assassin recived a TON of PvP damage nerfs, why?

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Davngr, Feb 6, 2013.

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  1. Broan Active Member

    That is an extremely average bg match, gratzi bro
  2. Xeos Well-Known Member

    I have noticed a interesting pattern... all of the Assassins that play on a PVP server agree with me, and all of the ones from a Blue server disagree... I wonder why?

    But anyways I am done arguing. The developers instituted these changes for a valid reason, it is not like I made them change it. Just keep that in mind.

    Lol, fair enough I am a "scrub" that can out DPS you (in PVP) and you have been playing that toon for 220+ days... Feel free to hop over to Nagafen to beat me senseless with all of your pent up anger! Until then have fun bud!
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  3. Davngr Well-Known Member

    it's good for the class considering there was no cheese aoe damage procs at that time.

    your boyfriend is terrible and who know how bad you are. what's your toons names?
  4. Davngr Well-Known Member

    what assassins agree with you?

    oh yea.. none

    or are you talking about the rangers and that bullron guy that keeps posting how much he loves you?

    i'm pretty sure you can't outparse me at all now that your broken procs are fixed and i have like.. mostly lvl 91 pvp gear.
  5. Xeos Well-Known Member

    ... wow sorry I was trying to leave it alone. Carnage is a single target damage proc that triggers off of bleed attacks being used on your target. The only way Caustic Weaponry will proc in AOE is if you use 1 of your 3 AOEs or have high enough AE autoattack to make a difference.

    Extension has a sin
    Broan has a sin
  6. Xeos Well-Known Member

    Well save your parses so you can actually post them AND having 91 PVP gear is whos fault? Let me guess you didn't want to upgrade to OP 95 PVP gear because you want a challenge and you are not a scrub?
  7. Broan Active Member

    You seem pretty mad.

    Giving credit to players where it is earned and agreeing with their point =/= slobbing on their knob like you insinuate here.

    I switched my main to swashbuckler after 3 xpacs of playing assassin simply because it was boring being so op.
    I haven't run many bgs so I don't think I've encountered you on my swash but I remember you from 92, and tbh I was pulling your 95 parses in bgs at 92 with **** sky shrine faction gear on my assassin, these changes aren't class breaking for a good assassin, if they are for you then sorry you're bad.
  8. Davngr Well-Known Member

    broken proc is a broken proc and it can proc off SA. post some parses with out the cheese brah
  9. Davngr Well-Known Member

    that's right you remember me because i'm your superior.

    and if you don't bg then don't post because no one gives two ***** about 1v1 garbage..

    this is a GROUP BASED MMO if you want 1v1 buy a playstation and play assissns creed or somehting
  10. Davngr Well-Known Member

    i part time BG and since i don't have extra easymode token engine from naggy it's not easy to keep all my toons geared.. so i choose to have 3 or 4 lvl 91 toons instead of 1 lvl 95 geared toon..

    btw.. i'm not mad about naggy having access to more tokens, that is the way it should be. i just wish you 1v1 naggy scrubs would leave bg's alone because there is NO WAY to balance both group and solo play... NO EFFN WAY.. unless you seperate bg's rule sets from naggy
  11. Mimixx(2) Member

    Wont happen.. What about the group pvp at naggy? The Fishermen guild that I have heard about. Beside PVE will also get effected but not as hard as PVP.

    Btw these changes wont make sins to t2 DPS and they still can get some serious damage if temps are active.
  12. Davngr Well-Known Member

    well.. when you have several naggy assassin crying about killing people too fast when the class is suppose to kill one person fast since that's their group function then it drives me to believe that naggy is the problem not the class.

    in bg's shadow step and assassinate were perfectly balanced. now i have to beat on good healers and tanks for ever, specially since they all got to keep their defensive prestige intact.

    and my damage did suffer from this change maybe not as much as the scrubs who used carnage but it did drop quite a bit and unjustified. the second i have to go up against equal or better geard/support tank/healers i pretty much become useless and that is the problem.
  13. Broan Active Member

    I'm not speaking about 1v1 and no I remember you because all you did in the maybe 1-2 matches we played together all you did is shadowstep in and get blown the **** up then zerg. Lulz

    I never said I didn't bg at all and tbh I've posted bg screenies but official forums is not the place for them.

