assassin recived a TON of PvP damage nerfs, why?

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Davngr, Feb 6, 2013.

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  1. Liothen New Member

    Davngr, your stilling clinging to the pre-nerf assassin class as balanced. you do know the Dev's have a lot more information then you do about the subject, statistics on actual damage from thousands of BG's and open world. I might be giving them more credence then what its worth but they do seem to be actively changing classes to balance them in PvP
  2. Davngr Well-Known Member


    they nerfed assassin because a bunch of scrubs cried about a balanced class so i countered thier cry nerf thread with this TRUE balance thread.

    carnage scrub proc = broken
    coustic = cheese aoe broken proc
    shadow step = balanced
    assassinate = underpowerd given how long the recast is
    mark heal = 5k a match? underpowerd considering the class has NO passive detarget and has to be in melee.

    you really think these devs play this game? or play bg's?
  3. Davngr Well-Known Member

    i was the only one that actually posted any correct data all you posted until about a week ago was cheese damage from mediocre bg's parses.

    why don't you post some parses post-nerf?
    i would like to see how amazing you are now.
  4. Liothen New Member

    Statistics are generated server side, regardless if they play BG or play the GAME. These pure numbers can be put into models and render quite accurate information. where you only see part of your parse they see everything from everyone all the time. statistically your logs are well worthless compared to the number they can pull.

    But sometimes these number don't mean anything until someone comments on an issue, then they can put those numbers to good use, as there probably running stats Post-nerf.
  5. Davngr Well-Known Member


    how exactly did beastlord stay overpowerd and still is overpowerd all this time then?

    you're living in a fantasy and that's ok you can justify whatever you want to yourself but don't try to feed me that baloney..

    if there was some secret decoder ring for damage then they would see what EVERYONE who isn't the 1v1 scrubs see and what they would see is that all the damage classes were putting up about the SAME DAMAGE.

    now if you disagree with that then you don't bg or like xeows and his ranger "nerf everyone else" you're biased and posting misinformation as they did.
  6. Liothen New Member

    Personally i am not a fan of 1v1. but a 2-3 button combo isn't skill, you can pretend all you want that it is but the dev's want PvP to actually last longer to draw out more competition and fun. It seems your mad that you can't steam roll anymore.

    The only thing i am truly biased about is you posting subjective results, give the patch more time to develop real numbers and hard data. If 90% of assassins quit playing because they can't kill anymore that might be a noteworthy result which i think the dev's would probably take action.
  7. Mimixx(2) Member

    Danvgr take it easy. Roll a ranger, learn the class, look for broken spells and report. Like Xeos did.

    These range spells combined together can put out most damage dealt in some sec, but dont know about the recast timer.

    Devs can close this thread.
  8. Davngr Well-Known Member

    do you play an assassin?
    do you play a wizard?
    do you play a warlock?
    do you play a ranger?
    do you play a swash?
    do you play a brig?
    do you play a necro even?
    how about a conj?

    because all those classes have the potential to kill just as fast as assassin.

    i could teach you how to do it on ANY ONE OF THOSE CLASSES but keep in mind that it's STILL relative to your target meaning debuffs/gear/skill/class play the biggest factor, NOT CLASS attacking unless you're a bard/defensive tank/defensive healer.

    what you're posting is non-sense.
    it only makes sense in your head.
    ANYONE who actually knows how this game works, thinks that what you and xowes and other bad players trying to justify nerfs are saying is a joke.
  9. Davngr Well-Known Member

    i doubt devs even read threads past the first 2 pages. also they don't close threads it's the mods that do it and it's not my fault that i'm right.


    also if he had reported the broken spells carnage and coustic i wouldn't care it's the fact he got BALANCED abilities nerfed that is the problem.
  10. Mimixx(2) Member

    Ok sory next time I will say mods if it is a huge problem.
  11. Liothen New Member

    Actually i play a Troubador/Templar/Coercer and to a lesser extent Warlock/Conj.

