assassin recived a TON of PvP damage nerfs, why?

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Davngr, Feb 6, 2013.

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  1. Davngr Well-Known Member

    i can't understand why this class had to get this many nerfs. it's a top parsing class but then again IT IS A DPS CLASS and should be on top of parse.

    i think that devs have listened the wrong people for the wrong reasons and is possible have broken assassin.

    ♦ shadow step could have been toned down by 25% maybe.
    ♦ caustic weaponry line of procs that every class received was and should have been toned down.
    ♦ the stifle and root durations was also wide spread but it seems you missed the ranger snare duration?
    ♦ carnage damage reduction i did not test so i can't comment on
    ♦ assassinate damage reduction should be removed unless you plan on making it's recast lower. at 15min recast it's ridiculous to nerf this ability.
    ♦ nerf to "draining mark" heal ability was uncalled for since the assassin class is required to be inside of aoe range and thus open to more damage than a ranger that is outside of most scopes of aoe's in pvp.

    i have tested these and i only agree that some are warranted because most other classes are being toned down as well.
    there was nothing broken about this class to warrant such deep damage reduction.
  2. Ecno Active Member

    Here you go... everything and more you could have ever wanted to do about why these balances are justified.

    I would also appreciate it if you showed the full changes made to the Assassin class and not just the ones they lowered. They reduced 5 things and increased 3 things.


    Bloodfury once again works in PVP combat.
    Enhance: Jugular Slice now adds percent duration per rank instead of flat duration per rank.
    Enhance: Paralyzing Strike now adds percent duration per rank instead of flat duration per rank.

    Shadowstep's damage has been reduced in PVP combat.
    Assassinate's damage has been reduced in PVP combat.
    The heal granted by Draining Mark has been slightly reduced in PVP combat.
    Caustic Weaponry damage has been reduced in PVP combat.
    Carnage damage has been reduced in PVP combat.
  3. Davngr Well-Known Member

    that thread was made by a baised ranger who betrayed to assassin and decided to get the class nerfed so the only thing you find in that thread is misinformation and slander by the likes of xoes and yourself along with other rangers and biased players.
    enhanced 3 things? really? when's the short bus scheduled for a pick up?

    only ONE ability was FIXED not enhanced. durr
  4. Luanne Active Member

    Like I suggested, assassinate should not have damage reduced, make shadow step and jug slice do no damage at all as they have other effects to using them. If assassinate was like a 10 second recast it should be reduced but having it on 5 min timer or whatever it is now, the damage shouldn't be reduced imo. The main problem is when shadow step and jug slice do more damage than assassinate, i mean what is that about? If they did no damage it would be perfect. And caustic did way too much dmg , as with procs on other classes like highwaymans, procs on beastlords, procs on enchanters, warlock curse procs, all that is pretty crazy in pvp when one proc is the #1 damage on your parse in a large pvp fight.
    I'm very glad SOMEONE at SOE is working on adjutsing this, and it's not final. If it goes live and we test it and give feedback they can always change it again. The key is having a pvp dev that can balance things on a regular basis and not once per X-pac.

    If anything the agonizing pain proc on assassins needs to be reduced in pvp. I'd be happy with just carnage, ss, jug slice, and the agonizing pain proc being lowered. The rest is fine.
  5. Davngr Well-Known Member

    sure but then a whole list of other ca's/spells that have control effects or other functions need to do ZERO damage as well.

    the list would read out pretty long. that's not practical and assassins are no were near OP as i play an assassin and while i do top parse on him he IS a dps class and is suppose to be top damage.

    i can only walk up to someone and turn their switch off with ease if i have all my temps up OR if the player is undergeared/bad

    and yet other times i log into bg's and i get demolished by everything and everyone but that's what playing a balanced class is all about.

    after these unwarranted changes take hold.. who knows.. but we all know what the scrub assassin will do.. betray back to ranger
  6. Ecno Active Member

    Hey "Enhance" wasnt my words, thats SoEs directly out of the patch notes... you dont believe I can copy and paste correctly?

    Anyways I am done discussing this as it already has been discussed and changes have been made. Unfortunately the changes did not include NO BALANCE to Assassins like you want. For any other questions you have I suggest you read the thread that the mods closed since the balance is completely justified and the points were proven. Also there are way more than Rangers that want this balance... but continue to play that card all you like (blame it on the Rangers) it has been a popular one throughout the history of everquest... and has provided plenty of laughs as well.

    P.S. You want to go on Beta and test out your new changes constructively against a Ranger? I am dead serious...
  7. Cynicisim Active Member

    I do not play a sin but is not assasinate always hitting twice? I would say keep the damage and if I am correct (and I only know from me getting hit by double assasiante many times) reduce the probablility of double assasinate. I agree, assasinate is a defining ability of.. wait for it.. an assasin. I also know I have blocked the 2nd assasinate a few times. I do think that SS should not hit as hard as it is primarily a way to close the gap between two players.

