assassin recived a TON of PvP damage nerfs, why?

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Davngr, Feb 6, 2013.

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  1. Cynergy Active Member

    Good choice warlock owns wiz in pvp any day one vs one or one vs more or in group vs group In one vs one can kill most wizards while they try to get storming tempest off.\
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  2. Davngr Well-Known Member

    yea lock pwns group pvp
  3. Cynergy Active Member

    And one vs one. Normally I would never post this but I kind of lost interest in this game anyhow. but i I can one shot people allot of times. let me dig up a screenshot real quick

    Well not really oneshots more like 2 buttons pressed but killed in pretty much 1 sec or less
  4. Cynergy Active Member

  5. Cynergy Active Member

    This happens very often and not even some of the more lethal combos I can sometimes get off.
  6. Luanne Active Member

    Yeah wiz/lock still can randomly 1 shot in combos, and beastlords are STILL OP, even after this fix which I was hoping would fix them... All it did was change the 30k hits to 20k hits so they have to press one more button which only adds about 1 second of time to live. Before it was 0.5s dead now it's 1.5s dead , yeah it's a difference but still negligible.
  7. Igotwardzforu Member

    Lol Toxic Assault double attacking GG.
  8. Cynergy Active Member

    Funny thing is he had beg for mercy up (ate my pb)
  9. SOE-MOD-02 Member

    Please keep this thread on topic without the forum violations. Thank you!
  10. Davngr Well-Known Member

    that damage was do to prestige not the abilities nerfed and the pvp gear or not is not relevant since the big hits that xeows and the other bad rangers cried about were mostly on people with bad gear or debuffed.


    wonder why people can insult me from the first post i made on the other thread telling me i need to learn how to play and all that stuff but the second they get railed by me in kind they cry about it. bad pvp'rs, bad rangers, bad posters and heck.. bad all around the lot of you.
  11. Davngr Well-Known Member

    assassin SS is hitting for an average of 8k about.. so assassin now has one ability that averages over 15k and the other one they have that might average around there with nerf but not likely is on a 15 min timer.

    really balanced developers.. do you guys even play this game? i can't help but wonder

    i really hate bad players and wonder why they all play rangers lol
  12. Pippin Active Member

    Actually thats pretty much exactly what Im parsing on my Ranger who btw is in full 95 BG gear not 91......

    All abilities bar sniper shot "averaging" between 1k-8k.

    So yes it seems its very much balanced. Burst DPS more in line with other T1 DPS.
  13. Broan Active Member

    I wonder when Dav will learn to live with being nerfed and stop crying all over the forums
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  14. Davngr Well-Known Member

    yea because assassin should do the exact same damage as ranger that can do thier damage 20 meters away?
    and also assassin should have the same single target burst damage as a ranger that has tons more aoe damage potential?
    oh and tons more auto attack damage as well?

    that is waht it comes down to and why this thread is full of scrub rangers and why xoews did this. you biased bad players want to nerf assassin so you can top parse and be more effective.

    not by being better but by breaking the class. grats scrubs but guess waht you 're still terrible players.

    it will be the GOOD rangers that know how to play their class that will out perform my assassin not you 2 bit cry babies that whined and whined till you nerfed it to crap.
  15. Davngr Well-Known Member

    negative.. i'm responding to your abusive post in kind.

    what do you expect me to do? give you a rose and a kiss.

    the people who post legitimate request or view points are respected but crass individuals like your self, xeows and peepin who constantly insult my play style and skill are ridiculed to the point that your own mother would not admit said relation.

    cry moar baddie
  16. Pippin Active Member

    In the end it needs to balance out with kills Dav... people saying it because you got ranged is exactly why for years rangers were absolute jokes DPS wise in raids compared to sins...

    Auto atk might hit harder but it hits a lot less often... balanced.
    Sin Single target DPS roughly same now as Ranger AE dps ... balanced..
    On Burst - absolutely - Rangers need to be able to kill people too - not just tickle them... balanced.

    Cry more.
  17. Broan Active Member

    I don't know what other way to put this, if you need to unnerfed version of assssin to be successful in pvp or bg, you should probably reroll. Assassin has be so ezmode for the longest time. But you could always spot the ones that weren't just mashing buttons, now the gap between the ones who know how to play the class and the band wagon face rollers will be apparent so ppl like you and countless other assassins I could name from nagafen aren't mistaken for good just because the class itself is carrying you.
  18. Xeos Well-Known Member

    They are still super easy to play, they merely have 2 direct damage CAs nerfed... with Repeated Stabbing and 100% cast speed the Sin can still put out way more burst than a Ranger, especially when Ranger even with 100% cast speed will still have their hardest hitting CAs take 1-2s to cast.

    I did a BG the other day after the nerf, it was Smugglers no less. I topped the parse yet again and kills were just as easy. I just had to use more of my stealth attacks, as it should be.
  19. acoloss Active Member

    the nerf wasn't as bad as everyone thought it was going to be.. i'm glad and am still scared of em. :)
  20. SOE-MOD-02 Member

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