    I'm not delusional enough to say that the Dev's read every comment by every person. but all the data you have posted is considered subjective. If the dev's change it back you might have been right, and on top of that are you trying to say that assassins are no longer competitive alongside all of those other T1 dps?

    Further more unless you have a decoder ring, i think the Dev's still know more about how the game works then you do. Welcome to the first week Post-nerf, try and play and have some fun.
  12. Davngr Well-Known Member

    i'm not parsing as high as i use to and i have come up against way more invincible healers and tanks than before. sure my damage didn't drop as much as the scrubs that were using carnage prestige line but it did drop.

    sure my damage in an aoe setting should not be as high as a warlock but it should still be relatively the same and that said damage should be SINGLE TARGET DAMAGE and that is exactly what devs decided to nerf along with broken aoe potential.

    if they were going to TAKE assassins superior SINGLE TARGET DAMAGE then they should have LEFT THE BROKEN AOE POTENTIAL that they got from the prestige. now thanks to nubs that don't understand this game assassin LOST it's new found AOE POTENTIAL(broken but stil) AND lost a chunk of their class defining SINGLE TARGET DAMAGE superiority.

    does that compute?

    can you put the 2 and that other 2 together and understand that?
  13. Liothen New Member

    As i see it a Wizard should put out more single target damage then assassin, standing still(except for mystical field)/cloth/high cast time. I can see your pain, are you still but i have a couple questions:

    1. Your parse is lower but how about your kills comparatively?
    2. Are you going against more defensive classes?
    3. Are the Mystics owning your damage?
    4. Are you still trying to use your old broken mechanic to face roll?
    If you answered Yes to #4 you probably need to come up with a new tactics. It's hard to imagine that you didn't know this nerf would come, I mean look at the amount of fanboy assassins there are (not saying anyone posting here is one) that just play the most OP class.
  14. Davngr Well-Known Member

    the most OP class was and still is beastlord. if you didn't know that then i really don't know where you choose to pvp but i guess you don't get many bl's around them dere parts?

    4. i never used the BROKEN faceroll carnage prestige line. quite ironic is the fact that the guy who got the balanced assassin abiities nerfed did use that scrub faceroll line.. go figure. sad thing is the nub didn't have a clue about how powerful it really was and figured there had to be several broken abilities.
    3. no mystics don't own me in damage but some are invincible and an inquis comes too dam close sometimes.. dam you cassia
    2. i'm going against anyone that gets in front of me, waht's your point?
    1. parses are lower and kills are about the same since the "kills" are do to an AA that allows assassin to proc AOE verditc, do you know waht inquisitor verdict is?

    i actually play a wiz and they should not have the single target potential of an assassin because they have way too much aoe potential.. frozen eci? fusion? and the list goes on and on.. wiz is more of a 50/50 type deal with solid aoe potential and solid single target potential.

    again.. do take note that i understand ALL the classes and how they tend to jive together so when i post taht assassin got a raw deal it's because he did. not because i need an overpowerd class.
  15. Cynergy Active Member

    according to some of the things Ive seen, makes me wonder if the Devs actually do know more than some of the players :/
  16. Broan Active Member

    Dav is so mad lmfao.

    You must be terrible on that assassin, I'm sorry you know have to press more than 3 buttons to get a kill.
    I went on some bgs on my sin right after the patch went live, I killed just as quickly. Move along its just davngr crying cuz nerf
  17. Davngr Well-Known Member

    i'm not mad, i'm just smarter than you.
  18. Liothen New Member

    we're back to the subjective part again.

    So Wizards are more 50/50 because of 1 spell and a Prestige? lol....
  19. Davngr Well-Known Member

    really? do you even play a wiz?

    because it's one of my other "mains" and i'm pretty good with him so i knwo the class really well. guess you don't bro.

    and i wll admit that broan sets the bar pretty low :)
  20. Liothen New Member

    Actually my warlock was a wizard, my first toon i created back in 2004. I betrayed him to warlock about 2 weeks ago to do something different.
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