    I do not play a sin so I may be totally off base.
  8. Azomonas Active Member

    I have a lower tier ranger and assassin, and I've gotta say that for an ability with a 15 minute recast, snipershot and assassinate probably should be unavoidable. Or at least should only be avoided as often as my plaguebringer (which is to say never). Even more so if they are reducing the damage.
  9. Xeos Well-Known Member

    Like I stated in the other thread, there are plenty of resources online to help you better understand and play your class. I understand the changes will take some getting used to. But I for one look forward to the additional challenge!
  10. acoloss Active Member

    I personally think they should have left assassinate...
    reading what others put..., i think this would be best:
    make shadowstep do no dmg, stifle do little to no dmg...
    leave assassinate.. Assassinate i hope still is the biggest attack in the game...
    if an assassin gets on you and you don't press your freedom of mind in time, then stun/evade them, you should be dead... if they fail then they should still do good dps but should be pretty squishy.. and should probably lose most of the time to a swashy/brig if they fail with the "surprised attack"... (assuming = skill/gear).

    When i see an assassin, i expect to be on my toes, scared, and keeping an eye on them at all times... i just hope now they aren't a free token...
  11. Xeos Well-Known Member

  12. acoloss Active Member

    we can only wait and see.. maybe it was overkill dmg to begin with, and maybe they can still do the same thing but they have to press an extra button or 2 which would mean it would be ok...

    as i showed previously...
    in this instance i had less than 1.3 seconds to do anything.. could have been 1 second tbh.

    but.. an assassin is an assassin.. this is their speciality... what makes this game good as the diversity of the classes..
    effecting diversity so an assassin turns into almost a brig/swashy is not good imo.
    but maybe, the dmg reduction is still enough to kill people really quick, they just have to press more than 2-3buttons.
  13. Xeos Well-Known Member

    That is exactly it, a reduction of 50% to SS and Assassinate will lower that instant kill scenario. And will require a few more button presses which will equal another second or two to react.
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  14. Davngr Well-Known Member

    the vid you have outlined is an assassin who used all their temps and probably got lucky with a critical hit. had you revived and came back to this same assassin his hits would have been a lot lower being that his temps would be down unless you're under geared or debuffed.

    assassin was not doing damage that was out of whack with any other class and lets face it they are a dps class and should do more damage.
    i wouldn't be against utility class like your self getting a buff that removes all your group utility and gives you T1 damage or heals but i think it would save the devs a lot of time if you just reroll another toon.

    are you trying ti imply that you play an assassin better than me?

    lets get one thing straight:
    you're not some great player and my assassin generally does better at bg's than yours judging by the mediocre parses you stocked up on to get the class nerfed and what little i have seen you on bg's my assassin is usually on top with more kills and less heals received because i do my work with out depending on my group. sure it's cool if they can throw me some help but i don't demand it for performance like most nagafen bads like yourself.
  15. Xeos Well-Known Member

    Link them screens of your parses bud and...

    Who in the world is your Assassin, I have no idea who you are. At least I am forthright. Look at my heals received my friend and compare it to healing given. Take your time, you will figure it out.

    So I will reiterate... in large, bold, colored letters. Perhaps you will answer the question.

  16. Davngr Well-Known Member

    this might be marginally true for "open world" pvp where the assassin has all his temp buffs and gets lucky critical damage but in bg's where fights are more of a zerg with people reviving and continuing the fight until defeat or triumph losing this much damage from a balanced class vs. other classes not loosing anything is pointless.

    SS was reduced too much and for no reason and assassinate should not have been touched. the only assassins that i have ever parsed doing out of whack damage in the lvl 92 assassin who exploits level cap mechanics and yes all his damage was higher than mine and i'm in lvl 95 raid gear/lvl 92 bg gear and he was in lvl 90 crafted T9 pvp and 5 lvl 92 jewelery pieces.
  17. Xeos Well-Known Member

    I have never seen you in a BG either. So I cannot speak of your skill. See, I don't judge, you very well could be amazing. But as of this moment I have no idea who you are, I have never seen you in PVP or in BGs. Yet you can ask people some on this very board have heard of me and fought me.
  18. Xeos Well-Known Member

    Just a friendly reminder, outright childish personal attacks like this can get you in trouble. Learn the art of subtlety
  19. Davngr Well-Known Member

    and what's that?

    you're a biased player bent on destroying the class to make yourself feel like you're better than everyone else.

    I NERFED ASSASSIN! because i think i can play the class better than everyone else and if they think the class is balanced then THEY NEED TO L2P durr durr durr

    srsly man.. that was too much damage reduction for no good reason. remove the lvl cap bonus or make it even lower but don't nerf the class.

    further more bl's got fixed but for every ability that lost damage another gained damage so in reality they lost nothing. hopefully they won't be one or two shot killing everyone but will wait and see i guess. assassin on the other hand just received nerfs to damage and got one of their procs fixed? i hate proc pvp it's dumb .. i don't mind people who do but when you nerf my CA's and then fix a proc in return it's a huge let down.
  20. Xeos Well-Known Member

    Oh you are from a blue server.. gotcha. Transfer to Nagafen, we will have a chat. Or we can arrange to queue up and do BGs together. I am sure I could learn a thing or two ya know you have 221 days played I only have 32...
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