    Also assassins have never been viable in group vs group pvp simply because how easy it is to get locked down indefinitely by any competent tank
  14. Nediam Member

    From your mouth to the Devs ears.
  15. Broan Active Member

    I was stating a fact, if you did more than just bgs you'd understand that
  16. Davngr Well-Known Member

    what else am i suppose to do on an assassin OTHER than zerg? the second anyone tab next/nearest target the assassin is RIGHT THERE and your boyfriend xoews gets the 5k per match heal nerfed?

    if it were not for shadow step i wouldn't even be able to get to my target most of the time because i DO have to run in some times and the first thing that happens is that a tank or rouge taunts me off my target or i get mezed or rooted INSTANTLY and this class doesn't have passive de-target and even lost conceal de-target.
    granted numb****(xowes) was upset about that (concea nerf) at least but it's too bad he wasn't smart enough to understand that nerfs will roll in and you need to hold on to what you got because if you ask for things to get nerfed it WILL NOT BE DONE FAIRLY the devs will nerf everything you asked and then nerf everything they where going to nerf anyway.
    so again.. you naggy players clearly don't group the way that bg players do so that's why i say.. separate the server rulesets.. for all i care they can make assassins the new dirge in naggy because my assassin will never set foot on that server.

    so maybe that's why the class was perfectly balanced outside of the broken cheese proc carnage that scrubs used?
  17. Ajjantis Well-Known Member

    This discussion is starting to annoy me. No offense Davngar, but you should think about two things. First off you let us known in one of your last posts, that you're using lvl 91 armor. This armor lacks the quality and adornment slots compared to 94+ armor. So your observations are not very accurate. Second you keep attacking the OP who has simply provided feedback and numbers. I have no idea why you're unloading all your rage onto him. He posted something, the Devs seemd to agree and did a change. You are welcome to do the same. Instead of concentrating all your anger on the OP, you can use the same energy and post your own stylesheets and numbers. Tell the Devs why you believe the change is wrong and if they agree they will revert them back. But keeping coming back, being very offensive, yes sometimes insulting wont get you far.
  18. Davngr Well-Known Member

    first off:
    i made the Originating Post and thus i would be the OP of this thread and the people you see here are on my thread insulting my play style and skill because i don't agree with the changes to the class.

    there is nothing that can be done at this point because devs don't answer to threads of this nature even if it is true feedback that ACTUALLY has real numbers not made up, inflated fantasies from a megalomaniac like the "other" thread that got balanced abilities nerfed to nearly broken aside from still being a teleport (shadow step) and adding a multiplier to fatal follow up(assassinate).

    yes, i am a casual bg player and that's why it's non-sense for these changes to go into bg's because of some 1v1 nagafen assassins who dont' understand that balance should be aimed at GROUP POTENTIAL not solo potential vs. less damage centric classes.

    MY GEAR has nothing to do with this thread since this isn't about GEAR it's about balanced abilities being nerfed.

    further more the point of removing gear separation was to have more people use BG's so it should have VERY LITTLE relevance with how my abilities perform in BG's unless you want bg's to become a barren desert again? with the same 20 people running tundra over and over again because there aren't enough people to que up more than one game at a time.

    because you see.. if people qued up to BG's and find their raid gear is useless then they won't que up anymore because no one likes to feel useless and the tokens required to get gear with out having access to nagafen token generation is quite steep to a casual player.

    pvp gear should give more survivability and access to pvp centric procs/immunities but damage output should be about equal and actually raid PVE gear should have a higher damage output to compensate for it's LOWER survivability but hey... there i go again making sense and trying to help BG's stay packed and full of action because you know..

    i have fun there and i don't want it to die again.

    is that what the devs want too?
  19. Xeos Well-Known Member

    Is this thread still going on? Post data that proves your point, you may just get developer attention.
  20. Pippin Active Member

    i think he prefers to just ramble uncontrollably with lots of personal insults thrown in to make him feel better.

    Guess he may be rather juvenile if not actually a child ;)

    Mods sure are giving him a lot of patience though :confused:
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