill see if I can bring Khalan out of retirement for a few raids skratch and post what parses I have. Keep in mind we're not as much of a dps orientated guild as you guys but our ratios of damage should still be the same.

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